What are the platforms for foreign website moneymaking projects


As long as we are good at using various Internet tools, it is not difficult to get income in the current environment. There are only two hardest things to do with the Internet. The first is persistence, and the second is divergent thinking.

What are the platforms for foreign website moneymaking projects

There is no doubt that to adhere to this point, doing the Internet is just like starting a business. As long as you set a good direction and stick to it all the time, even if you can’t be the first, there is no problem to make some good achievements.

Divergent thinking is a necessary skill for the Internet. As long as you make good use of divergent thinking, you will find that the Internet is everywhere a project that can make money, and any platform can become a tool for getting rich. Of course, this kind of thinking can be exercised. As long as you have more contact and know more about various projects, you can gradually form this kind of thinking.

Today, Ni Yeming’s Entrepreneurial Studio brings you a foreign audio book project. The platform in this project has been shared in other articles, but with divergent thinking, it can be applied to other projects, which can create more dollar income.

The first step is to open the acx platform, which is a foreign audio book sales platform. It can distribute many audio books to many well-known platforms for sale, such as Amazon, iTunes and other platforms.

This platform is visited by millions of users every month, and these users have basically become the voice recorders of this platform, so it is completely worthy of trust.

We can also apply to be a recorder on this platform. There are two profit models to join this platform:

The first type of on time billing is based on the length of your audio book. The minimum income per hour can also be 250 dollars.

The second 50% dividend is calculated according to the sales of audio books. Every time you sell an audio book, you can get 50% of the product profits.

Now click Register at the top right of the home page.

This platform is in cooperation with Amazon, so we need to click below to create an Amazon account.

Here you can fill in your name, email address and password to register.

Then the platform will send an email to verify the mailbox. We just need to enter the mailbox to find the verification code and fill it in the verification area.

Then we need to fill in our personal information. We just need to follow the prompts of the platform.

After the registration is completed, we can wait for the platform to release the task to everyone. When we receive the task, we can start to move to the second step.

The second step is to open the platform ttsreader, which is a foreign AI dubbing tool. We can dub books provided by the acx platform here.

As long as we copy the paragraph to the text box at the bottom, we can select the desired sound and reading speed here in the middle. After selection, click Play to listen.

If you think the dubbing is good, you can download the audio to your computer and then send it to the acx platform.

In addition to this platform, you can also use other dubbing platforms. Here we introduce another platform: natural readers.

This platform is also a very powerful voice dubbing platform, and it provides you with more and more natural AI sounds. Let’s click the online reader on the page first.

Here we need to register an account, and then click the registration in the lower right corner.

Here you can choose to use Google account or Apple account to register, or you can use ordinary email to register.

After the registration is completed, we can enter the background. Here, we also add text in the middle text box. Then, the first button on the top allows you to select your desired sound. There are many sound types here. After you select them, click the middle one to play one by one, so you can select your favorite sound.

After adjustment, you can click the settings of the three points in the upper right corner, and then select Download as MP3 to save it to your computer.

In this way, we can obtain very good dollar income on the acx platform without real person winnings. Here’s a very good way to play. It’s a way to get dollars by using information difference. It’s suitable for children who know English well.

We open the platform of fiverr. As long as the students who have followed us know that it is a well-known freelancer platform abroad.

If we search voice over here, we can see that there are also many people dubbing here. We can choose two modes of making money. The first is to sell dubbing services here; The second is to find a real person to dub, and then put it on the acx platform, so that we can earn the middle price difference. Of course, the price found should not exceed $10, otherwise we will be unable to make ends meet.

As long as divergent thinking, a voice dubbing tool can be used in many places. At the same time, you can find other ways to make money through voice dubbing.

What are the platforms for foreign website moneymaking projects


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