Excavated an information gap project to make money easily


I helped you to find out a practical project because I hadSocial networking sitesI watched others share some brands of perfume, that is, some big brands bought a few cents or a few dollars of sample perfume for testing or various reasons, and then the blogger recycled it for 10-20 dollars.

Excavated an information gap project to make money easily

I felt a little curious, soI just thought that we should study.

So I opened the salted fish and collected some samples for recycling.

I searched the salted fish and found many small samples of this kind of recycling. Then I found more than a dozen recyclers and chatted privately one by one.

I met someone who told them that I had a team of hundreds of people, so they were willing to takeTake care of me.

Then he sent me a bill and asked me if I would do it.

The key is that we don’t know where these goods are sold, so we need to ask.

The price he gave me for this order was 6 dollars. After I added his WeChat, I started to talk about the price. Finally, the price he gave me was 8 dollars.

And alsoAfter a long-term strategic cooperation, the other party told me that if there is a high price in the future, they will come to me immediately. They will recycle as much as I can.

In case of high price, a sample may be 50-100.

The channel is obtained;

The source of goods is obtained;

It means that all closed loops are passed.

To zoom in on this item,We need people.

Where do people come from? housewife wants to earn some pocket money, right? Do office workers want to get an allowance?

Some people’s places are all traffic, and this kind of small and beautiful project does not require others to pay. You can earn a price difference and make a connection.

How to operate it?


1. Amazon account requiredNo. 1

2. One Second hand goods trading platform account, sesame credit score ≥ 450, and real name authentication completed

Project process

1. Find activity stores and products for activities

2. Find the buyer, find the buyer who accepts these samples on the salted fish, find the customer according to his ability, and then determine whether the customer will accept them, and how much they will accept, as well as the receiving address, telephone and other information, to release the goods to salted fish. As much as the customer collects, we will link the price to the customer and wait for the customer to pay.

3. Buy goods and deliver them. When the customer has paid for the goods, we will buy a sample for the customer, fill in the delivery information in the agreement and send it to the designated addressOK.

After the buyer receives the goods, we can get the payment for the goods. The entire fund is entrusted by Second hand goods trading platform. It is especially safe and there is no risk.

matters needing attention

No matter you do any Internet project, you must have the ability of matrix and batch thinking, so that you can effectively improve profits.

Precautions for zooming in:

1. Multiple accountsDo not operate under the same WiFi, and use mobile traffic throughout the whole process, otherwise there will be platform detection, and some accounts will be unable to purchase.

2. Be sure to find the customer who receives the goods first, and then place an order for shopping. Because some stores have a time limit for purchase, you cannot join a member for more than two hoursBuy at a low price, so you must find a buyer to buy something, so as to minimize the risk.

3. We must abide by the rules of the platform. When we publish goods on Leisure Fish, we cannot publish illegal things. When we chat with customers, we should not mention sensitive information that touches the rules of the platform, such as adding friends.

Do thisThere are often activities of making price difference through brand samples. We should pay more attention to the activity line of each platform. If we do a good job, we can also eat meat!

We all know that the essence of market profitability is to buy low and sell high.

An original only 8.9$A sample of cosmetics was purchased at the price of 13 dollars on the free fish, which is the difference betweenThe price is 4$。 There are many businesses doing this activity on the platform, and the prices are different.

We can simply calculate the account:

Buy once in a brand store, and the profit is generally 3~10$10 stores, then the profit will be 30~100$What if there are 100 stores?

alikeTruth is, if we have an account, a store can earn 3~10%$If there are 10 accounts? What about 100 accounts? It is conceivable how much profit will be generated in this process, which is too windfall.

Excavated an information gap project to make money easily


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