A video money making project that earns 100 a day. The collection of God’s comments can be enlarged in batches


Today, I saw a video money making project and shared it with you.

A video money making project that earns 100 a day. The collection of God’s comments can be enlarged in batches

Let me show you this account first. It is a video of God commenting on Station B.

163 videos were sent and 8.83 million were played.

Now the broadcast revenue of Station B has declined, and it is conservatively estimated that 10000 dollars will be spent for broadcast.

8.83 million dollars is about 8830 dollars, soIt’s a video that earns 50 dollars.

And this video is very easy for me to watch.

The form is a summary of God’s comments on the Pipi Shrimp app, which is played like a slide show of images, accompanied by music, and a video is ready.

The video can be cut and shown. The editing takes less than 5 minutes. The main time is spentOn the collection of God’s comments.

Step 1:

Next Pipi Shrimp app, find pictures with high views, collect 30 God reviews, and then take screenshots, so there are 30 pictures.

Step 2:

Import these 30 pictures in the clip, and then set 4 seconds for each picture, so that the total time is 2 minutesVideo.

Of course, the beauty album app also has the function of importing pictures and generating slides.

Step 3:

Add music

Step 4:

Add the title: People who hear that they like have found beautiful girlfriends within a month (for words like this, refer to peers)

Add credits: about 10 seconds of daily diffuse video,Sister Meng said that you were too pitiful to give me three times (for words like this, please refer to your peers. Video clips can also be used directly.)

Step 5:

Set the cover and title, and refer to the same line.

Step 6:

Then there is upload. It is recommended to upload through the Bing app, with some traffic support.

in additionThe 10 tags should be filled, and then the activity should also be carried with a certain amount of traffic support.

Update frequency. Generally, one video is updated every day. If there is time, 3-5 videos can be updated every day.

In fact, a lot of benefits come from 20% of the videos, so the volume must be done.

More hair, naturallyLook at the popular videos on this account. Many of the popular videos are played for 500000 dollars and 400000 dollars respectively.

A video that explodes has at least 300 benefits.

If there is no explosion, there is usually a broadcast of 10000 or 20000 dollars, which is also a meal.

On the other hand, the new number does not have benefits immediately. It needs to reach one in the early stageDetermine the creation score, and apply for creation incentive after passing the examination.

Of course, now Station B has reduced the incentives, but it can also earn advertising revenue by putting advertising patches under the video, which is also very popular. My previous broadcast volume was 100000, and the income from the patch advertisement was more than 900.

The video is ready, except for sending BStation, you can also distribute headlines, 100 accounts, QQ highlights and other We Media platforms, which is also a way to increase revenue.

Finally, this is a small sideline that has nothing to play with. If you don’t expect to earn tens of thousands a month by it, you can play with it simply by earning some pocket money.

In fact, there are many simple and easy videos for Station B, such asBeauty number and famous saying number, which have been shared before, can be turned inside!

A video money making project that earns 100 a day. The collection of God’s comments can be enlarged in batches


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