Once entered the Wanshumen small project every month, one order is 100 2-3 orders are sunrise!


As the saying goes, if you buy, you will sell. Now the social pressure is so great that many people I believe must feel. The pressure of survival and family is so great that we will never sit back and wait to die. Today I want to share a project with most needs, and many people spend a lot of money on some big projectsType A institutions buy services.

Once entered the Wanshumen small project every month, one order is 100 2-3 orders are sunrise!

Maybe people in rural areas don’t have much contact with this service, but in many first tier and second tier cities, there are many such services, which are similar to deep sleep to release subconscious pressure to treat poor sleep, and are often used to treat some psychological diseases, so this kind of service is relatively smallWe will also see a lot of live broadcasts on Tiktok, listening to the rain to help us sleep, and listening to the sound of water to help us sleep, so there are definitely some in this market.

We can see that the search volume of this word is very large, so there is still a lot of demand for this kind of word, and there are still people bidding. If you know the meaning of this bidding, then you can compareBetter understand the market demand of this product.

To see whether a product needs to be searched on the Internet or not, the simplest thing is to search the word directly in the search box, and you will see the relevant long tailed words that have increased in the recent index. These long tailed words are our precise words, and we need to do content words. In fact, hypnosis is toIt can cure our insomnia problem, because only when you sleep well, everything will be better. Don’t believe it, it’s true.

Now that there is a market, we will move out the trilogy of making money. We will connect it with our projects and make an analysis. You will know what we should prepare and doWhat? What should I do. The first step is to prepare our products. How can we find our products? It’s very simple. Some treasure, some many, and many such professional content have been prepared and classified for you. You can use them directly. If you are not sure, you can directly classify them again.

haveAfter the product, the second step is our traffic. We saw the long tail words at the beginning. These long tail words are what we need to do, not to mention the content problems. You can use some tools to collect them and make your own modifications. That’s it. Don’t say difficult, don’t say tired, you are poorI’m not afraid of anything. I can use the collection tools I shared before, or we can always use them in our small group. You can’t use all the content collected from the Internet and search channels.

The core of accurate traffic is content output. Some small partners often say they won’t do anythingIn fact, we are not stupid. We are controlled by our own laziness. We hope that others can fix everything for you and teach you hand in hand. This is the education we have received since childhood. Because we were taught this habit by our parents when they were young, we should break through our own habitsIt is really difficult, because it is a subconscious mind carved in bones, so we should learn to analyze problems, find our weaknesses, and make breakthroughs one by one.

Precise flow is about execution. Only execution can help us solve the traffic problem. Our traffic subgroups are also very dry, butI can’t do handholds. You will be tired if there are many people. You are all adults. Don’t always think like a child. Handholds will limit your thinking.

After we get through the traffic, we can refer to the normal market price, or you can package your identity and sell it as 99-199. It’s really good to make an orderBuild your circle of friends, because we all know that the market around us is the principle of indoctrination and information indoctrination. As long as we indoctrinate content every day, it is only a matter of time to issue orders. As long as you have traffic every day, you will not be worried about your issue of orders at all.

Service, output, persistence, remember this single word,This is also the core of the Internet. If you can combine these three words, I believe that yours will not be very bad. Because when you look at the Internet, which project will leave these three words, come on!

Once entered the Wanshumen small project every month, one order is 100 2-3 orders are sunrise!


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