We media project of social networking site, beginners copy homework with zero foundation, and it’s OK to earn 1500+dollars per month


Why doSocial networking sites? operationSocial networking sitesPreparation before

We media project of social networking site, beginners copy homework with zero foundation, and it’s OK to earn 1500+dollars per month

What is?Social networking sites

Social networking sitesIt is a lifestyle platform for young people, which was founded by Mao Wenchao and Zhifang in Los Angeles in twenty13. Users can record their life through short videos, pictures and texts, share their lifestyle, and interact based on the city of interest. As ofIn October 2019,Social networking sitesThe monthly number of active users has exceeded 100 million, of which 70% are post-90s and continue to grow rapidly

We can take a look at the official introduction of the young people’s lifestyle platform. It is also the largest lifestyle sharing community in China.

Established in 2013Social networking sitesPlatform, 5 years,The number of users was nearly 100 million, and it began to grow explosively 18 years later. As of last year, the monthly activity had exceeded 200 million.

Only by knowing ourselves and the enemy can we win every battle!!

According to 2022Social networking sitesActive User Portrait Trend Report:

Social networking sitesAt present, 72% of the users who have survived 200 million and 90’s, and the proportion of the first and second tier users50%. The number of sharers (creators) also exceeded 4300W+; The proportion of men also rose to 30 per cent.

Active users tend to be younger, mainly aged 18-24, accounting for 46.39%; 25-34 years old accounted for 36.08%.

Top 5 active cities: Guangdong, Los AngelesHai, Washington, Zhejiang, Jiangsu

Focus topics from high to low are:

Make up, skin care, food course, weight loss exercise, hairstyle, dinner, photography skills, fitness, nail

Our creators can use it to create by sharing notes such as text, pictures and videos. When the number of fans reaches a certain levelTo activate the corresponding realization function.

Social networking sitesIt is also a word of mouth marketing community and an entrance for consumers to make shopping decisions. More and more brands have foundSocial networking sitesThe “fragrance” ofSocial networking sitesThe paving quantity shall be released.

It is also a content e-commerce platform, similar to Quora, Tiktok and Kwai, with content as the core, planting grass and bringing goods to earn commission.

twenty-oneFocus in the major fields of the year:

Pay more attention to the cosmetics field: eye makeup, powder blusher, lipstick;

In the content of skin care, more attention should be paid to: lipstick, anti-aging essence, acne elimination

In the cleansing fragrance, more attention is paid to: fluffy hair root, nail nude color, nail patch

More attention is paid to the food: ice cream, Haidilao, snack evaluation, meal recipes, milktea

Among mothers and babies, more attention is paid to: novice housewife, baby food production, child care experience, and cloud baby rearing

More attention should be paid to: decoration inspiration, home recommendation, rental transformation

In the process of wearing, pay more attention to: Spicy Girls’ wear, affordable wear, dating wear, etc

Among pets, more attention should be paid to: small cats, dogs and pet feeding

BodybuildingIn weight loss, pay more attention to: efficient leg slimming, fat reducing meals, daily weight loss

It can be summarized as: her economy, beauty economy, lazy home economy, promoting new consumption scenes, exquisite makeup, new tea, home fitness, etc.

Social networking sitesFlow inlet of the platform:

Follow: fans watch

Discovery: High quality content

Local: local high-qualityRong, mostly for shop exploration

Level 2: keyword tag

Search: active search (drainage outside the station)

Shopping: more used by merchants

preparation in advance

Blogger preparation:

doSocial networking sites, you need to have operational thinking.

It is not like sending friends’ circle and taking notes at random, nor like microblogging or private plots in the back garden.

XiaohongThe book is an app with a strong sense of community atmosphere. When publishing content, it must be targeted at a certain cluster of groups. If the content is useful and valuable, it can bring you fans, attention, likes, collections and comments.

The operation thinking of any platform is the same. Content links users, and users will pay attention to you if they think your content is good。

You can think about your own behavior. Do you pay attention to a blogger because of his content? No matter what content field he is, he is really interested in you.

After we have operational thinking, what we need to do is to set goals – split goals – execute

It is a dynamic growth process

Like your eyesTarget: powder raising and skin care

To split, ask yourself:

1. How to show the content of skin care

2. Let users see my notes and actively click My Favorites to follow

Then comes execution:

Content planning for each step

1. What are image and text or video, whole field or subdivided field, and differentiation?

2. Don’t break your notesRegulations, the collection of attention content should be valuable. How to take notes without violating rules? What is valuable? It’s all about asking yourself

After the above problems are solved step by step, they can be updated steadily. In the process of updating, the content is constantly optimized.

As long as the account does not violate the rules and the weight is no problem, we will update the targetIt will always be achieved and a good result will be achieved.

Social networking sitesWe should pay attention to typesetting when we write a copy. It is exquisite and the paragraphs are orderly. Readers are comfortable and not tired when reading.

Account preparation

Account: There are five ways to register: mobile phone, WeChat, QQ, microblog and Apple ID (mobile phone numberLarge and small are used for registration). Large and small numbers are used for mutual drainage. Small numbers also need to be tied with mobile phone numbers. Multiple mobile phone numbers can be registered. One ID card can have five mobile phone numbers.

Head portrait: if you are a personal P, use your own head portrait; For the industry, display the industry avatar.

Nickname: Personal PIf yes, use your own IP name; Industry related can be used.

Introduction: introduction to the field, staffing, value provided by one sentence, and other ideas

This series of actions are to reflect their professionalism, provide value increment, increase trust, and guide users to pay attention.

After the account is registeredNo.:

Aligning numbers is a process for the algorithm to understand you. The algorithm does not understand you, but it understands your user behavior.

Browse every day in different time periodsSocial networking sitesNot less than 15 minutes to view hot topics, search fellow bloggers, view content you are interested in on the discovery page, collect comments, like, follow, and take refreshments~

The time of raising numberWait, if you have multiple accounts, you need to use traffic. If you have a single account, you can use wireless. It lasts for 7-15 days, and the performance of successful account raising is that the discovery page pushes you a lot of notes in your field.

When it comes to attention, we can focus on someSocial networking sitesOfficial account, such asSocial networking sitesYouTube, live potatoSocial networking sitesSchool of Creation, etc.

20What fields have opportunities in 22 years

In fact, any field has the ability to adhere to the output and operation of high-quality content that is difficult to obtain.

According to fans dataSocial networking sitesAccording to the data, the commercialization of skin care notes is the highest, and the category group of home and pet has great potential.

Beauty category: there are many opportunities for bottom bloggers (lipstick, eye shadow, imitation makeupPerfume, novice)

Skin care: climbing growth, focusing on high-quality content (essence, ingredients, facial mask, face cream, sensitive muscle)

Style: collection and evaluation are easier to focus on; There are many opportunities for bloggers at the bottom, and the entry threshold is low (underwear, small wear, daily wear, skinny wear, large wear)

Food: Food tutorial is easier to beAttention, the waist expert is the main force of business notes, and the exploration shop has a great overturning ability. The blogger has a great test (home cooking, food broadcasting, kitchen appliance evaluation, food exploration shop, diet and fat reducing food tutorial)

Mother and baby: influenced by the Santai policy, the market space is large, the top talent is highly professional, and it is difficult for ordinary bloggers to enter (baby complementary food, scientific child care, for babies, for mothers and babies)

Home decoration: the content is highly professional, and the brand operation space is large. Personal home improvement talents can start with the renovation of rented houses and the recommendation of good things for home decoration, home furnishing, design, and storage of rented houses)

Pets: cats are the most discussed, followed by dogs, pigs, hamsters, ducks and ducks, and rabbitsRabbit and sheep judge camels have also received a lot of attention, which is more suitable for video notes. Funny and funny types are easier to focus on (Muppet cat, Chaigou, Keji, Jin Jiansheng)

Medical and health care: professional background (health care, probiotics, daily health care, collagen, family health, beauty care, health care and nourishing, body shapingDepartment of Physical and Gynecology)

As long as you start to create an account, don’t stop. Stick to it for three months, constantly optimize the content direction, and let the results happen naturally,Social networking sitesNow it is the most friendly platform for new people

Create a content sharing mechanism to attract fans from your most interesting/favorite fields, and use the power of high-quality contentAs long as you attract a group of fans who trust you, you can fully support yourself

We media project of social networking site, beginners copy homework with zero foundation, and it’s OK to earn 1500+dollars per month


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