Huge profit audio basic project, with a daily income of 200-300


Today, we are going to dismantle a (profiteering audio brick moving project).

Huge profit audio basic project, with a daily income of 200-300

In short, using the Himalayan and other similar FM platforms as the main direction of finding materials, and then releasing similar audio works through the headline, money will come.

This wave of operation will absolutely overturn your cognition, and you will not write original works or watchFrequency, you can still get a wave of income every day with the help of the huge headline traffic.

This is an audio headline revenue made by friends in the circle. He shared the operating principle with me onceSo I purposely released a project that can make money.

Operating principle of audio headline number:

First of all, we need to identify a field to start numbering.

Start an account, nickname, and profile related to the field, and benchmark the account of the relevant FM platform, and directly transport them to the post.

Then, during the operation, you may think that it is not easy to download audio. The traditional method is to record the screen.

The simplest way is to find relevant short video accounts and extract the audio from the works sent by othersCome on, it can’t improve efficiency.

Similarly, you can find English audio to convert into Chinese, and a certain search can basically find a way to crack it.

Next, we will describe in detail the headliner audio release process.

Step 1: Register and log in to the headline number.

Click [Creation] – [Audio] to enter the release portal of audio works.

Step 2: Create an album before publishing audio.

It is similar to creating a collection of works.

Use the following interface diagram to write information related to the field.

After improvement, you can publish audio works.

Step 3: Field selection

I have seen the Himalayan, lazy people listening to FM and other platforms before, and the data shows the release: bedtime stories, strange mysteries, musical emotions, personal growth in the workplace, etc. are all very popular sections.

For example, emotional stories can be developed into a series of small subdivisions of exclusive works in this field, such as love skills, separation, marital problems, and emotional healing.

If you don’t know,You can find someEmotional independent station, which can find the corresponding content according to the subdivided navigation set by others, is equivalent to finding audio materials quickly without brain.

In addition, the headline also strongly recommends the content in the historical field.

Step 4: Make audio

The direction of works promotion is mainly based on modern history, ancient history, world history, etcThe content of mass production is undoubtedly based on each dynasty.

If you don’t know how to do it, you might as well goGoogle search “the order of historical dynasties” has helped you to popularize science in advance.

In each dynasty, there are always many famous people whose deeds can be expanded, and the same person can be based on life, emotion, military, etcDig content in depth from aspects.

The most direct way to turn simple content into audio is to use “clipping”, which mainly contains several kinds of sounds. You need to import the corresponding text materials that bubble online in advance, and then identify the whole audio in batches.

If you don’t think it’s easy to do this, you might as well find someone to explain it on AmazonThe decisive characters are read by real people, generally 3-5 characters$You think it’s a good way to do this.

After completing a series of operations, such as audio production and push, the account traffic will be profitable one after another. It can take 1-2 hours to operate every day.

Final summary:

This is a result of accumulationAs long as you are willing to work hard, you can make achievements on any platform.

The operation logic of Headline Audio Project is relatively simple. You can do it immediately after reading the steps and ideas I wrote above completely.

If you understand, you will understand. The doubters may still think that how can you make money? This is a lossThere are two different perceptions of losers and people with results.

Huge profit audio basic project, with a daily income of 200-300


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