Overseas online earnings: simple brainless money making project, $200 a day, playing games and watching videos, easy to get started


Today, I would like to share a simple project to earn money without thinking.

Overseas online earnings: simple brainless money making project, $200 a day, playing games and watching videos, easy to get started

It is mainly suitable for Internet newcomers. Without any foundation, they can make money on this platform.

This platform is called“getpaidto”, belonging to foreign part-time websites.

I have also compared similar projects before. The reasons for not disassembling are:It’s hard to turnTranslation is too difficult to master.

Therefore, I specially choose a simple and long-term platform to accumulate GPT points by doing research, playing games and watching videos.

The points can also be discounted, and the exchange options are wide, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of no cash withdrawal.

As for the difficulty of the project, it is almost zero. As long as you do it, you will have moneyOne dollar can be withdrawn.

Next, I will talk about several profit models of this project.

01. Investigation

The survey can be understood as a “questionnaire”. The platform will distribute questionnaires every day according to users registered in different countries. Usually, more questionnaires are selected from the United States than from China when registering.

The specific questionnaire was very easy to answer,Ask about all aspects of your personal life, such as your occupation, age, what you like to buy, and income.

The completed questionnaire here is more than $1, and 5000 points is $1If you do 100000 points a day, it will be 20 dollars, just the income from the questionnaire150-160$

You can do it as soon as you go in and answer the questions.

For example:The platform asks you what your zip code is, and you can get a commission if you finish all your XXX questionnaires.

02. Games

The game also has a section in this platform, and the corresponding sections can be played repeatedlyThe faster you get tired, the more income you can exchange.

This is a group of benefits that I have tested privately,NoviceIt is worth doing.

Explain how to get game points, as long as you play for 30 seconds each time.

According to the rules of the current platform, 500 points will be given for each time you play, which equals to 1 dollar for 10 timesYes.

03. Faster

What is fast? Simply put, it is to earn income through advertising.

Generally, clicking the website will automatically jump out of time. After this time, you can start making money. Follow the prompts.

04. Preferential Wall

Let’s talk about what the discount wall is. The operating principle is similar to the third oneIt is a way to get commissions by browsing the discount wall online to spot advertisements.

The following are the platforms with discount walls. You can browse them one by one, just like you can browse the information on the website.

After understanding the above four income models, let’s go to the practical operation.

First: go to “getpa” firstIdto “register an account on this platform.

On the interface, click [Join Today for Free] or click [Join] in the upper right corner.

Second: Then you will jump to the registration page.

If an account has been registered, the login account and password will be displayed for the second registration.

The newly registered users need to set up their own, and the key is that the state mustSelect [US].

Can’t we choose China? No, it will only affect the lack of ren services recommended by the platform.

After all, this is not a domestic platform, so it is mainly aimed at the large number of orders placed by American users of Bubble Online, which is a point to pay attention to when registering.

I don’t know the zip codeGoogle can write anywhere.

After registration, an email will be sent, and the corresponding ID number will be obtained from the registration page and added to the activation code to confirm.

Maybe you can’t figure out why the country chooses the United States, and the email address can be written in the country. Isn’t it inconsistent with the information?

That’s because no matter youNeither the United States nor China is subject to withdrawal restrictions, so this detailed operation is not considered.

Third: Several withdrawal methods

Before we talk about cash withdrawal, I’ll repeat the exchange ratio.

5000 points is one dollar, and then converted into USD is a few dollars.

In combination with the following figure, I summarize four common withdrawal methods。

01. Bank transfer

Cash withdrawal can be immediately transferred to the domestic bank card. This operation does not require the transfer process of foreign banks in the middle.

02. Encrypted cargo bi

In fact, it is the way of dog bi and LTC to withdraw cash. I have done similar projects, but I can’t make it clearNoviceJust go straightTransfer by bankThe wayCash withdrawal is OK.

It just needs 5 dollars to withdraw.

PayPal can also withdraw cash, which is within the scope of the platform.

03. Amazon

The biggest advantage of withdrawing cash with Amazon is that it does not include handling fees.

The above fees will be deducted, but the process of withdrawing cash with Amazon will be more complicated. I don’t understandGoogle has a tutorial under it.

Fourth: Operating principle

This project mainly depends on watching videos, playing games, making questionnaires, and making competitive lists at a higher level, so that more commissions can be earned.

and,The greatest charm is that there are a large number of orders, one after anotherIf there is no point, it will be refreshed, and all the points that can be accumulated in each section will be repeated, which will naturally improve the overall income.

Therefore, it is not difficult to do a good job in this project and make 100-200 every day.

Final summary:

The browser is equipped with an automatic translation plug-in, and the click open interface is pure Chinese.

At present, it only supports computer operation, not mobile phone operation.

Take 1-2 hours to do it every day,It doesn’t affect your work. Of course, you must position a wider way to make money when you plan to start a business later.

Overseas online earnings: simple brainless money making project, $200 a day, playing games and watching videos, easy to get started


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