Entrusted virtual service project, easy to operate and earn 300 a day!


Well, there is a lot of nonsense today. Let’s get to the point. Today, I found a new project. This project is a virtual service type, called entrusted by others. This project is mainly to help others send text messages. Generally, it is about saying goodbye and blessing.

Entrusted virtual service project, easy to operate and earn 300 a day!

At present, I am in a treasure and a fish,There are few people to operate, which can be said to be a blank in the market, but the sales volume is still good at the end of the competition.

The unit price is not high, from a few cents to a few cents$There are all, but according to the sales volume, a month is also tens of thousands of revenue. The main virtual service is simple to operate. It can operate several orders in a minute, which is continuousJust send a few short messages.

With such sales, it shows that the demand is still great. As long as we change the virtual service to another platform, get the user’s personal number, and operate through diversion, we can charge 6.6 and 9.9 for each order. This kind of project is somewhat similar to the lonely Qixi FestivalOne is short-term demand, the other is long-term demand.

What this project needs to do is also relatively simple. It needs to do traffic. First, the first official account interception is a traffic pool, and then there is official account articles, search for article rankings. I just went to search, and found that there are few people doing it. Now I go to the publicThe date is not late at all.

It is the simplest and easiest way to intercept traffic by name and send an article to search for traffic. With the official account set up, you can cooperate with the search article and wait for others to add consulting services. If you can add 100 people a day, you can at least clinch 6-70 deals,Even if one order is 6.6, you can earn hundreds of dollars a day.

It can also be drained through other platforms,Social networking sitesIt’s more suitable. I went to search and found that there are already peers operating. The peers are the best teachers. Just imitate them directly.

The operation process of this project is mainly about the flowThe flow control is basically about making money. Because you don’t need to send SMS messages, you can directly put the content that customers need to send to order every day.

Any project seems relatively simple, but the main thing is that you need to practice yourself. No matter how many projects you see, it’s better to practice once. If you don’t practice, you can always be oneA spectator.

Well, the above is today’s sharing. I hope it will help you.

Entrusted virtual service project, easy to operate and earn 300 a day!


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