Super Blue Ocean Virtual Boyfriend Month, unlimited access to 7W


Today, we bring you a super blue ocean virtual project, with an unlimited monthly revenue of 7W . Many of our friends who are online entrepreneurs know about virtual girlfriends, but on the contrary, many people don’t know too much about virtual boyfriends. Let’s take a closer look at this industry. In fact, regarding this virtual boyfriendThere was relevant information in 2013, and according to the information at that time, there were more than 300 stores on a certain treasure alone, and more stores on a certain treasure. Later, the platform was reorganized and a lot of stores on a certain treasure were lost.

Super Blue Ocean Virtual Boyfriend Month, unlimited access to 7W

We can see that a lot of virtual lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, voice chat and so on have been screenedIt is covered. But it doesn’t mean that this demand is gone. Now you need to search for other keywords on a treasure: Warm hearted little brother. Look at this word. The following sales babies have a certain scale. Many stores in this category have physical stores.

We can take a look at this product with the highest sales volume, the revenue of the monthThe number of goods is about 2500, the monthly sales volume is 6500, and the unit price is about 5-100. Even if it is 5 dollars, the monthly sales volume is about 3W, and it must be several times higher than the actual situation.

Now let’s see that there are more than 2000 pieces of praise from this single person. It is not difficult to find out in the order evaluation that the purchaseThe customer price is 10-30$A lot of things happened. I consulted with the customer service by the way and sent me a price list. I looked at the price 10$At the beginning, the unit price of 10 dollars is 6W.

The unit price is very conservative, because there are many 30, 40, 50 and other treasures in the shopIf so, the monthly turnover of the store can reach more than 10W. Don’t be surprised! This is just a shop. If you open more shops, there will be more. In addition, according to the form given by the customer service, we can see various required services.

There are also things like voice connection, game playing, etc., and the price will be higher after 12:00 p.mof The service staff are divided into men and women, and also divided into different levels: random, ordinary, gold medal, and town stores. Old iron workers, are you excited when you see here? It can also attract girls and make money. You can earn money by playing with it.

Take a look at Google Index and see how big this market is. Not long ago, the virtual boyfriend on WeiboOn the hot search, the Google index has also risen more than 10 times in recent days.

The previous day about 900 people searched, but these days it has soared to about 2W. On WeChat, we can see that the number of people has soared to about 11W compared with the previous days, and the number of people in these two days has risen to about 52W, five times, brotherWe.

It can be seen from this project that there are still a lot of people looking for virtual boyfriends and girlfriends. If everyone is interested in this service project, they can do it directly, which can attract girls and make money.

This kind of virtual service is also the pain point of modern people. You can get a temporary comfort by paying for itThe basic service mode of three projects. You can relax and express your emotions and thoughts better in the virtual world.

Super Blue Ocean Virtual Boyfriend Month, unlimited access to 7W


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