0 cost sideline project, foolproof simple operation, with monthly income of 20000


This method of playing overturns my understanding. Although most people in this industry know it, many people do not care about it because it is relatively unpopular. Although not popular, the income is quite high, more than 20000 a month.

0 cost sideline project, foolproof simple operation, with monthly income of 20000

But after communication and understanding, my first intuitive feeling is that it is not only about 20000,In this way, an additional 5000 dollars will be earned each month. See below.

As you can imagine, a second-hand goods transaction on Tiktok can earn more than 10000 dollars per month, and fans are very sticky. They are all precision shoppers.

It took a long time to understand this field in depth. It’s worth doing. You can never imagine that this subdivided field canWell done, I mean great, not the content of this account, but the continuous value it generates!

I moved the trade method of recycling scrap metal, Second hand goods trading platform and second-hand goods to Tiktok long ago, which is equivalent to a Tiktok version of Second hand goods trading platform. My little partner talked with the number owner several times, and gave me the feedback that I reply to messages every dayI’m too busy. Think about the effect energy!

At present, this partner has 5 WeChat members, and the total number of fans and friends is close to 50000. Now, his cashing method is relatively traditional. He is a product middleman to earn a price difference. If he makes full use of this group of private fans, he will increase 5000 meters on the basis of 20000 every monthIt’s unimaginable.

This way of playing is very suitable for Amazon customers or local city number partners. In terms of content production, it is very simple. It is to take photos of second-hand goods with appropriate music copy, stick to it for a long time, and bring feedback in a miracle! It is also good for mass production, which makes it easy to play the matrix numberPad.

In the early stage, the source of materials can be found. After the account is opened, it will be gradually converted to local goods. It says that more than 10-20 customers will be received every day. If the main goal is to obtain customers, the effect of auxiliary pod delivery will be doubled, and the matrix operation energy will be great.

Currently, we analyze more than 800 works of this account! In contentOn the other hand, we can further optimize, such as the cover font, picture quality, etc. If we consider the content quality of Bubble Online, we can specialize in several issues of high-quality product pictures, mobile phones, computers, small luxury goods, etc! Not only can it be done in the same city, but also all over the country outside the province. Logistics express is so convenient!

Be short-sighted in the same cityThe most valuable aspects of the sideline of frequency and second-hand trading:

First:Become a local fan from the same city to realize multi-dimensional

In addition to essential commodity transactions, it is feasible to realize local real estate, education and training, local food, drink and play, APP innovation, local specialties, etc!

Second:Fans have transaction attributes

Fan Trading GenusSex is very powerful. You can be a Amazon customer directly. Besides, there is a steady flow of traffic and strong trust endorsement. This is very important. Taking notes is also one of my suggestions to this partner. It is currently being implemented and has preliminary effects

Third:It can be copied to the whole country. On the basis of the second point, it is calledA fragrance!

Fourth:Multi platform operation, such as the recent hot and high traffic YouTube, has made the content flow in the channel due to the large number of second-hand trading fans.

It’s really easy to get customers for this local number. It takes one or two hours every day to get materials and do account operations, just like the Tiktok local number previously shared, which is totally smallWhite can be operated.

You also know how to make money with the city number. Leave a message in the comment area to communicate!

0 cost sideline project, foolproof simple operation, with monthly income of 20000


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