Brainless moving screenshots can also be realized quickly and violently. This gold digging project is really good!


Recently, I stumbled upon aSocial networking sitesadoptTransportation screenshotThe idea of making money——The seller’s comment map of the transportation e-commerce platform leads to goods

Brainless moving screenshots can also be realized quickly and violently. This gold digging project is really good!

As shown in the figure above, the content of the note is very simple. It is a simple note composed of a picture copy. Many people also want to buy links in the comment area.

At this time, onlyYou need to send the rebate link to the user to purchase, and we can get the commission.

How to operate this project?

1. Prepare account

It is divided into maintenance number and account setting

Number maintenance: no matter which platform, you must become a normal number before you make a number.

What is the normal number?

It is to act like a normal and ordinary user, browse the notes you are interested in, click like and collect the content you like, follow the bloggers who have written good notes, and search several famous big Vs to see their notes.

But what about the marketing number behavior of those who just register and send out their content, such as your product and your detailed product, in a hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush hush?

So now all the mediaThe content of the platform is the UGC system (users create content for the platform), that is, the platform welcomes original content more.

Therefore, the algorithms of all platforms are aimed at marketing number and handling number.

Account setting: set carefully,Social networking sitesThe platform welcomes original authors, so your account should be set up with a sense of people。

For example, the avatar can be used as a cute pet, which is more caring, and the nickname is very similar to the real person, which makes it more artificial

Example of naming:

Wang Ningmeng (Xiaohong blogger)

Wen Jinlin (Tiktok V)

Introduction: Personal introduction is just like looking at your resume

1) Identity words with age marks often imply youFor example, words such as master’s degree, valuable sister, housewife, etc.

2). The feature you want to highlight or your account field is to show what value you can provide to others, such as self-discipline expert, fitness enthusiast and video warehouse.

3) In fact, the contact information can be given or not, the initial numberIt’s not worth much, and it doesn’t make much difference.

2. Select field

Like cosmetics, skin care, clothing, fitness, emotion, mother and babySocial networking sitesThe traditional rich family.

3. Content production

Source of materials

Compared with video, it is much easier to make pictures. You just need to select some high sales products to saveReal screenshots in the comment area, and then simple filter modification. Don’t let the picture fall too far behind the original product


The copy can learn from the real copy of the seller in the review area, and then cooperateSocial networking sitesSome commonly used mood words of are optimized, such as:

Juejiezi and Baby are lovely and faint. I love you so much. Who can think of XXXXWomen’s hearts burst, who can refuse, etc

Look around moreSocial networking sitesBy imitating the writing style of high-quality accounts, you will gradually form your own copy logic, and the more you do, the easier it will be.

4. Reading volume

The problem that many children encounter is that there is no recommendation or reading of the published content, which seems to sink into the sea,

Not at this timeUrgent. Keep updating every day and do a good job of content. As long as the account content is OK, there will be a recommended reading amount.

5. Diversion to private domain

When the notes are recommended, many people think it is good, and they will buy links one after another. At this time, you can guide private messages in the comment area. After someone sends a private message, you can divert it to the private domain traffic pool, and then find a link to the product rebate and send it to the user. After the user purchases it, he or she will receive the corresponding commission.

These customers can also constantly carry out the marketing transformation of the circle of friends.

Here is a question: How can I get rebate links?

Many, such as Jingfen under, Amazon Alliance under Amazon, and Pinduoduo into Amazon, canSearch and download directly in the APP, obtain the promotion links of these platforms, and then send them to users for purchase.

In addition, you can also publish your own pictures and texts to Tiktok, Kwai and other platforms in batches for all-around powder absorption and cash conversion.

And even launch aSocial networking sitesTraining camp, ifIf you are interested in the mode, you can pay to join your training and sell the course for cash.

Conclusion: The operation of the project is simple. A mobile phone can be used for cash conversion. Interested partners can try it!

Brainless moving screenshots can also be realized quickly and violently. This gold digging project is really good!


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