Alipay sesame grain blue ocean project, information gap, money strategy


Today, I would like to share with you a Alipay sesame seed project. At present, few people know about this project. It is a typical blue ocean project, so we can make money by using the information gap. And it is very simple to operate. With Alipay, you can start directly.

Alipay sesame grain blue ocean project, information gap, money strategy

1. Project Principle

First of all, let’s talk about sesameGrain: The grain of sesame in Alipay’s sesame credit belongs to the official reward for honest transactions in the account, and the grain of sesame is conducive to improving the score of sesame. The sesame seed of sesame credit is a symbol of credit, which can help people obtain more credit rights. After getting sesame seeds, you need to collect them manually. The collection period is30 days. Obtaining sesame seeds is a performance of keeping promise.

That is to say, we can use it to repair the overdue of Alipay. I found this project because I found a merchant related to Sesame Grain on a platform by chance recently. Through this platform, sesame seeds can be sold to 1$1 capsule,It is very simple to operate. Therefore, we can use this information difference to earn the price difference by collecting sesame seeds. Because there are not many people doing it, the operation is difficult and the market is huge.

2. Operating Steps

First, we open Alipay, search for “sesame grains” in the search box, enter the sesame interfaceTo check the number of sesame seeds, I have 86.

Of course, the disadvantage of this project is that each account can only help 5, that is, each account can only realize 5$Of course, we can enlarge the income by opening more accounts.

How to get sesame seeds? We can makeFriends help. After all, these sesame seeds are of no use to them, so the operation is relatively easy.

Next, let’s talk about the way to purchase and sell sesame seeds.

We can directly click on the task to receive it. At this time, a QR code will pop up. We can help others by scanning the code through AlipayIt’s important to note that one person can help 5 pills. For example, for the 13 task, we need to find at least 3 people to help, two people to help 5, and one person to help 3. After the assistance is completed, we can withdraw cash.

3. Expansion of project ideas

If you want to make the project bigger, lean on itOur friends and relatives are not enough. We should learn to use the platform to make acquisitions with large traffic. For example, a fish is a good choice. A novice can open a shop for free, which is very suitableNoviceOperation, there are also many businesses doing this project.

As for copywriting, if you are not good at it, you can goLearn from peers, directly copy and then optimize. If someone asks you to place an order, you can go to the website to get the QR code and send it to him. It can be done in one minute.

4. Precautions

It should be noted that the codes received on the platform are timely, and we mustThe power assistance shall be completed within the specified time, otherwise it will become invalid. Therefore, if you want to operate this online profit project, you can publicize it in the circle of friends and WeChat group in advance, and send him a small red envelope for each help, which is relatively easy to do.

Because Alipay has a large user base, this projectIt can be said that there is no ceiling, as long as we operate according to the above, we can basically do it. Of course, we should also actively expand our own new play methods to see if there is a better way to quickly magnify the project benefits.

All right, the above is all the content shared today. I hope it can help you.

Alipay sesame grain blue ocean project, information gap, money strategy


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