Practical sideline playing method thinking: share with you the second-hand items that earn 2W per month


Share a small sideline project every day, so that you can earn more money on the Internet. Today, the project I share with you is the Tiktok second-hand goods project. This game overturns my understanding. Although most people in the industry know it, many people don’t care about it because it is relatively unpopular.

Practical sideline playing method thinking: share with you the second-hand items that earn 2W per month

Although it is not popular, the income is quite high,More than 20000 dollars a month, you can imagine that the second-hand goods transaction on Tiktok can earn more than 10000 dollars a month, and the fan stickiness is strong. All of them are precision shopping customers, who have spent a long time to understand this field in depth. You can never imagine that this subdivision can do so well. It is not the content of the account, but the continuous price generatedValue.

A long time ago, the trade method of recycling scrap metal and salted fish was moved to Tiktok, which is equivalent to a version of Tiktok salted fish, and is busy answering messages every day. At present, there is a small partner full of WeChat, with a total number of fans close to 20000, and the cash flow method is relatively traditional. If you make full use of it, you can earn the difference as a product middlemanIt is possible to increase the number of private fans by 5000 on the basis of 20000 every month.

This way of playing is very suitable for Amazon customers or local local accounts. It is very simple in content production. It is to use photos of second-hand goods with appropriate music copy, stick to it for a long time, and report back after a miracle in large quantities. It is also very goodMass production of content, which makes a good preparation for the matrix number playing method. In the early stage, you can find the source of materials for starting the number, free fish, and gradually convert to local items after the account is opened.

Get more than 10 to 20 customers every day. If it is mainly about getting customers, the effect of auxiliary Dou is doubled, and the matrix operation energy is too largeContent can be further optimized, such as cover, font, image quality, etc.

If we consider content quality, we can specialize in several periods of high-quality product pictures, mobile phones, computers, small luxury goods, etc., not only in the same city, but also outside the province and across the country. Logistics delivery is so convenient.

Used for short videos in the same cityThe most valuable points of the trading service industry:

First, it is feasible to realize local fans from the same city in multiple dimensions, except for essential product transactions, such as local real estate, transaction training, local food, drink, play, APP innovation, local specialties, etc.

Second, fans have transaction attributesIt’s very powerful. You can be a Amazon customer directly, with continuous traffic and strong trust. This is very important.

Third, it can be copied to make the whole country prosperous. On the basis of the second point, it can make the whole country prosperous.

Fourth, multi platform operations, such as the recent hot and heavy trafficThe frequency number and second-hand trading fan group are too wide, allowing the content to flow in the channel. It’s really easy for this local number to get customers. It takes one to two hours every day to get materials and do account operations, just like Tiktok’s local number renting houses,NoviceIt can be operated.

Practical sideline playing method thinking: share with you the second-hand items that earn 2W per month


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