The idea of disassembling Himalayan Mothers powder and comic book interpretation project is suitable for beginners to learn, and the realization is basically OK!


Today, I would like to share with you two rice earning projects, Himalayan housewife Pink Project and Tiktok Cartoon Commentary Project.

The idea of disassembling Himalayan Mothers powder and comic book interpretation project is suitable for beginners to learn, and the realization is basically OK!

1、 Himalayan housewife Powder Project

In addition to short videos, audio traffic is also very large. Many people like to listen to books. They can save time by listening. They can also do other things. Today, I will tell you about the Himalayashousewife Powder Project.

First, audio plus powder,Because of the huge audio traffic, various industries can accurately add fans and high-quality fan platform.

Second, audio platform,You can choose Himalaya, lychee FM, dragonfly FM, listening partner and penguin FM.

Third, album creation,Audio platform powder is mainly usedThe way of album column. The core of audio pink is album column. The name of the album should preferably include keywords,

For example, for mother and child care, keywords such as bedtime stories can be set, and then labels can be added. Labels are used to locate albums, and can also include keywords,

Such as baby stories, sleeping stories, and storytellingWait a minute. You must pay attention to it later. Write a paragraph of introduction in the introduction. You can attach a hook in the store.

Fourth, high-quality audio content,If possible, you can make your own original work. For example, you can read the story once, which is quite original. If you make your own recording, you are suggested to buy some microphones with built-in sound cards, which can be recorded in this wayThe effect will be very good. A cheaper sound card will do.

It is not recommended to write your own copy. You can collect the best copy and record it after modification. Go to Quora, official account and Baijia to find bedtime stories, baby stories, children’s stories, etc. If you don’t want to record it yourself, you can go to the video bedtime story and extract the soundAdd background music to the frequency. In order to ensure the quality, try to upload audio with high bit rate, which is equivalent to high definition of video.

Fifth, powder adding practice, add in the introduction of the album, such as building a housewife group, sharing bedtime stories and baby stories every day. If you want to join the group, you can add XX and XX to the audio contentLine implantation, specially recording audio advertising content, and placing the advertising content in the middle of the entire audio is better.

Sixth, effect optimization,Insist on updating every day, accumulate the weight and increase the popularity, first raise the number, and then add the advertising hooks later. One to three album title keywords are implanted into the matrix, and one number is three to fiveThe album can operate multiple accounts and platforms. Himalayas, Penguin FM, Dragonfly FM and listening partners all release audio works.

Seventh, the realization of housewife powder,You can be a WeChat Amazon customer or a group buyer. Other rebate platforms, such as peanut diaries, can be used. The market price of housewife powder is six to seven dollarsFor example, 30 items a day add up to more than 200 dollars a day. We should settle down to create a project and stabilize ourselves. The rest will gradually become better.

2、 Cartoon interpretation project

First, the advantages of the project,Because the film and television commentary is too popular, the competition is fierce, and it is easy to involve infringementIt is said that at present, it is still a golden track, and it is easier to get the copyright. After 1000 fans, you can connect with the official resources. 10000 players will earn 40 dollars. A video can be completed in about half an hour, and you can continuously output high-quality content and continue to increase the popularity.

Second, how to label an account,Is the creatorTags are not user tags. You don’t need to maintain an account. You can directly post works by registering a Kwai account to maintain the quality of the works. You can continue to post about ten videos, and you can almost print them. You can see whether the playback has continued to grow to determine whether the creator’s tag has been printed. If there is no continuous growth, the content mayNeeds improvement.

Third, how to find the best materials,Go to the quick look platform to find the latest comics. After you find them, you can read some of them. If you feel that you will become addicted, they should be good materials. You can also find them by category, such as power, life changing, rebellion against the sky, and Hougong counter attack.

The fourth is popular,initial Copywriting is very important. The skill is to write about what is happening. Don’t introduce people. The topic tag carries the tag of the relevant industry or the Kwai hot spot is pushing the hot topic. Search on Kwai to make money on the Kwai hot spot. Pull down some of the hot topics to find them. The quality of the video must be highIt is clear and smooth. When publishing, remember to bring the local address to get the local traffic.

Fifth, powder raising skills,There is a suspense at the end of the video. For example, it is better to keep three works updated every day. Fans like authors who update frequently, and the platform likes to push streams for you.

Sixth, writeDraft,First, quickly read an episode of the cartoon, master the general plot, and then describe the events expressed in the cartoon sentence by sentence from the first cartoon. Finally, it becomes a manuscript.

Seventh, dubbing,You need to pay for using the Magic Sound Workshop. It costs about 40 dollars a month. Choose one from the Magic Sound WorkshopPersonal voice will be used regularly in the future. Copy and paste the manuscript into it to directly generate dubbing.

Eighth, clip,Use clipping to import comic materials, import dubbing to adjust the proportion, use animation effects to process static pictures to make them feel dynamic, and then adjust dubbing and pictures to make the picturesIt is consistent with the dubbing. The static picture can be dynamic. It can be zoomed in and out and moved left and right. One click can generate subtitles, make a cover picture, and write big characters, the name of the play and the number of episodes.

The income of cartoon interpretation project mainly depends on the number of players, fans, and video quality. The income of film and television interpretation is earned by one videoThere are thousands of them. Now it is very simple to earn two or three hundred dollars a day with the support of the comic interpretation platform. The key is that many people just look and don’t do anything. At least 50% of the people who can do something have been eliminated.

The idea of disassembling Himalayan Mothers powder and comic book interpretation project is suitable for beginners to learn, and the realization is basically OK!


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