Single player games collection project, beginners can easily start, with monthly income of 8000


Today, I would like to share a“Single Games Collection Project”Yesterday, my nephew wanted to play games. Then I went to the Internet to search and download a small stand-alone game and played with him for a while.

Single player games collection project, beginners can easily start, with monthly income of 8000

1、 Project introduction

Seeing these small stand-alone games, I instantly recalled the original, but in the process of looking for games, I suddenly found that many people were working on this “collection project of small stand-alone games”. I found this business opportunity at once, so today’s article is mainly about this small project.

Speaking of this, there must be some friends who are doubting that people are playing the game of King Glory and Chicken Eating, and who will play the single playerWhat about games?

I want to say that you are totally wrong. The most taboo for us to make money on the Internet is to decide whether this can be done by feeling. Just because you don’t like playing doesn’t mean that other people don’t like playing! We must learn to look at big data and data analysis to see whether this demand exists.

I can go tooOpen WeChat index and search“Stand alone game”perhaps“Single computer games”Through keyword search data, we can know that millions of searches are conducted every day. However, this data is only for reference, but it also proves that the market flow of stand-alone games is still huge.

Another way is toGo to open your [Pinxi] or [a treasure] and search for the key words “stand-alone game” or “stand-alone small game”. You can see how much money this industry makes.

Although their prices are not very high, the key is that many people buy. One set of stand-alone game collection sold 19.9, 29.9, 39In September, the sales volume reached tens of thousands of orders, and it was very easy to earn tens of thousands.

Suppose you can find a rare game resource that many people are willing to pay a lot of money to buy.

How to operate it? No more nonsense, go straight to the topic.

2、 Integration of game resources

We do the single player gameFor industrial projects, the first problem we need to solve is the supply channel. I believe many people do not know how to solve it, but it is very simple.

There are three ways to obtain such stand-alone game resources:

1. The most direct and simple way is to go to [spell sunset] or [a treasure] to buy.

2. Go to the major game websites, download the free data package, and finally put it into your own network disk.

3. The last way is to go to your peers to buy, and by the way, you can also learn about their trading scripts and traffic channels.

3、 Drainage realization

There are generally two types of people who need stand-alone games: the first is fans of stand-alone gamesThe second type is casual game demanders.

In fact, what do they mean? I don’t want to introduce the first one. What does the second one mean? To put it simply, you were bored playing mobile phones that day, and the games you played were boring. At this time, it was fun to watch others play stand-alone games, and then you thoughtDownload stand-alone games to play.

Although the needs of such people are sporadic, they are not continuous. But no matter what kind, they will take the initiative to search.

Regarding drainage, I recommend three channels.

1. Search engine platform

People like this will actively search, and we canTake the initiative first, and publish relevant resources or soft articles on websites with high weight, such as Quora, official account, Google Zhihe, Google Post Bar and other platforms. Posting leads people to private domains for conversion and transaction, and can sell game collections; You can also help others find games.

2. E-commerce platform

We can go to fight the sunsetA store is opened on e-commerce platforms such as a treasure and salted fish. Here I suggest you go directly to salted fish to open a store; If you have the strength of friends can go to fight the sunset or a treasure.(This is based on its own conditions.)

3. Short video platform

Like the current traffic is all on short videos, you can go to Tiktok, Kwai, Station B, etcThe frequency platform releases videos and some content related to the playing methods of small stand-alone games to attract fans for cash.(It’s OK to record relevant games for later editing and publishing. Remember to label them # stand-alone games # stand-alone games, etc.)

4、 Final summary

In fact, the stand-alone game collection project is easy to operate, such as the collection of copywriting materialsThe project, documentary collection project, music collection project and a series of other virtual resources bubble online profit projects, which look very inconspicuous, but meet the needs of some people.

To think about the large number of Internet users in China, even if your demand is small, and it is expanded to more than a billion people, it is also a big project, mainly depending on your ownDo you have the idea of making money.

That’s all for the above single player games collection project. Those who are interested in it can go to practice.

Finally, I would like to say:“There are no projects that do not make money, only people that do not make money”.

Single player games collection project, beginners can easily start, with monthly income of 8000


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