Ordinary people play with three ways of making money from YouTubes, and the whole process of project cash flow!


Today, let’s share it with our friendsThree YouTubes start businesses in the same cityOpportunities.

Ordinary people play with three ways of making money from YouTubes, and the whole process of project cash flow!

In small cities, there are usually tens of millions of people. If we can make good use of these flows, it is not a problem to make money.

So what are the opportunities?

1. Local recruitment number

Where there are people, there are jobs.

We make a local recruitment number, which can be found in the YouTubeThe recruitment video will be better if it is shot in the actual working environment.

As shown below:

There are people who work as intermediaries, and then publish videos on the YouTube to make money by helping others find jobs.

For example, Chongqing Recruitment has a search index of 470,000 in the WeChat indexThe YouTube ranking can also bring a lot of traffic.

To do this project, you need to connect with hr. You can go to 58 cities, Zhaopin recruitment and other recruitment websites to contact hr to see if they can cooperate. After that, you can send videos for drainage. After you add them to WeChat, you can connect and transform them.

It is a long-term sustainable operation projectOn my WeChat, there is a person who is working as an intermediary. I see that her friend circle often updates some videos about going to work, and the friend circle where young people apply for jobs.

2. Local date number

At present, the number of single people in China is increasing and tends to be older.

In the past, we thought that 27 and 28 were already marriedVery late, there are still a lot of people who are not married at the age of 35.

So many people also drag their relatives and friends to introduce them.

Generally, local people will look for local targets. At this time, the local dating number has a very good market, as shown in the following figure:

This is a dating account made by one person, which is mainly shared by offline groupsMany men and women who want to find a partner will take the initiative to consult when they see the live video of the party.

Such accounts usually send videos first to attract fans, and then add WeChat. When there are hundreds of people, they can arrange a party on the local group to make an online profit and confirm the list of people to attendOne or two hundred$, and then we rent a venue for activities, food, hosts, etc

This project can be done for a long time, and it will be more and more lasting. Many people feel it is good to participate in the activity, and they will also introduce people around them to participate, so that we can earn more and more money.

3. Local specialty No

eachLocal people have their own unique customs and food, such as Zigong’s cold rabbit, Yingshan Cold Noodle, Chongqing Hotpot, Nanchong Rice Noodle, Guangxi Sugar Orange, Sichuan Laolao Orange, Guangdong Gongcheng Orange, Xinjiang Beef, Huangshan Tea, Qimen Black Tea, Huangshan Maofeng, Taiping Houkui, etc. Many people are often shown on short videos, especially inSelling a kind of fruit and a special product is very profitable.

Therefore, there is also a chance to make money by making local specialty number. The advantage of specialty number is that it can be sold repeatedly and can also recruit franchisees.

Finally, as for the source of the video, it is recommended to shoot the video with real people, simply create the video background and beautify the face. Generally, the effect is good,Because real people are easier to build trust and transform!

In addition, you can also do local food number, local information number, local news number, etc. There is a lot you can do, and you can dig more!

Ordinary people play with three ways of making money from YouTubes, and the whole process of project cash flow!


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