Overseas online earning projects: spend 8 hours a month and earn 5000 dollars a year


This article gives you a detailed operation and benefits.

Overseas online earning projects: spend 8 hours a month and earn 5000 dollars a year

1. Introduction to interserver

InterServer was founded in April 1999 as a network service provider. Over the years, the company’s product line has expanded to include dedicated servers, hosting and management services.

twentyIn 2006, InterServer established its own data center in Secaucus, New Jersey.

About CPS commission:

-The payment period is between the first and fifth days of each month.

-The payment condition of the commission is that the user should maintain the normal use of vps within 90 days.

– The commission is $100 per sale.

-The payment method is paypal, which is convenient.

2. Promotion income of inter server affiliate

According to the previous introduction of affiliate, the number of the interserver order is worse than that of the previous yearNot much can achieve a profit of 5000 dollars, on average, about 400 dollars a month.

(I was worried about this problem before. Generally speaking, it is difficult for such a small platform to guarantee its integrity and payment ability. So if you directly emu thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars a month, you don’t have to think about it. It must be K)

PressBased on the CPS commission of $100 per order, the task can be completed as long as 4 orders of sales are completed each month.

The average time to complete an order is about 1 hour. The process is:

Use your own link to register a new account, buy the cheapest VPS, and then install the operating system and pagoda sideBoard, build a website, almost an hour can be completed.

VPS needs to be renewed for 3 months, and your large size can get a CPS commission of $100, including a cost of $18 and a profit of $82.

Note: This is the benefit in the ideal state. In fact, the information I get is.

3. Interserver platform will deduct

According to the feedback of some affiliates, the server will delete some of your promotion orders, which is often referred to as alliance deduction.

Generally speaking, the top foreign advertising alliance platforms do not have the problem of volume deduction,However, the internetserver does have volume deduction behavior, so I’m thinking about one question:

This deduction is still promoted by foreigners. If it is promoted in our country, it is estimated that the deduction may be more severe, even the possibility of “K” is not ruled out.

Another problem is interserveThe payment of R may not be timely. This problem is also widely reported. Other problems seem to be nothing.

Therefore, if you want to earn 5000 dollars a year from the server emu, I personally think you should do so.

4.interservEr Operation details

We calculate based on half of the platform deduction, which means that we need to complete 8 orders every month to reach the income of 5000 dollars. This operation is the conventional operation mentioned above.

However, I suggest that you allocate these 8 orders to 4 accounts, and each account should be paid 200 dollars a month,That is, two cps can be sold.

The purpose of this practice is to make money online. In order to prevent the order volume from being too high, it will not only cause a large amount of deduction on the server platform, but also cause the account number to be K because of the high commission payment

The smaller the promotion amount of an account, it is found that eThe lower the probability of mu, the lower the risk probability of emu.

At the same time, you should distribute the four accounts to different places across the country to register, so as to reduce the risk associated with the accounts.

Other details:

1. It is recommended that there must be a website and link theThen put it on the website. (If you have a website such as an online earning blog, you can write an introduction article directly with a link.)
2. It is recommended to swipe the click amount of the link to reduce the click conversion rate. Excessive click conversion rate must be a problem. Use the traffic wizard to swipe the trafficAll right.
3. Distribute the order quantity of 8 orders every month to be completed within one month. Never complete all 8 orders within a few days, which is not in line with normal promotion behavior.
4. When operating tasks, it is recommended to directly use 8 virtual machines, each virtual machineDo not use it again after one operation. You can directly reinstall the system to operate again next month.
5. According to the principle of routine test, it is recommended to use only 2 accounts at the beginning, operate 4 orders, and wait for payment. (I will confirm this one month later if I receive the paymentAcknowledge.)

There is nothing else. Anyway, the cost is not high, and the commission income is considerable. Besides, VPS itself can also be used. Even if the final deduction amount or K number, there is no loss

Interested students can have a try. It should be regarded as an emu test. After allIt is much easier to build an emu on these platforms than it is to build a top league emu. Just be a trainer. When many new foreigners started blogging, they basically promoted vps hosts to make profits at the beginning.

Overseas online earning projects: spend 8 hours a month and earn 5000 dollars a year


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