Take a look at the project of mindless basic for cash a certain time of answering questions to make money. You can directly start without threshold, copy and paste it!


Today, I would like to share two rice earning projects with you. Let’s have a look at the video project and some money making project.

Take a look at the project of mindless basic for cash a certain time of answering questions to make money. You can directly start without threshold, copy and paste it!

First, take a look at the project

1. Project introduction

There is no need to sell goods like a certain sound or hand, and the release of works will be profitable. This is much easier to do than other short video platforms. A friend of mine has achieved a daily income of 2000 He has his own editing skills. It is impossible for everyone to achieve a daily income of 2000 . There is not necessarily something that you have done, but if you don’t do it, you will definitely have nothing. You just need to move without thinking.

2. Project process

Now let’s talk about the process. Many people don’t know about the entrance. Click on the top right corner of the chat softwareLook in the big mirror search. You must search, otherwise you can’t find the entrance to enter the applet. Click My, click the top right corner, edit the three bars next to the data, and then click the Creator Benefit Club to prompt that you are the creator. Then you just need to apply for opening according to the requirements.

3. Operating Steps

Step 1 Face recognitionThe second step is to bind our official account. If you don’t have one, you can register it yourself. There are a full set of tutorials. When you register, you can choose a service account and the whole process is free. Everyone can register. After you apply, you can directly publish videos,

The steps are also quite detailed. Video revenue is determined according to the official scoreHigh or low. The higher the score, the higher the income. Publish a few works randomly, and then send them to the circle of friends. Let family members or friends like them, and comment on them. After they like and collect, the official will continue to push the video to like them. The more comments, the higher the score.

The published works can be seen in the video column above. First, you can go toTake a look at what fields are popular, and then imitate his video production methods. There are a lot of video production software, and it is very simple to learn. You can search the major platforms, but you don’t need to say much about video materials. You can find them on various websites or short video platforms.

4. Precautions

nextFocus on the key points. When applying, you must choose the field you want to publish. The published works must be vertical. You need to publish the same type of works. Don’t publish them in various ways. When a certain number of works arrive, you can apply for various certifications.

Of course, there must be very little traffic when you first publish. You only need to forward orThey ask others to help you like it. Unless you are good at editing original videos, as long as the videos give you a score, there will be benefits, at least one piece,

And this is a continuous income. One video can generate thousands of profits in one day. The limit rules and the video publishing tutorial can be detailed in a small wayIn the preface.

Second, a money making project

The monthly income of 100 dollars can be copied and pasted without thinking, and everyone can operate. Five dollars is a task, and one or two hundred dollars a day is no problem. Next, we will teach you how to operate. This project is under the banner of a certain degree, also known as an experience reward. There are many tasks in it, more than 700 pages, 15 pages, nearly 10000 tasks,

So don’t worry about not having a task to do. The highest is five dollars, and the lowest is about two dollars. Before you start the project, you must know that you must choose the computer version to visit or directly use the computer to operate. There is no reward for the mobile version.

In Xiaomi browserFor example, the first one needs to click to access the computer version before starting the operation. The first step is to search for a certain number of experiences, and then log in or register a personal account.

Click on the reward, and the price in the novice reward is relatively high, 65 dollars. Select a task at random to receive it, copy the title after receiving it, and then go to the otherWe can search for answers on the platform of,

It’s OK to move it directly. The best way here is to copy the title to find the answer, and then claim the task if you think there is a reliable answer.

Next, we will teach you how to fill in the experience steps:

The first column, classification, select one to answer the task with youIt’s OK to have something similar

The second column, brief introduction, is almost the same as the title

The third column, experience videos, can be searched on other short video platforms, directly transported, or the answers copied by yourself can be cut and projected. One video per minute or no need to fill in directly,

But the review rate of filling in videos must be higher

SectionThe four columns, Tools and Raw Materials, roughly mean to answer whether this experience needs to use a third-party platform, and if not, you can leave it blank.

The fifth column, just divide the searched content into three or more sections to upload

If you really don’t know how to fill in, you can go to a picture to search for a questionIt depends on how others fill in the form. Just say that others operate the form. There are people who make money in any project, but some people cannot. The details of these projects need to be explored slowly.

Take a look at the project of mindless basic for cash a certain time of answering questions to make money. You can directly start without threshold, copy and paste it!


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