Information poor money making project, riding a bike to make money, 200 a day, novice can also operate


Today, I would like to share with you a new project to make money by riding shared bicycles

Information poor money making project, riding a bike to make money, 200 a day, novice can also operate

Open the map of the designated software to view the shared bicycles with red envelopes around. After arriving at the designated place, you are required to ride for more than two minutes, with a distance of more than 100 meters. You can select the nearest designated parking point on the map, and the revenue will be received 30 minutes after the return,The return fee varies in different regions, usually 1.5~5$One. Please listen to me slowly for the details

Tell us in detail how to operate the project

Open your app store. Apple and Android are the same. Open the app store, search for Harrow, and it will show the AP of Harrow bikeP。 You click Download. After downloading, you will be asked to log in to your account first. You can log in to your account with your mobile phone number. After logging in, there is a ride here, and you can click it. Then there is a red envelope at the bottom of the neighborhood, and you can click it. Then there will be a lot of red envelopesHe will give you a car. A few dollars is usually from a few cents to a few dollars. You can drive 100 cars a day. At least one or two hundred dollars can be received steadily.

Some details. Click here to get the red envelope. There are many red envelopes now. If you enter the red envelope mode, you will get less cash. oneFind the corresponding red envelope car, and then click the bell near Bubble Net to click this. Then the vehicle makes a sound and scans the code to unlock it. After unlocking the lock, he only needs to ride for more than two minutes to get a reward, and then he will arrive at the account within 30 minutes.

Finally, let’s summarize

1. Scan and download software firstAfter entering, you can see the option of red chartered car on the interface, and check it;

2. After checking the box, you can find the nearby red envelope bikes. Scan the code to unlock the red envelope bikes and you can get 2 hours of free riding. If you spend more than 2 minutes riding and the distance is more than 100 meters, you can get the red envelope bikes by closing the lock in the red envelope areaRed envelope reward;

3. The red envelope area can be displayed by checking the blank box in front of the “red envelope area” on the cycling interface.

Rules for Red Packet Car in Hello Travel

1. This activity can be participated in on the exclusive map page of the Halo Travel App or the Alipay applet red envelope car;

2. Free riding within 2 hoursIf you travel for more than 2 minutes, ride more than 100 meters, and lock up in the red envelope area, you can get a cash red envelope reward;

3. The red envelope will be deposited into the balance of “My Red Envelope” 30 minutes after the end of the ride. If you ride a non red envelope bicycle nearby within 30 minutes after the lock is closed, the red envelope reward will be invalid;

4. Red packet amount can be transferred to balanceFor platform consumption, or 10$Post withdrawal is limited to one time per day;

5. The maximum number of red envelope cars is 100 per day, and the maximum amount of money awarded per day is 500$, you will not get rewards when you reach the upper limit;

6. This activity is only valid for users who participate in the activity in the red envelope mode. If the same user uses multiple HaLuo account participation will be regarded as cheating, and the use of the same ID number, mobile phone number, mobile phone terminal and withdrawal account will be regarded as the same user if any of the above conditions are met;

7. Those who are finally identified by the platform as cheating (order swiping) will be disqualified from obtaining rewards;

There is a red envelope car. You can click itGo and have a look. It can be ridden for free, which is equivalent to driving here for two minutes and he will pay you money. This thing mainly earns money. Does this thing mainly earn money for running errands? One day, the income is normal. You can take a part-time job. It’s OK. Then you can study other things by yourself.

Information poor money making project, riding a bike to make money, 200 a day, novice can also operate


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