Kwai small game partner project play: a very good project, selflessly share to the predestined person!


Today, I would like to share with you the partner project of Kwai, a very good project, which is highly recommended.

Kwai small game partner project play: a very good project, selflessly share to the predestined person!

Doing sideline work is an awareness that adults should have. No matter what job they are doing now, they will always have their own plan B, because they never know how many times the salary your colleagues are working with.Many friends want to do sidelines and increase their income every month, but they don’t know what to do and are confused.

Nowadays, there are many online entrepreneurship projects. It is easy to cheat those who do not know the Internet. What did they spend in the end? Growth is an interesting thing. They always put the best resources and the most favorableThe opportunity is given to a few people, and then these people open a gap with others, and as time goes by, the gap becomes larger and larger. The partner project of Kwai mini game is a good project.

First, project advantages

1. Only some MCN institutions with authority can do this, so this access threshold leads toMany people can’t do what they want to do, which blocks a large number of people and ensures that the market will not be too flooded.

2. Kwai games have not been started for a long time, and there will be policy preferences, such as sending game videos and hanging games. Many games will have a minimum of 10000 traffic support, as well as various cash rewards for many task playing methods. More first-hand game pushBroad resources will reach individuals directly, which will greatly improve video exposure and revenue.

3. The third review is not so strict. In Tiktok, you must choose the same game as the video. The review is relatively strict. If you don’t pass the exam, there will be no profit directly. The Kwai game is not so strict,

It doesn’t need to match the gameYes, for example, with funny videos. Not all games are OK. Now Kwai games have a lot of room to move. You can go to Tiktok to move up and play videos.

4. The production is simple, and the Kwai games can be completely edited. It does not necessarily have to be taken by real people, but only needs mobile phones and clipsIt can produce 30 videos a day.

5. At present, Kwai officials will have new traffic support policies for members to enjoy, which is equivalent to free traffic. How much revenue can be obtained from playing is related to video conversion. Video content is attractive, and users are guided to click on the lower left corner to play games. The conversion must be high and the revenue is naturalIt will also be high. About 10000 videos will be broadcasted, about 10 to 60. If the video bursts to 100000, it will be hundreds, and if the video bursts to 1 million, it will be thousands.

6. Zero threshold, suitable for anyone to learn, no matter students, moms or workers, as long as their IQ is normal, they can take more than two hours every dayThere will certainly be gains between.

Second, how to make qualified promotion videos

Currently, the rules of the platform are relatively loose. As long as the video is not blatant, it can pass the examination. However, if you want to make a good video, you still need to spend some time. Here is a summary of the popular styles today. Some accounts are Tiktok cases, also applicable to Kwai, for your reference only.

1. Straight forward,Tell the process of the game in the way of shooting. The method is to use one mobile phone to shoot the game process of another mobile phone, and then edit it later. With your own interpretation, the copy can be written more interesting.

This method should not be too highThe technical content of the game can be seen in the copybook. If you find the highlights of the game, you can attract children to watch it. You can search the account by yourself with reference to the account.

2. Pure clip type,This is a little more difficult than the first one. It requires higher editing skills, copywriting and sound effects. It is recorded by mobile phoneMake the required game pictures, and edit the corresponding pictures according to the copy,

In addition, it can also be interspersed with film and television, or expression packs to increase interest, as long as children are interested in topics and$Su is able to create freely, which is also a preferred way for the official. This kind of method requires high editing technology.

3. Commentary, egg games, clearance strategiesIt is also easy to understand, that is, the egg playing method that others do not know in the clip game. Small games are generally pass the exam, so many creators will directly release new eggs for decryption.

4. Real person combined with game shooting method, the previous live action scene, and then meet youThere are many creators of this kind, and the data is also good. In fact, it is a little difficult. After all, real people still have certain requirements for people.

5. Animation form,This kind of account is popular with children. After all, children like watching cartoons. Animation is added to the plotWhen it comes to the form of game pictures, this requirement will be higher, and it needs creators with animation skills, but the advantage is that it will not be so easy to be imitated by others.

The above forms cover all the basic content forms. The small game project was started by Tiktok, so it is relatively mature in Tiktok’s online earnings,Although it is still in progress, the peak period has passed. Now the Kwai game has just started. Many Tiktok creators release their works on two platforms at the same time to earn two profits.

Third, how to join the MCN organization

At present, you can join the MCN organization with zero fan account, so you don’t have to worry about being bundledWhat value can a zero fan account have? There is only official support. In addition, joining the MCN organization is to join the account, not to sign the MCN, but to agree to join the Kwai account after receiving the link of invitation to join the MCN.

1. It is especially suitable for friends with resources to apply for admission to MCN,The threshold is not high. There is a company with a business license of cultural media, film and television media and other categories, and it has three Kwai accounts. One account with more than 5000 followers can apply for settlement, and some others can also try.

2. Find some MCN organizations to join,For example, friends or online search, butIt is necessary to have a game business. Before joining, ask clearly that the number is also a zero fan number. Don’t worry about anything. If you search Kwai directly, there are many numbers that can be advertised for free. Anyway, cash withdrawal does not go to the MCN organization. It is all cash withdrawal from their own wallets.

Do a good job of content, don’t go too far in pursuit of big bang, big bang is necessaryLuck is hard to come by. We can play tens of thousands of videos stably.

It’s not difficult to earn about 200 dollars a day. It’s hard to make a fortune, but it’s OK to have a stable income. It’s a long-term project. If you have the energy, you can set up ten accounts alone, and the income will certainly be moreHigh.

As long as you are willing to work hard and implement, you will certainly get something. As for when you can earn 10,000 dollars, only hard work is possible. The success of a project is not accidental. The emergence of successful cases means that there must be something worth learning. You may not seize the opportunity this time, but don’t miss it next time. Just thinkIt is opened, and a lot of content can be done well. We need to stick to it!

Kwai small game partner project play: a very good project, selflessly share to the predestined person!


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