Zero cost certificate license virtual service project, 5 $per order, 10000 monthly sales


Today, I would like to share a“Certificate photo virtual service project”In fact, this project is just a photo of your ID card, because many people are not very satisfied with the results of their ID photos, and they don’t know how to take a photo of your ID card. Then many people invite people to take a photo of your ID card on the Internet. I went to a treasure to search for keywords,I found that the charges were not very high, but the sales volume was really good.

Zero cost certificate license virtual service project, 5 $per order, 10000 monthly sales

You can see that these data are basically thousands or tens of thousands of orders, although the unit price is$Money, but it does not require cost or physical delivery. It can be said that it is all net profit, but the only cost is time. I have a basic look at thoseThe top ten stores earn more than 10000 dollars each month.

By the way, I also went to the shop to have a look. I found that the sales volume of his shop was also very good, and the main price was lower. If I could increase the sales volume, it would be very good to earn a price difference from it, because the cost was only 1 dollars.

Actually, like thisP charts are basically modified by software, but there are also fixed templates. You just need to upload the photos. For example, it takes only one minute to modify this photo. If you want to do fine revision, the price can be higher, but for P charts, you need to learn a little technology.

If a friend wants to operate the project on his own, it is actually quite simple. If you have a shop, you can directly go to [fight for the sunset] to carry materials and open a shop on your own. You can also do some fish or some treasure. In fact, the competition is relatively large, because it has alreadyMany people are already operating.

In fact, in addition to the above methods, there are other operation methods, such as: we can go toSocial networking sites, transfer to our own personal account, the unit price of personal account can be higher, or you can order 9.9$In fact, many people are willing to pay feesFor yourself, like photos, you can find channels, find software to modify, and make a difference.

imageSocial networking sitesI simply searched this area and found that the demand market is quite large. The works in the front rank are basically praised by thousands or tens of thousands. Most of the comments in the comment area want the P chartThe user is extremely accurate.

For example, their published works are also very simple, that is, they simply P several pictures, and then add some copy to the template. If you don’t know how to find these photo materials, you can go to the comment area of a treasure to find them. As the materials we released, the copy can also be published by borrowing,They can all be used directly.

If you get more traffic in the later period, you can also find a professional person to help you build a small program system, let users go to the small program to modify the P chart, and modify the charges every day. Then you can set weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual cards by yourself, so as to achieve automationAlternating realization.

In fact, this project has already been done. The above is that I found a small program. Some of its functions can also be used for free, and it also includes charges. I want to say that if this project is really done, it is still very good. The main thing is to solve the traffic problem.

In fact, in our daily lifeThere will be professional people to solve the corresponding problems, solve the problems of everyone’s needs, and they are all projects that can make money through silence. We often want to find people to solve problems, or spend money.

We might as well think about it or search it to find out if there are any examples in this fieldWe are operating this project to see if we can do it ourselves, if we can use their ideas for reference, and if we can run through the process and make money.

The above is the ID photo service project, which will be shared here for the moment today, and interested friends can go to practice.

Zero cost certificate license virtual service project, 5 $per order, 10000 monthly sales


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