One month, realization of 5000+, hands-on sideline projects (super detailed tutorial)


Today, I’ll tell you about a small sideline I did a few years ago. It’s easy to earn hundreds of dollars every day.

One month, realization of 5000+, hands-on sideline projects (super detailed tutorial)

There is no supply of Second hand goods trading platform. I used to share it in our community, but I haven’t written a systematic tutorial.

Now I’m free. I’ll sort it out for you. The content is quite long. If it’s too late to finish reading, click “Here we go.””, put it away.

1. Account selection

We all hear a word called account weight, which is very abstract. What does it mean?

The so-called account weight can be understood as a label, just like a class, where there are three good students, excellent students, average students and mischievous students.

We need to operate on the platform,Then the platform will also give us classification, high-quality users, and poor users.

Therefore, it is recommended to select:Zhima’s account with excellent credit

The better your credit, the more willing the platform is to push traffic to you.

2. Account information filling

Here’s a tip. I suggest you fill in the female student’s profile becauseIn order to have advantages, it is reassuring to buy and sell.

Or look at how peers write to learn from it.

Then the occupation can be students, white-collar workers and housewife.

Generally speaking, what we need to fill in is the following contents. After all the information is complete, we can launch the product.

The avatar can be usedA girl’s head can be pure and sexy. Don’t ask why. Who uses it knows, haha.

3. About options

Here are some ideas for you:

A Choose the products of the current season, because the seasonal demand is relatively popular.

B Select popular products on the platform. Generally, the best products sold in leisure fish areElectronic products, computers and mobile phones can be used, and you can do it with good supply, but the competition will be great.

C Select niche products to do a small field. For example, I have sold smart robots, iPhone cases, and mobile phone holders before. They all sell well.

You can choose according to your own interests. My friend sellsJianzhan, kitchen colander, gas range, etc. are also in the forefront.

D In the early stage, it is better to choose small products, which is more convenient for express logistics, and the cost is relatively small. In the later stage, it is less competitive to choose large products.

4. Product picture

Pictures can be found in the seller’s show, and there are some tips for choosing pictures.

Pictures of ordinary people+objects will make people more realistic. Some beautiful women choose beautiful women, and some children choose pictures of children.

A good picture will be very attractive on the whole search page.

Then remember to mark the picture brand new.

5. Commodity pricing

Price is also crucial, because we want to have a good weight, then ourThe trading volume should be more, so there should be a diversion product. This product can not make money, or just make a small profit.

It is used to improve the account weight. If the user is judged as a high-quality user by the platform, he will be ranked higher.

Then make some more profitable products. After all, we still want to make money. I used to sell intelligent robotsThe profit is also very high, with a profit of 50 to 200.

There are 3 to 10 orders a day, and the order number earns hundreds of thousands a day, which is no problem.

And the advantage of doing free fish is that there is no hidden cost, no need to brush rankings, as long as you work hard, the novice platform will have traffic support.

One more thing to note:The price of peers can be adjusted a little by themselves. If you rank well, the price will be raised appropriately. If the ranking is average, the price will be lowered, and the sales volume will be increased.

6. Product copy

Good copywriting, no worries about making money.

Many product copys are very boring. They are all product descriptionsLaw, it’s dry. I don’t feel excited after seeing it.

So we should write stories and product descriptions

First write why you want to sell this product, such as breaking up with your boyfriend, transferring bags and accessories at low prices.

Or, a friend’s shop closes down and is sold at a low price after clearance.

Simple and clear, with product description, such as ZhiWhat are the functions, memory and contents of the robot.

Note that the text should be separated by two or three lines. Don’t write so densely that you don’t want to read it.

Must be clear and concise, giving people a good sense of reading experience.

Finally, we must emphasize that the number is limited, first come, first served, giving a sense of urgency.

8. NoWhat if there is exposure?

I’ll teach you a little skill, so that each product can be exposed, and the product has a good copy, and there is a chance to detonate it directly.

Generally speaking, the products we release are all package mail, but you should not choose package mail when you release products.

Click Publish directly, and the system will let you get freeTake one exposure card, each card has 50 exposures, which can easily solve the product exposure problem.

The exposure here is somewhat similar to the basic traffic of the short video platform, but the one or two given to you by Second hand goods trading platform are useless. Each product can have a basic exposure of 50 with my method.

The old mechanism was to polish every dayIt can improve the exposure. Now we can study the mechanism according to the platform rules.

9. Order question

(1) If someone places an order from you, you will encounter two situations

① If someone else places an order successfully, you can directly go to Pinduoduo or other platforms to purchase products.

② . Someone else placed an order but didn’t pay, so you should orderThe order will be locked for 24 hours, so no one can buy the product within 24 hours. So in this case, cancel the order within three minutes, and send a private message to him. If you want to buy, you can take another photo.

(2) How to place an order for Pinduoduo

After the customer places an order, we go to Pinduoduo directly to find the customerYou can identify many products by saving a picture and using the product identification function of Pinduoduo.

It is important to give priority to goods with low price and return package freight, so that even if the customer is not satisfied and wants to return, we will not lose anything.

(3) Do not let the merchants put the cards with favorable feedback

oneGenerally, after buying something on Pinduoduo, there will be a credit card in the express box sent with the goods, which can directly expose us.

Therefore, when Pinduoduo purchases something, it is necessary to write “No card” in the remarks column. Generally speaking, businesses will cooperate.

10. HowFill in other platform number at Xianyu

Many novices will have this question when they are doing Second hand goods trading platform. I will tell you my method of operation here.

For example, Pinduoduo usually displays the order number when the merchant clicks Delivery, and Pinduoduo will send a reminder, but the order number has not been bubbling up at this timeFor the system of online express delivery, the younger brother of express delivery has not yet collected money.

Therefore, if we copy the order number at this time – open the Second hand goods trading platform – ship – select mailed – ship.

As far as I know, only Jitu Express and JD Logistics need to be manually changed so farIt can be recognized automatically.

11. After sales problems

When returning goods, the merchant will give us the return address. We just need to copy the address and fill it in the Xianyu system.

The return problem mainly depends on our selection. I have done it before, and the return rate is very low. In addition, I can make money by returning goods, so I will teach you a little skill.

Assume it is not qualitativeIf there is a problem with the quantity, you can tell the buyer that it is not a quality problem and we need to make up the ten dollars postage we sent.

Then, tell our top seller that if there is a problem with the goods, they will return them and ask the seller to compensate us for the postage of 10 to 15 dollars.

In this way, even if we encounter the problem of return, we still earn more than 20 dollars, otherwise, this order will not be longI’m busy.

However, it is better to work hard on the selection of products to reduce the return problem, which is more reassuring.

13. Financial issues

This is related to our choice of products. In the early stage, we try to choose between 0 and 50 dollars. The cost is not big. When placing an order, you can use Huabei to pay in advance. When you receive the money, you can pay it back.

One moreThe capital turnover period in months.

14. Exposure flow cell of Second hand goods trading platform

There may not be much traffic at the beginning of leisure fish, but you should bear loneliness, and the exposure slowly increases and then slowly decreases.

So under normal circumstances, the order will be issued within a week, even if there is no order, it does not matter.

Fill 50 products and delete them every dayIn addition to 5 products, there are 5 new products in the last year. But remember to expose your products every day with one key, so that you will have a continuous exposure.

Keep your products with high views and those with low views off the shelves.

Then I will do some small tasks every day, such as signing in, fishing, buying a penny, etc.

15、Use of Salted Fish Coins

(1) Access to leisure fish coins

① Do tasks

② Exchange fish for free fish coins

(2) Function of Leisure Fish Coin

Free fish coins must not be misused, because free fish do not have advertising fees and recharge windows. Free fish coins are a way to increase exposure, and there is no better way to do soGo to the bottom to find the fast selling option.

You’ll see it when you open it

Promotion to 100 people=2000 dollars

Promotion to 300 people=6000 dollars

Promotion to 500 people=10000 dollars

Don’t worry about the unsuccessful promotion, because if not, the Second hand goods trading platform coins will be returned according to the promotion proportion.

One of my popThat’s how we got the money.

16. How to buy 100 reviews with 1 dollars

If you are not mistaken, you should pay 1 dollars for 100 favorable comments. Go to the homepage of free fish to search for one cent.

Then choose a point at random.

Not only can they praise each other, but also can they love each other. Even if you have bad comments, you can also pay a dime directlyTen favorable comments, the positive rating will come up.

This is the most simple, free and lasting small project. Although I haven’t done it now, this project is very suitable for people who want to earn one or two hundred dollars a day.

Patiently manage, steadily make money, buy pork chops. They don’t smell good. If you are interested, move quickly. I don’t understandOn the bottom of the official account, add my personal WeChat.

One month, realization of 5000+, hands-on sideline projects (super detailed tutorial)


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