For an unexpected project, you can work 2 hours a day and easily earn 10000 per month, even one person can do it!


Let me ask you a question. Do you like to make friends?

For an unexpected project, you can work 2 hours a day and easily earn 10000 per month, even one person can do it!

If you like to make friends, the following micro headline “Brairless Move Bricks Daily” 200 play method will be very suitable for you.

Simple brick moving project

A micro headline earns 2000 dollars$

First last data:

Last gain:

An ordinary micro headline creator,He published a topic about making money.

Surprisingly, the display volume exceeded more than 600000, and the reading volume exceeded 70000. During this period, the recommended products were also recognized and purchased by the headliner partners. As a result, such a micro headline brought her 1000 dollars of income, which is the miracle created by the micro headline!

And the following microThe creator of the headline seized the hot spot of the amazing sales of crayfish delivered live by the star Liu Tao, brought some pictures and simply organized the language.

With such a micro headline, we actually got 500,000 traffic and made 2000 with goods! It’s so easy to make money on WeChat Headlines!

We used to play on today’s headlinesIt’s all about video shooting and long articles, but the micro headlines that we habitually ignore are also an excellent content platform.

The creation form of micro headlines is much simpler than long pictures and texts. There are no strict restrictions on the number of words and no other requirements,Open WeChat Headlines with 100 fansprofitIt is casual and takes less time.

There are also many ways to realize: article traffic income, Qingyun plan, inserting commodity cards, hot reviews (the highest bonus is up to 300$), participating in topic activities, receiving advertisements and writing soft articles, etc.

My summary of WeChat Headlines is: simple, easy to do, and make money。

What can I do if you say I can’t write? Can’t write, go to learn; Learn not to imitate. Key points:WeChat headlines do not need to be completely original, just like you usually send out your friends circle, just use your own words once.

I have to repeat such a simple thing many times every time. Alas!

(Become a hot commentYou can get another 300$Bonus)

The above is a brief introduction to the micro headline “copy and paste” brick moving project. Here are the detailed operation steps.

What content?

A lot of writingNoviceAt the beginning, I didn’t know what to write. People found that the stories were fake at a glance, which could not attract trafficIt catches the eye of others.

Although the daily activity of Headlines is large, it belongs to the sinking market.

Since it is mainly a sinking market, we must be grounded, let people feel the same, very willing to see.

It is said that peers are the best teachers, and the same is true for micro headlines. Through constant observation of the content of micro headlines, I found thatThere are three kinds of human eyeballs:Money, power, color

It’s needless to say that Quan is a little sensitive. Sometimes it’s not easy to grasp it, and it’s easy to be blocked. Ordinary people can basically give up.

As for emotional “lust”, although topics such as infidelity, husband and wife’s feelings, contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and family disputes are very eye-catching,However, there are so many people to do that it is difficult for newcomers to get a piece of the cake.

Needless to say, the rest of the money naturally attracts people’s attention. The traffic is not only very large, but the key is that there are few people to do it.

As can be seen from the figure below, the maximum amount of money making related content is 100 million dollars. Therefore, the content of micro headlines is distributed in the money making categoryAbsolutely.

What if there is a theme but no material? We should make good use of all major information platforms.

A random search will bring out many websites related to online earning like the following, and many articles about profitable projects will be published every day.

Find such 3 websites, select 3 to 5 articles from them every day to copy them, and thenRevise it paragraph by paragraph and turn it into your own content. If you understand it, you will naturally understand it.

The biggest difference between the headline account and WeChat official account is:Personalized intelligent recommendation algorithm。 This recommendation mechanism is very friendly to new We Media people. Even if the creator of the headline number does not have fans, it is possible to obtain millions or tens of millions of readers. And there is basically flowprofit.

Generally, if you insist on updating for more than one month, the reading amount and recommendation amount will be very stable.

And, on another level,Traffic means moneyWeChat headlines are also a good way to attract people. Through small bait such as private messages and gifts at the end, people can see the flow of WeChat headlines for a monthAbout 1000 fans.

Do you know how much wealth a 5000 person WeChat can bring? Many people can’t imagine. In fact, it’s safe to earn 10000 dollars a month with 5000 people on WeChat.

Of course, if you want to make more money, make money steadily,Must play the momentArray number, mass production of content

Headline has a big god, called the sea. He has 10 headlines in his hands. What he does isMicroheadline matrix numberStarting from imitation, he collected articles on the topic of “making money from sidelines” every day.

Then whenever he wants to write an article, he will first read five articles10 articles related to the topic of your own articles. After reading them, repeat your own words. Hmm… His method is probably to make money online, without too many special skills.

One number sends 8 micro headlines a day, 80 in total every day. His daughter-in-law kept sending, and he made materials while talking to the comment areaIncrease account weight interactively. Very boring and boring, but I can earn 70000 to 80000 dollars a month!

Great! I don’t know, but WeChat can still play like this.

To tell the truth, this project is not laborious at all. It just repeats the action of “copying and pasting”. In terms of brain power, it is not at all. Keep working hard every dayHold on, do a lot! There will always be unexpected gains.

So it’s over. Don’t think so much.

For an unexpected project, you can work 2 hours a day and easily earn 10000 per month, even one person can do it!


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