The idea sharing of the novel tweet project is stable and sustainable for a long time. You must be interested!


Recently, many friends asked me how to make money by operating the novel project. Today, I will dismantle the novel tweet project for you. It is stable for a long time and can be operated continuously.

The idea sharing of the novel tweet project is stable and sustainable for a long time. You must be interested!

It is believed that everyone is looking for a project that can really operate for a long time to do a career with accumulation and potential, rather than just doing some short-term sidelinesIt is suggested that you should carefully look at it and continue to operate.

First, project introduction

Many people find it very difficult to make a certain sound. In fact, they do not know his traffic password. In fact, when the number bursts once, the account tag is marked. The subsequent traffic is very stable, and then the data entersThe industry has exploded, and we may not understand what kind of project this project is.

I don’t know if you have ever brushed some videos like this on a certain sound. Maybe girls have a higher chance to brush them. The content of the video is the voice dubbing of the novel content plus a decompression background material. The novel content is from a certain point of viewThe line is copied directly. The voice dubbing is performed by a software machine, using either a small program or Microsoft’s voice dubbing. After the dubbing is completed, it is OK to match the edited subtitle text.

Second, source of materials

Decompress the background materials, which are downloaded from the Internet, such as cooking, cooking, dessert, painting and illustrationIt can be used to form a three to five minute video in the form of a novel.

Third, how to realize

In fact, the realization logic is very simple. As we all know, XXX is a graphic platform with a lot of text content. Naturally, there is no shortage of novel categories. Some novels can only be seen by XXX membersIn terms of articles, non member users can only watch part of the articles on the Internet, so we only update one free part of the articles on each major platform. When the update reaches its climax, it will stop. Fans will be itching to see the follow-up content, which is also our main benefit.

The revenue is actually that after we release the contentI want to see the following content. We can get a commission of six dollars for each member who has opened the membership. So how do we judge that the members who have opened the membership are drawn from us? In fact, this is related to the threshold of promotion, connecting to an official promotion channel.

For example, if you want to promote this article, copy the article chainAfter that, fill in the official review form and paste the link directly. The key word is the article we want to promote. You can come up with a name as the entrance. As long as the user searches your key word to enter the article and opens a member, you can almost count the order and make official settlementThe realization logic is still very simple.

First, find an article you promote and define a keyword as an entry

Second, copy the content of the article, dubbing and making videos to be published on various platforms

Third, when the climax is reached, the fans will be guided to search for keywordsThe reason is copyright

Fourth, fans open members and collect money through daily settlement

Fourth, video clips and project advantages

Very simple. I will show you a picture. Some friends with basic knowledge may have understood how to do the video. In fact, the advantage of the project is that it can be operated for a long timeBecause some members will expire. Every month, a large number of users will expire. After the expiration of members, users can get another commission by opening members with your keywords.

So the life cycle of the project is long. A large number of users are reset every month. With the number of videos released, more and more platformsThe long tail benefits brought by streaming will become more and more obvious. Even if the current video is not popular, the previous videos will continue to stream, bringing you batch after batch of orders. This project is currently a dividend period, an absolute blue ocean project, and I hope everyone can operate it.

The idea sharing of the novel tweet project is stable and sustainable for a long time. You must be interested!


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