Headline: Take a few minutes every day to earn 300 dollars easily


Today, let’s share an audio brick moving project with violent headlines. It only takes a few minutes of operation a day, and the simple profit is 300.

Headline: Take a few minutes every day to earn 300 dollars easily

First, project introduction

Simply put, it is to use the Himalayan and other similar FM platforms as the main direction for finding materials, and then release similar audio works through the headline to make moneyThe operation will absolutely overturn your cognition. If you can’t write original works or do videos, it’s OK. You can still measure a wave of income with the huge traffic of Headlines.

Let’s take a look at some cases first. This is the income from an audio headline made by a friend in the circle. He shared the operating principle with me once, so I specially shared it with you。

Second, operating principle

First of all, you need to determine a field to start the number, start the account, nickname, and profile indicators related to the project. The accounts of related platforms are directly transported and sent. In the operation, you may think it is not easy to download audio. The traditional method is to record audio,

In fact, the simplest way is to find relevant myopiaThe frequency account can extract the audio of works published by others. You can search a small program on WeChat to extract it. Similarly, you can find English audio to convert into Chinese. Google Yisou can basically find such a method.

Third, Headline Audio Publishing Operation Process

Step 1: Register and log in the headline number,Click Create Audio and enter the release portal of audio works.

Step 2: Create an album before releasing audio

Just like building a collection library, the first column is filled with the name of the album, and the second column is filled with a brief introduction of the relevant content. It is mainly up to you to improve and perfect the relevant information with picturesAfter that, you can publish your audio works.

Step 3. Field selection

On platforms such as the Himalayas and someone’s listening to books, publishing strange riddles of bedtime stories, musical emotions, and personal growth are popular modules. For example, a series of exclusive works with small segments can be developed in the field of emotional stories, such as love skillsDivorce, marital problems, emotional healing, etc,

If you are still confused, you can find an independent emotional station and find the corresponding content according to the subdivided navigation set by others, which is equivalent to finding audio materials quickly without thinking. At the same time, the headline also strongly recommends the content in the historical field.

Step 4: Make audio

The main orientation of the works isAccording to the direction recommended by the headline, such as modern history, ancient history, window of the world, etc., the content needs to be systematically and mass-produced, which is undoubtedly based on each dynasty. If you don’t know how to do it, you can go to a certain place to search the order of historical dynasties and make a good knowledge in advance.

There are many famous people in every dynastyThe deeds can be expanded, and the contents can also be deeply dug according to a person’s life, emotion, military and other aspects. These contents can be directly converted into audio. If they can’t be edited, they can be cut and reflected directly. There are also several kinds of sounds in them. Just import the corresponding text materials in advance, and then batch themIdentify the recorded audio.

If you don’t think it’s easy to do this, you might as well go to a treasure to find someone to solve the problem directly, usually 3% – 5%$If you think it’s worth it, you can do it this way. When you finish the audio production and push a series of operations, the account traffic will gradually benefit. It takes a few minutes to operate every dayThat’s all right.

Fourth, project summary

This is a project relying on accumulation. As long as you stick to taking a few minutes to move it every day, you can definitely make achievements. The operation logic of the project is extremely simple. You just need to watch the video several times and think about the above operations carefully.

Headline: Take a few minutes every day to earn 300 dollars easily


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