New and unexpected sideline, 200 dollars per order, earning $1000 a day, which can be done by novices


Have you ever had such an experience that your family suddenly fell ill, you were away from home, and your relatives and friends were not around, so what should you do if you rush to the hospital?

New and unexpected sideline, 200 dollars per order, earning $1000 a day, which can be done by novices

This happened to me last Thursday. My mother had a small accident in the morning. She called me at more than 8:00 in the morning. At that time, she was so worried that she bought the earliest high-speed traingo back……

The sideline that I want to share today is to accompany doctors, a new job in need. This profession can really help many inconvenient people solve many problems. A good day can bring thousands of benefits.

This is also an introduction I saw yesterday from Tiktok Big V Bilgai Nannan, and I found that this industry isReally can do

In particular, housewife and office workers can earn thousands of dollars a month when they work as a sideline in their spare time. Some of them earn tens of thousands a month when they work full-time

After scanning more than 500 videos dedicated to this industry, I summarized several key points of this industry, about how to enter this industry? How do I get the order? Charge informationWhat happened? Special precautions?

How to enter the industry:

In fact, the threshold for entering this industry is not high. First, you have a sense of responsibility. Second, you are very clear about your local hospital treatment process. Third, it is important to prepare a medical treatment exemption agreement in advance. At present, there are many templates on the market, which can be found everywhere.

The main work isHelp make appointments, get reports, accompany doctors, etc. At present, the industry has no specific regulations on the need for licenses and certificates. It is indeed a cold and profitable industry.

The fastest way to get into the industry. If you have friends around you, it is the fastest way to find someone to take you into the industry. It costs a little hard work

Fees, how to make money:

HereThe picture shows the charge of a service company. Four hours for half a day is 199$8 hours a day 299$。 There is also a car transfer service.

To be honest, many customers in this industry are older elders. If the children are in other places and the parents are less literate, it’s really hard to touch them when they go to the hospitalNorth, friends who have lived in the hospital know that the process is really complicated.

In particular, it is more troublesome to go to other places for medical treatment. Since I am not familiar with my life, many people are more willing to go to accompany me. Spending hundreds of dollars can save a lot of time. For patients, time is life. This demand is even more urgent.

How to receive orders in this line:

eachThe most important issue in the industry is how to get customers and receive orders? I have scanned 500 videos, and the most frequently mentioned word is short videos. This way is faster than many other ways to get customers.

Look at a few video cases. You don’t need to show up, just take a picture of the whole service process! Or justOutput valuable such as outpatient room number and time of local hospital!

If you don’t know how to start, Tiktok will search for a doctor companion, and you will understand more cases. Such accounts are easy to do, and there are basically no operational requirements. Don’t mention some illegal words, just cast some beans properly

And we can use yesterday to talk about pet dealersThe case is based on this idea. You are specialized in making accounts, mainly to win customers. The transaction service is handed over to this kind of practitioners, and the conversion of a customer is 73 cents, which is also a lot of income

Raise a sign at the entrance of the hospital to win customers. The hospital is the most concentrated place for precise users. Raise a sign at the entrance of the hospital to attract customers, which shows that you are the attendant and can provideAccompanying services.

This is the simplest and most direct. Remember, don’t go to the hospital. It will cause problems.

The other is the list of peers. In fact, the number of orders received by each person is limited every day. One order is served for 3-4 hours, and the maximum number of orders is 3-4 a day.

This requires the help of peersA list, with the support of hard money

Write at the end:

There are risks in every line of business. When we enter a new field, no matter how promising the prospect is, how low the threshold is, or how high the profit is, we should be aware of risks.

The risks of being an attendant are generally divided into pre event, in event and post event.

In advance, you need to know about accompanying doctors YesAs for health, gender, habits, etc., we must sign an exemption service agreement to avoid uncontrollable impacts and disputes in the service process.

Try to make an appointment for registration on your mobile phone. If you can avoid queuing in the hospital, you will be judged as a scalper.

After the event, pay attention to the storage of the charge list, and do not omit it to avoid economic disputes。

In fact, at present, most of the market in the escort service industry is still blank, which has certain development prospects, opportunities and space. For example, it is also an opportunity to do induction training in the accompanying clinic industry.

Industry of the same type, such as family receptionist, furniture beautician, household appliance cleaner, has a good prospectIf you have a lot of time, you might as well cultivate it. It may be higher than your main business income!

New and unexpected sideline, 200 dollars per order, earning $1000 a day, which can be done by novices


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