Monthly entry into the 1W-2W “Tiktok recruitment number” blue ocean project, 0 investment, high profits, can be realized by operation!


Today, I would like to share with you a project called “Tiktok Recruitment Number”, which is also based on the Tiktok recommendation mechanism to recommend recruitment information to users who want to find jobs.

Monthly entry into the 1W-2W “Tiktok recruitment number” blue ocean project, 0 investment, high profits, can be realized by operation!

“Tiktok recruitment number” is a project that can be done for the national market. You can easily make money by simply broadcasting it orally. As long as you can successfully recommend someoneEmployees, we can earn 400~700$Unequal commission.

Such Tiktok projects can help others find suitable jobs and earn money on their own. Many Tiktok big V numbers have mentioned “Tiktok recruitment number”, but these Tiktok big V numbers do not give specific operation methods, just propose a“Tiktok recruitment number “.

So, what is the way to make money for “Tiktok recruitment number”? What are the ways of realization? Is this way suitable for ordinary people?

Q: Is there any market for Tiktok recruitment number now?

Answer: There is still a big market for recruitment numbersNowadays, China is facing a problem of difficult recruitment, especially in the south, where there is a shortage of workers. However, many young people are unwilling to enter the site to work. They like to take out food and work more freely.

There is still a big market for Tiktok recruitment. As long as there are fans following you, they willI will find a job through you.

Q: Why can’t traditional recruitment meet the current needs of enterprises?

A: Because many large enterprises use very large amounts of labor, unlike small enterprises, which use very small amounts of labor. Only a few people can post a recruitment advertisement, but they can receive a large number of orders. When they need to follow the regulationsTo complete the order.

It must be impossible to recruit so many people at once, so we must recruit people through other labor services or intermediaries. In addition, the current staff mobility is also very large. Every day, some people resign to ensure normal production, and a large number of people must be recruited, so we need to recruit them.

EnterpriseDifficulty in job recruitment has been a problem in recent years. There is also a phenomenon of unequal recruitment information. At present, the recruitment on the market is traditional recruitment websites,

For example, 51job, 58 recruitment, boss direct recruitment, etc. If you want to publish recruitment information on these websites, you must first become a member, and then you need to handleVarious recruitment packages, ranging from thousands to tens of thousands per month$Not equal.

But if you want to make your enterprise or company visible to most job seekers, you also need to conduct home page display, position search ranking, etc., and spend more on recruitment,

So the overall cost of recruiting a suitable employee is still very highHigh.

If a new employee leaves after only a few days of work, the company’s recruitment costs will increase.

Many companies or enterprises most want to spend the least money to recruit suitable and stable employees, so as to reduce the recruitment expenditure of enterprises or companies.

The “Tiktok recruitment number” refers to the job content of the job, company environment and other information. Through video, job seekers can understand the recruitment positions more clearly. Through Tiktok’s intelligent recommendation mechanism, the positions to be recruited can be recommended to job seekers who want to find jobs, and information matching can be more refined.

Let’s take a look at the case of Tiktok: he appeared in the form of a real person,The number of videos played varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, with about 33000 fans.

Of course, if you want to enlarge it, it is recommended to cooperate with multiple human resources companies.

We interviewed the blogger, and the details are as follows:

Q: How much money can you earn every month?

A: There is no way to calculate thisNot fixed. Anyway, there are two seasons for recruitment: off season and peak season. The peak season for recruitment is about 20000 dollars, and the off season is about 6000 dollars.

Q: How much can I earn if I hire someone?

A: Judging from the current commission in Hangzhou’s human resources market, because there are different postsThe commissions for each position are different, about 400~700.

Then, according to Mr. Wang’s introduction, his number of fans is currently 33000. Tiktok’s recruitment account can earn about 10000 every month, and every person recruited successfully can get 400~700$Of commission,

If it isFor some large factories, such as Foxconn, the corresponding commissions will be higher, and different posts will have different commissions.

Q: If we are a newcomer and want to make money through the Tiktok recruitment account, how should we do this and what should we prepare in advance?

A: The first step to recruitment is to advertise. You need to open a blue V account. The blue V account requires your own personal business license, and then you can find a human resources company to cooperate with them. They are also very willing to cooperate.

Q: How can we find such a person?

answer: Regular human resource companies can be found on Google. They can be found by searching for human resource companies, or by checking in enterprises. It is very simple.

First of all, the newcomer wants to do this. The account must be upgraded to an enterprise blue v account. First, find the local HR companyTake a look at the local talent market. Enter the name of the city and the word “HR Bubble Online Earning Source” in the enterprise search, and many such companies will be found.

The simplest way is to search HR companies directly in Google or Gaode Maps. You can also cooperate with multiple human resources companies, so that IThe number of recruitment positions will also increase, and the probability of job seekers receiving from enterprises will also be much higher.

Q: After the HR company is well connected, how can we get job seekers through Tiktok’s video?

A: There are two ways to release recruitment videos. The first way is to broadcast recruitment videos orally by real people like me,Talk about the recruitment needs of the factory, let everyone know that the factory is recruiting, and come to me if you are interested.

Another way is to write it in words in the form of a factory. If there is a factory that is engaged in recruitment, you will send a direct private letter if you are interested.

The human resources company provides us with enterprise ownershipAfter the recruitment information of, we need to make statistics of all the corporate recruitment positions, so as to facilitate the later docking of job seekers.

We should prepare the video of the recruitment information in advance. Tiktok should keep updating the recruitment information every day. The way to release Tiktok is video plus text, pictures plus text. It can also be used in real personOral broadcasting reflects the recruitment information,

It mainly presents the salary of the position and the name of the recruitment company. The duration of each Tiktok work should be controlled at about 15 seconds. Not too long. Too long will affect the completion rate of the video, thus reducing the amount of video playing.

The most important thing is to leave your phone or WeChatYour Tiktok homepage is convenient for job seekers to find you. The job seekers are channeled from Tiktok to WeChat, and are publicized in the circle of friends every day.

We still recommend you to make a real person appearance, which will increase the customer’s trust in us. The backstage private letters should also be replied in time, which can improve the trust of job seekers to us.

Q: Currently recruitedAre all people local to Hangzhou?

A: Not only local people in Hangzhou, but also a lot of people from other places, 80% of whom are from other places, and 20% are local people. At present, I am helping the HR company in Hangzhou to recruit.

Basically, they are enterprises and human resources companies around Hangzhou. If there is any consultation from outsiders, we should inform them in detailSkills and salary required by the job seekers,

It includes whether to provide accommodation and working meals, and determine the arrival time of job seekers, so as to facilitate our later job seekers to connect with the human resources company, and also to arrange job seekers to enter as soon as possible, so as to get commissions earlier.

Q: If I hire someone now,Can I get the commission from the HR company right away?

A: There is no such thing, because some people may leave the factory after a few days of work if they feel unsuitable or unfit. If they hire people here, they can get commissions there, and many people will fish in troubled waters.

At least 10 days laterOnly the power resources company will give commissions. It is still necessary to fully communicate with the applicant and match the work that is equivalent to his psychological expectation. In this way, there will be no psychological gap in the enterprise, and the stability of the applicant in the enterprise can be better improved. Therefore, it is also very important to communicate with the applicant in the early stage.

Let’s talk about the videomake:

First, we add the material video to the clip image click ratio. The video ratio is set to 16:9. Click the text, create a new text, enter a company, continue to create new text, and enter a recruitment position,

For example: salesperson, recruitment position salary 5000$, if there are other benefits, the same method can be usedWrite it out, adjust the subtitle to the appropriate position, and adjust the subtitle to be consistent with the video length.

After setting, you can export the video. Find the newly exported video in the album and publish it in Tiktok. Reflect the recruitment information in the copy. Add topics such as “recruitment and job hunting” and “job hunting”, and then click Sendcloth

Remember to update the recruitment video every day in about 15 seconds. Write the salary and work location on the cover. The salary is the key information to attract job seekers.

The copy should also reflect the recruitment location information, so that Tiktok can better recommend you some people looking for jobs. As long as you are followed by people who are precise fans,Either you want to find a job, or you want to change your job.

Next, let’s summarize the precautions for “Tiktok recruitment number”.

First of all, you should upgrade your Tiktok personal account to an enterprise account. Because the content published belongs to marketing, Tiktok does not allow personal accounts to publish videos with marketing content, but upgrade to an enterprise accountThen you can leave a contact number on the home page of Tiktok, which is more convenient for job seekers to communicate with you.

How can we judge the qualification of a human resources company? First of all, his registered capital shall not be less than 100000$, a human resource service license, one intermediary qualification certificate and four intermediary qualification certificates are required to meet the following requirementsClick, and you can cooperate with them with confidence.

If you want to make more money on this project, you can also consider registering your own company. You can not only earn commissions from enterprises, but also earn long-term management fees from enterprises.

As more and more employees are recruited, more management fees are earned. The premise is that you must be satisfiedFor intermediary qualifications, you can go to Google to search for details about how to have these qualifications.

Monthly entry into the 1W-2W “Tiktok recruitment number” blue ocean project, 0 investment, high profits, can be realized by operation!


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