WeChat small store project, earning 200 $a day, and then shipping orders


WeChat small stores have become popular again and again for the simple reason that they can “earn money by lying down”. The so-called “earn money by lying down” is not to do nothing, but to make money by simply operating.

WeChat small store project, earning 200 $a day, and then shipping orders

Many people broke their heads and entered the arena. There is no doubt that 80% of them failed, and only some people really did it and made money.

An average of 150 per day$About, it’s good to have a small sideline. I can’t make a lot of money, 3000 per month$The profit is not bad.

There are not many good projects, and the projects that can earn money are even more rare.

WeChat small stores, as long as they adhere to the new, can issue orders, or even burst orders. How to play?

First we have toTo apply for a store, you can choose a personal store, an individual store, or an enterprise store. At the beginning of the game, it is recommended to apply for a personal store. Although the authority is low, you do not need the business license and other cumbersome materials. The cost is relatively low. Personal stores are used to practice and get familiar with the backstage. If you really want to rely on this to make moneyIt is recommended to apply for enterprise stores.

Website of WeChat store on computer: https://shop.weixin.qq.com/

Search on mobile phone: assistant of small store, who can apply for opening a store after entering the applet

The process of opening the store is very simple. Fill in the basic information according to the prompts and upload the dataHowever, you don’t need a deposit. That is to say, you can open a small shop without spending a penny. After submitting the information, you can pass it within half an hour. Congratulations on owning a WeChat small commodity.

Opening a store is just the first step. The most important thing is to make money in store operation. The core of WeChat small store operation is two points:

1. Options

2. Operations

Now, most of them are in the mode of no source of goods, that is, the mode of collecting goods in batches and putting them on the shelves through third-party platforms to earn price difference, which is also the most worry free and least risky way to play.

When collecting goods, do not rely solely on imagination. What you think is good to sell must have a market, because the user attributes of each platform are notSimilarly, we can use third-party data query tools to make all-round reference. My personal preference is: cicada mother and flying melon.

After goods are collected, the next step is to upload goods, which can be divided into manual upload and software batch upload. If you manually upload, you can enter the background. On the left side, commodity management – add new goods, and fill in theThe information can be uploaded.

In case of batch operation, you can upload it through Happy Shopping. This is a software that supports a free trial for 7 days. During the trial period, you can upload 10 product links, which must be much faster than manual operation. Set the product commission, mainly depending on the amount of people who bring goods. In fact, batch play is very goodThere is a lot of luck in it. If more than one person can help you push a certain product, it is easy to break the order.

It is necessary to open the distribution function to find someone who can bring goods. The promotion center on the left – applet alliance can be opened. After opening, the goods in your store will automatically enter the alliance for promoters to choose. (No personal storeFor distribution)

Recently, there has been a lot of training on the opening of WeChat small stores in the market. With the influx of people, the number of products has increased dramatically, and the choice of talents has become wider. At this time, it is necessary to set high commissions to be competitive.

If you only open a shop to meet your personal demand for goods, it will be easierEnter the background of the small store, the promotion center on the left – YouTube promotion, add your personal WeChat, and add associations.

At present, a small store can be associated with 1000 YouTubes, and many people play with their own stores.

The overall operation process is very simple. I am familiar with the background operation onceNo, it’s not too difficult. You must be selective when selecting products. You can’t have all the products on the shelves. Don’t choose the products that need qualification to sell. Otherwise, the status of the store will be affected if the review fails when uploading.

The last thing I want to say is:

If you just want to test and get familiar with the process, you can apply for an individualShop to play, but it should be noted that one WeChat can only apply for one individual shop, and the individual shop has no distribution function, and the shop cannot be displayed in the YouTube window.

If you have a business license, you’d better apply for enterprise stores. One WeChat can apply for three stores.

Actually, you don’t need a depositIt has been very friendly to the majority of novice friends. Compared with Pinduoduo’s 4W deposit and Amazon’s 1K deposit, the threshold of WeChat small commodities is the lowest. Submit materials for free and try your hand. What if it succeeds?

WeChat small store project, earning 200 $a day, and then shipping orders


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