Small items that earn 200 a day in the category of trading platform, which can be operated after reading


With regard to free fish, many kids have a headache because they don’t know how to choose the products. Today, I would like to share a second-hand category suitable for free fish operation.

Small items that earn 200 a day in the category of trading platform, which can be operated after reading

Second hand gift products for ex boyfriends.

Why operate this category?

1. The commodities conform to the psychology of Second hand goods trading platform users

2. Price is not transparent

Leisure fish users come here to buy second-hand goodsThe goods are resold for the reason of breaking up, which conforms to the definition of second-hand. There is also a detail that is marked. It is sad that we broke up with our predecessor, but the goods are new and unopened for resale.

The vast majority of women buy accessories. Even if you sell them cheaply, they are hesitant to pay the postageThere is no doubt that the conversion rate is very poor.

You raise the price of goods, but parcel post is a fatal temptation for them.

Diamonds are the biggest scam in the world. They were originally cheap things, but they were sold at a high price by monopoly packaging marketing.

So jewelry is an area where the price is very opaque. Even based on the cost priceSeveral times are cheap.

To make a free fish, you need to look at the data of your peers: I want it, great, browse volume, great.

The product with a ratio of 1:10 is basically in demand and has a higher probability of becoming a popular product.

Like the product made by this man on the Second hand goods trading platformThe demand is great.

Hundreds of thousands of people browse, tens of thousands want it, and there are 973 reviews. Generally speaking, few people will take the initiative to evaluate after buying something, so they sell at least thousands of products alone.

How to make a copy after selecting the product? How to find goods?

Copy editor: directly open Second hand goods trading platform, copy benchmarkingPeer copywriting, (copywriting cannot be identical and will limit the current) to carry out the downward revision.

Peer copywriter:

The birthday gift from my ex boyfriend on the 18th birthday broke up, looking cold and hearty 19.99 packets of mail, and took it directly. This is a brand new necklace. You can take it with you and give it away. Please take a detour. The goods are sold without return.

Make a changeRear:

The birthday gift from my ex boyfriend on the 20th birthday broke up. It was eyesore. Come on. 19.99 bags of mail. Take it directly. It’s a brand new necklace with an unopened packing box. You can take it yourself or give it away. Please make a detour. Basically, I have a primary school education level, and I can finish the copy in one minute.

Talk about the goods againSource, 1688, can spell many.

1688 is troublesome to use. I use Pinduoduo. Save the pictures of the benchmarking peers directly, and then open the upper right corner of Pinduoduo to search for the same style.

Click the price, and select the cheapest ones according to the price, as well as those with the words of return package freight. With return package freightIt is mandatory. It is unavoidable for e-commerce companies to meet customers who want refunds. I also met seven or eight customers who applied for refunds during the operation.

Refund does not affect our profit. The buyer pays the freight for the return of Second hand goods trading platform, so I choose the goods with return package freight. Even if someone wants a refund, I can earn ten dollars on the freightMoney.

Then long press Pinduoduo to save all the pictures. After saving, you can open the Second hand goods trading platform to upload the pictures.

There are several small details when Second hand goods trading platform upload pictures.

1、 To prevent this picture from being uploaded repeatedly in a large number of Second hand goods trading platform, you can check a sticker randomly when uploading.

IIAdd the label of the corresponding attribute of the label product.

Then you can click Next to release the goods. After the release, there is a 50 exposure card that must be received. The next step is to click one button to polish every day. The polishing time should be fixed as far as possible, from 11:00 to 13:00, and from 17:00 to 20:00. And I have to sign in every day, not onlyYou can accumulate account weights and free fish coins.

Leisure fish has the same function as Amazon Express, but it does not burn money. It only burns leisure fish coins, so the tasks related to leisure fish coins are finished by hand every day.

Only 2000 free fish coins were paid to promote, and the data is still very good.

This function can only promote one product every day, so we should use and cherish it, and try our best to use it in the commodities that can become the best money, so that we can play the largest role in this function.

The above is the core content for the kids today. You can also use your imagination to explore more things.

I’ve found too many things that the platform can do recently, whether it’s sellingGoods are good. For example, the keyword “ex boyfriend gift” can do more than just jewelry. Search for a keyword, ex boyfriend can come up with a bunch of long tail words.

Search it out and you find that someone else does not make ornaments, butskin care products, I checked her homepage, and it can be sold almost every dayGo to a few, so you only need to follow the steps I mentioned earlier.

Revise the copy, copy her main drawing to Pinduoduo Search, and release all the details.

Leisure fish can upload 50 goods. If you want to make a big hit, you must constantly put new products on the market every day. Those that haven’t been exposed and have no traffic will be taken off the market, until there is a burst of money, it will be earned later.

After the account is stable, Leisure Fish will invite you to open a Leisure Fish Pro, which is a must. After opening, you can upload it directly500 items, you can view the daily transaction data, user data, new fans, fan activity promotion and other functions.

Leisure fish proThere is no black technology to open this function, and there is no internal method, so you should treat it rationally!

Small items that earn 200 a day in the category of trading platform, which can be operated after reading


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