Earn 170000+in a month! There are few people doing it, and it’s a cold and windfall profit project!


Today, I would like to share a simple brainless project.

Earn 170000+in a month! There are few people doing it, and it’s a cold and windfall profit project!

This project is called——Ant Forest Energy Harvesting Project

It is estimated that it has become a habit for many people to open the ant forest of Alipay at the first time when they wake up every day, water their own trees, collect energy, and steal other people’s energy.

Everyone knows that paymentThere is a public welfare activity called Ant Forest in Alipay. Through our offline payment, walking, water, electricity and coal fees, we can convert it into energy to plant trees in Alipay.

In order to encourage us to plant trees, Alipay officials also designed a ranking mechanism.

So we will have the power to irrigate these virtual trees, and even set the alarm clock, collect energy on time, so that we can obtain more environmental protection certificates and satisfy everyone’s sense of vanity.

He once watered for love, planted trees for love, and generated electricity for love. He has obtained numerous certificates of honor. For heavy ant forest users, what wakes them up every day is not a dream, but a collection of energy.

However, in the game of Ant ForestIt takes a long time to save energy to exchange for the most common shuttle tree. It is not easy to wait for energy to become saplings.

Where there is demand, there is trade, and many needs are based on human weaknesses, such as laziness, vanity, etc. As long as you serve these people well, you can make money.

This projectWhy is there a market?

First, let’s calculate for everyone: the daily maximum walking energy is 296g, 5g for each offline payment of Alipay, 180g for each movie ticket

In this way, is it not easy to exchange for the most popular Haloxylon tree? When the energy grows into saplings, it is another obstacle.

WhatCan we plant more trees? This requires more green energy. How to get:

1、 As I said before, it can be obtained through walking, online payment and other activities.

2、 You can steal your friends’ green energy.

3、 A friend can give it to you. At present, Alipay Ant Forest supports watering 1 for friends0g, 18g, 33g, 66g water, that is, you can water 198g water for each friend at most every day.

This industrial chain was created. Some people charge a certain fee by giving energy to friends.

Watering, planting trees together, obtaining certificates, selling props, monthly package and other servicesHealth, a profitable industrial chain has been formed around the ant forest tree planting activities.

Open Pinduoduoduo, Amazon and Xianyu to search for the corresponding keywords, and you will find that many people have started their businesses relying on the ant forest.

The business types of each seller are different. Some only sell green energy, while others only sell spruce, camphor tree, Chinese pine, etcThe environmental protection certificate sells everything, and the price of different packages is different.

It looks like a joke, but don’t underestimate them. Let’s take a look at the market.

This is the head business I searched on Pinduoduo. It has many businesses, but it is not a single business. Look at the sales volume. The sales volume is5w+, as high as possibleI’m afraid some krypton gold players are buying it.

Among them, the package with a lower unit price but the most selling price is the one with 990g of energy and the price is 3.5$。 Even at the lowest price, the sales of this link are17w+

This energy is obtained by software. If labor is not included, the cost is almostZero, this 17w+is net profit! Plus other links in the store, the income is far more than that!

You should know that the young man is willing to devote himself to the energy of ants.

Don’t believe it. Look at the girl who is the first in my Alipay friends this week. Two weeks ago, her energy was only two hundredg.

I don’t know where I spent it200$Money bought a watering service, and suddenly added hundreds of friends. Every morning, a lot of people lined up to water her. This energy is really rising!

Some people are angry about the energy stolen from the ant forest every day. Some people have made a fortune by selling energy. This is probably the case with the world’s disparities.

How to do this project?

Analyze the product: To water, you must have water. How does the water come from? Look at the official rules.

Including: walking steps, offline payment, living payment, travel ticket purchase, Amazon invoice, take out order, second-hand recycling, and multi number matrix.

There are many methods and skills. There are many online tutorials.

IfIf you want to maximize profits, you can generate energy yourself. How can you generate energy? It’s definitely not good to walk alone every day. Just as there are so many businesses at sunset, how can you get so much energy by walking alone.

Here are some tips.

For example, the number of brushing steps.If you take more than eighteen thousand steps, you can get 296g of energyQuantity. This is very simple. See that the data of a walker can be synchronized to three accounts. Buy a walker online directly! It can also collect a lot of energy.

For example, discuss cooperation with the home appliance recycling station.According to the official rules, the way to obtain the most energy at one time is second-hand transactions, such as old homesElectricity, used clothes, etc., can obtain 9.7kg of energy at most.

Then we can collect the contact information of each recycling point and talk about cooperation one by one.

As long as a user places an order for a 9.7kg energy package, we will ask the user to place an order on the platform for cooperative recycling appliances, leaving the address of the businessThe transaction is completed in the form of sending empty packets, so that users can get 7.9kg of energy to complete the transaction. (Other online transactions can also obtain energy in the same way)

For example, the matrix number.Although one person can only register 3 Alipay, we can use other resources. Reasonably mobilize relatives and friends to rentBorrow Alipay; For those who pay, find channel vendors to obtain account resources; Dispatchers should set up a part-time group to outsource orders.

Another example is stealing energy.Direct Alipay friend expansion, add 1000+people.

This industry, to put it bluntly, is the industrial chain of quantity brushing.

How much space is there for this business?

The above is about selling energyIn fact, there is another business line:Selling training and teaching

This is basically the only way for all online earning projects. I started to teach others how to earn money when I did well.

The profit of training is much higher than that of selling energy on the Internet. For example, some people spend 1999 to learn this routine, and others will teach you how toHow to collect energy, how to make deals, and how to sell tools to you when it comes to technical links.

These are the playing methods of the current mainstream online earning projects, similar to Amazon’s lack of supply and Second hand goods trading platform’s lack of supply.

Of course, these operations need you to get through completely, have some achievements, can reallyOnly after providing value for others can we consider this way of realization, otherwise, don’t try it easily.

At present, the users of Ant Forest have exceeded500 millionSuppose that only one in ten thousand of the 500 million users are willing to buy energy, which is also a potential paying user of 50000.

Conservative estimation, assuming the average annual payment of each paying userAmount is 20$, the annual water flow generated is 50000 * 20$=1 million$

This kind of project is pure information difference, and the threshold is very low. It belongs to the project that can make money as long as it is done. Although it may not earn much, it is always possible to earn some pocket money!

Therefore, for ordinary people, it is also a noWrong choice.

All right, that’s all for today

Earn 170000+in a month! There are few people doing it, and it’s a cold and windfall profit project!


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