It can enlarge the amount of projects, make money by moving, and make pocket money without threshold!


In fact, many opportunities to make money on the Internet are common sense, which is based on the sensitivity of making money, the speed of information capture and the logic behind how to make money through this information.

It can enlarge the amount of projects, make money by moving, and make pocket money without threshold!

To put it bluntly, making money online isSelling point traffic=money

The knowledge payment platform is the selling point. It has traffic,Can be realized.

CD repair is the selling point. If there is traffic, it can be realized.

Tarot card is the selling point. With traffic, it can be realized.

There are too many like this.

Today, I would like to share with you a official account game, where you can make money from emotional stories, and get hundreds of dollars a day. Now one ID card can only register one official account, noNever mind. If you want to get more official account, we can register business licenses.

Three to five business licenses can be registered, or a breakthrough can be made, up to 20 official account can be registered. The general content of WeChat is the original stories that move people every day. I have written 1500 articles about it. Then you canWould you like to know how such numbers can make steady profits?

The original content of his 1550 articles has lasted for almost three or four years. The amount of praise and reading of an article is very high, some of which can reach 460000. In fact, the number of others is mainly used in the field of emotional stories. There are usually some feelings in it, such asSuch articles with stories and emotions are very popular.

Next, how to do an emotional story project well is divided into three aspects:First, the content source; Second, how to obtain benefits; Third, how to enlarge the operation of the project.

First, content source

Many people don’t know where to find content. The content is generally submitted by usersBy himself. At the beginning, there was nothing to write, and similar emotional stories could be adapted, such as love stories, family stories, character stories, nostalgic stories, etc.

These things all contain emotions. You can also go to relevant websites to sort them out. If you sort out these websites, you can directly adapt themThat’s all right. The channel to get the content is today’s headline, with many emotional stories. You can optimize and rewrite the content yourself.

For these emotional stories, the most important thing is that a certain point or detail can resonate with readers. At first, we simply copied and adapted them. For example, many emotional works on the headlinesHome, their article Bubble Online did not publish on the official account platform.

You can move bricks, but you have to modify them. For example, none of these pictures has been accepted by you. Some things can be moved directly, but it is better to change the details.

Second, how to obtain benefits.

First, you can

main streamRevenue per 10000 times of reading$About 50000 times of reading, with an average income of 500$about. Although not very accurate, it is not much worse. If the topic selection direction of the number has exploded, hundreds$Nothing is not difficult. It’s good to be a minor sideline with only a few articles for a few hundred dollars.After all, it doesn’t take much time, and the production ratio is very good.

Second, commercial advertisements can be received.

This account is realized by receiving some commercial advertisements. For example, there are some famous brand advertisements, and you can rely on these advertising expenses to support yourself.

Third, take over some soft advertisements and cash in.

For example, in the articleSome recommended products can be inserted into the. You can either make your own products or sell a set of courses in a package. There are such projects in the circle as team leaders, and thousands of fees can be found everywhere.

3、 How to enlarge the operation of the project?

After understanding the framework and system, there are still many ways to achieve it. After all, fan traffic is rightIt is very valuable for the Internet. After the article is adapted, it is first sent to the official WeChat account, and then made into audio or video.

Upload to Tiktok, Headlines and Himalayas. No matter which platform you choose, the content you generate every day will be distributed. If it reaches a certain level, it will definitely win fans and fansSilk can be realized.

Many people say that only fans will not cash in. I don’t think it will happen if there are fans. We still haven’t grasped the key points. All fans can realize, but the degree of realization is different from the product content.

To do any project, you should first think about the way of cash flow. If you don’t have a way of cash flow, you are playing rascal!

As long as we master some methods and techniques, we can realize it. Compared with Tiktok, we only need to produce high-quality content every day. With high-quality content, you won’t worry about traffic fans.

If you want to operate, you must be patient. You should send 5 or 10 articles every day. Soon, you will get more readingIf the amount reaches 5000 or 10000 dollars, 10000 dollars a month is no problem,

The most important thing is that articles in the field of emotional stories like this are very easy to spread. Many people like such articles, and many platforms have such accounts, which shows that the market is still very large.

It can enlarge the amount of projects, make money by moving, and make pocket money without threshold!


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