Social networking site ppt we media basic project disassembly, simple play!


Today, I will give you two simple ways to play, noviceNoviceIt is also a sideline project that can be easily operated,Social networking sitesPpt and we media move bricks.

Social networking site ppt we media basic project disassembly, simple play!

FirstSocial networking sitesPPT project

1、Social networking sitesaccount number,The more the number, the better. The more the number, the higher the revenue. A wireless network can connect up to three mobile phonesIf it exceeds, you can use the traffic, avatar, name and signature of your peers for reference.

2. Note makingThere are many APP making posters on the market. The thumbnail of PPT is made into poster pictures one by one. The specific production steps are omitted here. This is what the APP is used to make picturesThat’s all right. It’s very simple.

3. Publish notes,Three to four pictures of the poster can be made. The following copy can also be more or less. This is to describe what kind of PPT this is, such as work summary report plan, PPT template, and then bring topics, namely, PPT, templateTopics such as boards, materials, etc.

4. How to make the best money,It must be good content. Find someone else to imitate the content that has been exploded and do it again until the day of the explosion.

5. Comment area guidance,The comment area guides private messages. Many methods refer to peers. Many methods mix private message scripts. Private messages mustIt is necessary to filter the white whoring party, which indicates that it is not easy to collect, and requires payment. If you want more people, you can also send one free of charge first.

6. Prices and benefits,Generally, the price can be set at nine dollars and nine dollars. If a single piece is packed and collected, it will be 59 dollars. In case of counter-offer or students, it will be more favorable. A single piece will be four dollars and nine dollars and 29 dollars will be packed, mainly to increase the transaction rateGo up, because the cost is zero, it can be sold indefinitely. The market needs a lot of operations. It is very simple to earn 10000 a month. It is also possible to earn thousands a month if the number is less. The key is to stick to it. It is not to give up if there is no person or traffic for three days.

Second, we media’s revenue

1. New platform,New PlatformIt represents an opportunity, because there are few high-quality creators, less competition, and the new platform is still short of content. Generally, it supports transportation, and can be scaled up in batches. Just copy and paste, saving time and effort, is a quick spot. The quick spot is the We Media platform under Kwai. Google can register itself once the quick spot, and one number can be received every dayThe profit is about 10 to 50. The amount of reading is relatively small in the early stage, so it needs to be accumulated, so that the later profit is relatively stable.

2. Field selectionGenerally, entertainment is chosen because of its large amount of reading, but now there are too many people in the entertainment field. They can choose social news, health preservation, automobile, food, military, history and other fieldsDomain. The unit price of each field is different. If there is more content in a certain field of the platform, the unit price will be lower. If there is less content, the unit price will be higher. You can select different fields first, which are called test fields. If a certain field is easy to explode and the unit price is good, add the multi number operation.

3. Material website,Go to Google for entertainment consultingHeap the website. If it is a historical website, you can find the history. Then you can find the articles in the relevant websites you have searched. You can also find the articles on today’s headlines, find the articles on the latest events, copy and paste them, and directly copy the relevant articles you have found. The title corresponds to the title, and the article content corresponds to the article contentThe pictures in can be directly published as the cover. One number can publish 20 articles a day.

4. To sum up,Find more material websites and get more numbers. One number is useless. Ten numbers are needed to be published in batches. In the past, hundreds of numbers were used to do We Media, including entertainment, history, health care and automobileAll can be done, not limited to entertainment. If you are convicted of illegal handling, you can appeal. Once the appeal is solved, the income and the activity weight of the account are also directly related.

Social networking site ppt we media basic project disassembly, simple play!


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