Short video game basic project, easily getting hundreds of dollars a day


Today, I will break up a project for you. I can earn hundreds of dollars a day by moving bricks in short video games.

Short video game basic project, easily getting hundreds of dollars a day

Remind me that we are not allowed to move bricks in the game~

Look at the disassembly below to see how others play?

When you watch the live broadcast in a certain hand or a certain tone, have you ever seen some anchors give benefits? They will let fans download the games in Little Bell,It’s said to be downloading games. You can withdraw hundreds of cash if you play for half an hour$, or is it paid in seconds, and I will show you the screenshots of various cash withdrawals?

Many people believed it, and downloaded it. After logging in, they really got a 129$However, the minimum threshold for cash withdrawal is 200$….

If you don’t have enough money, you have to play games within a monthYou can continue to receive red packets after upgrading to XXX level

As we all know, the final result is not available. Someone has specially tested it and wants to withdraw 200 dollars$You have to rush hundreds of times and play games night and day to reach the cash withdrawal threshold

Fans are so trapped that they want to cry.

mainHowever, the broadcast has made a lot of money, because every fan downloads the game, how much can the anchor earn$-Dozens$Unequal benefits.

Someone asked: Why$-Dozens$Unequal benefits?

The game system will judge according to various data. Low quality and high quality players, such as: those who play for a few minutes after downloading are lowQuality players only count as activations. Of course, the anchor can only get the lowest$The income of money, if it is a player who has played for a long time and recharged, is a high-quality player, and the anchor can get dozens$The benefits of.

Now these fans have been cheated too many times, and almost do not believe in this so-called welfare.

So there it isAnother kind of operation is also the way I will disassemble it for you today.

Move bricks to make gold in the game.

Speaking of this, we first thought that it should be those large online games, such as Dream, Dahua, DNF and other popular games.

However, there are many bloggers who bring people to move bricks and make gold on the short video platform.

Not onlyIt is free to bring, and also helps to collect all kinds of materials that have been printed

Today, I saw a blogger playing in a certain tone.

This blogger’s preparation is very humanistic. The most important thing that can solve all your problems is that he brings people for free.

If you want to make money.

He will tell you to download the tour directly from his windmillPlay, and then he gives you a free set for 999$‘s internal upgrade strategy helps you upgrade quickly, and then you can earn money by moving bricks. When you start to operate, he will also give you a material recycling form, saying that you can sell him all the materials you find in the future

It will also send you an automatic upgrade script for free….

A group of sailors are assisting in the live broadcast room

There are also various transfer charts for the purchase of materials

In short, he subconsciously wants to tell you that if you download the game and your account is upgraded to a certain level, you can make money in the future

When some people foolishly make money online, they follow the bloggerIt took a lot of time to upgrade. When you are ready to sell money, you will find the blogger and become a fool.

The blogger will say: Sorry brother, the market is not good recently, and I will be collecting

Sorry, brother, this game has been unstable recently, and we have changed another game, you can move bricks in this game. The new game is very stable!

What can you do at this time? Curse the blogger, or continue to operate the next game?

The blogger doesn’t care, because he has already made money. This kind of high-quality user, at least a few dozen$A head of

Some people say that he will not play such a low level routineWhen.

If you follow this routine once in our circle, you are sure you will not be hooked?

For example, a big guy said that he would bring the project free of charge. He would help you solve all the problems in the operation process, and finally he would help recycle materials.

The only thing you can do is play games and wait for the money.

I’m sure.

90% of the people will get on the bus. It’s free anyway. Even if it doesn’t make money, it won’t lose?

Almost everyone has this mentality.

At the end of the article: I don’t deny that moving bricks from games can make money, but it is limited to some large online games or popular games, and it is also hard money.

A tone promotes the game, except for me todayThere are many other ways of playing this game, such as some people go to Tasknet to place orders and let people download the games under their videos to earn the difference.

For this model, the person paid 8-9 to hire someone to make 500 orders…. Among them, the difference in price is tens of thousands of dollars

If you understand, you will understand.

The article only usesPlease do not operate Yu Jieshu and Fukeng!

Short video game basic project, easily getting hundreds of dollars a day


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