Take pet photos free fish coin recycling project, no difficulty, novices can do it!


Today I would like to share two novicesNoviceIt can also be a zero based project. The first one is to take pictures of pets, which can be played hundreds of times a day. That is to take pictures of pets, cats and dogs. The second is to recycle Second hand goods trading platform coins, 5 minutes a day, and pay one000 prostitutes every month.

Take pet photos free fish coin recycling project, no difficulty, novices can do it!

First, take pictures of pets

1. Project introductionShao,This is a niche project, a short video platform. In order for more creators to join the platform, the new platform has been engaged in creator incentive activities for two months. If you apply to be a creator to publish your works, you will get a profit if your browsing volume reaches 100. The higher the playing volume, the higher the profit will be.

Let’s take a look at these two casesIt’s very simple. Just taking a picture of a cat will make it more like 4000, with a higher playback volume, so it’s profitable. Only 46 fans will be able to recommend it, so the published works have nothing to do with the number of fans. Many of the recommended works are simple pictures, and they are dozens of fans, soNoviceYesOperated.

2. How to find materials,First, go to the app store to search for pet Pangpang, which is a short video platform about pets. You can only post some pets and other works. After downloading, go to the Creator Center to become a creator. After applying to be a creator, there is a small threshold, which requires three updates and ten fans. In factIt’s not the threshold, just ask your friends to help you with it.

3. How to operate,First publish three works, and then see if the works can gain popularity. If not, go directly to the private message. Many of the creators are motivated by the creators. They like to be related to each other. It is easy for ten fans to do this.

4. Find materials and divide them intoTwo,One is handling, the other is original. It’s certainly not as good as original handling, but the handling is a little easier. You can go to various platforms to look for it. You can’t directly carry videos, do graphics and text. Find a screenshot of the high-definition video bubble online earnings frequency. Generally, you can write five pictures for one piece, and trim it with the beautiful picture show,Don’t mix watermarks. You can use them as videos. When publishing, you can write as you like. It’s very simple.

Take videos yourself, or look for more on the Internet. It’s OK to think more. If you have a pet, it’s best because you won’t repeat it with others, so you will have a higher probability of getting on.

Second, free fishCurrency recovery

The competitiveness of the new platform is relatively small, so it is easy to operate, and the threshold is low. It takes a few minutes to upload a few videos every day. Pet materials are easy to find, not limited to the two methods I share. Google or other methods can be found. Look at the recommended works, imitate them, and make some small money.

1Project introduction,Share a small fish coin recycling project. Collect a fish coin for a few minutes every day. You can immediately cash in 10,000 fish coins at a recycling price of 10$About, it’s no problem to pay tens of dollars a month. One person always has three accounts, plus relatives and friends, it’s easy to get ten accounts, ten accountsYou can earn 1000 dollars a month on the th.

2. Project principleFirst, let’s know what a fish coin is. A fish coin is a product that can promote the release of a fish to increase the exposure of the product. A fish coin cannot be recharged and can only be obtained by doing small tasks. Many businesses that need to promote have a lot of demand and cannot recharge. They can only find players to recycle it.

3How to operate,How to get some fish coins? First, you can register directly, and then you can get 500 coins. Every day you sign in, you can get one or two hundred coins. Every day you can get about 1000 to 3000 coins for doing small tasks and other miscellaneous tasks. If you are specific, you can test yourself, and spend a few minutes every day doing small tasks,

Then upgrade the gameYou can get some fish coins. The higher the level, the more coins you can get. You can get 10000 coins every day. After the small shop upgrades to Level 5, you can get 10000 coins at a time. If you still can’t understand it, you can directly click the strategy in the upper right corner and see the detailed tutorial.

If it is recycled, it can be directly searched in a fishAsk someone to recycle fish coins. Find a lot of recyclers and chat privately. They will teach you how to operate. It’s very simple. Let you use a fish coin to photograph his goods. After that, he will transfer money to you,

The operation of this project’s order number can’t make much money. It doesn’t take much time to play with friends’ multiple accounts and do more small tasks,It’s OK to pay twenty or thirty dollars a day for ten numbers.

An executive partner can also sell a fish coin. When a fish recycles a treasure to sell, the information is poor. The price difference is quite large. The recycling price of a fish is about 10 dollars, and the selling price of a treasure is 25% or 50% of the profit. Moreover, the sales volume of a treasure is not low,

Not everyone resellsIt can be operated. It needs some people with executive power to do it. This project is not a good project to make money. It can earn some pocket money. It is suitable for everyone to operate at will. After all, it doesn’t take much time.

Take pet photos free fish coin recycling project, no difficulty, novices can do it!


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