From mosquitos to project play: realize by this kind of hot project, and share small ideas for immediate effect


The project I’m sharing today is the first mosquito in summer. It’s a quick idea. In the past two years, lonely frogs appeared every Qixi, and now there are many other games, such as cuckoo, Wangcai, etc. This year, the first mosquito came out in summer. The operation method is the same as that of the lonely frogIt’s also very happy to earn some extra money for hot projects.

From mosquitos to project play: realize by this kind of hot project, and share small ideas for immediate effect

Today’s content is mainly divided into three parts: the first is the private domain friend circle; Second, e-commerce platform; Third, profit model.

First, private circle of friends

First, I will explain how to play the lonely frog. It is very simple. There are two channels to browse, private friend circle and electricBusiness platform. Because this is a hot project, it may be hot before the account gets up, so I don’t think it is necessary to build a short video platform. Everyone has some friends,

So the startup traffic is carried out in your own circle of friends, and the service screenshots you send to others are sent to your circle of friendsWhen others see it, they will take the initiative to do this business.

The first time I sent a picture of a service to someone else, I sent it to my own small phone. I sent it four or five times a day. Gradually, my friends came to him to do this business. After they finished this business, they would send the business rhythm to their friends,

For example, charge two peopleOnce, after the service, he would tell the customer how much cheaper or free you can do it for him if you send it to the circle of friends. In the early stage, he used his startup traffic in this way, and in just one day, 30 or 40 traffic was split.

The whole fission process is: released in the circle of friendsFor the advertisement, user A contacted to do business after seeing it, and user A recommended his friend B to him. After finishing the business, user B told friend C that he could make it cheaper, and that he only needed to forward the circle of friends. Because there was no money, and people liked to show off, it played a fission role.

SecondE-commerce platform

Focus on the leisure fish platform. This low profit small project is most suitable for selling on this platform, because the threshold for novices is low and the results are quick. If you want to quickly earn the first bucket of money on the Internet, you are suggested to go to the leisure fish platform to do it first. All you need to do is put pictures and layout keywords,

First systemMake a service picture and upload it to the platform. If you can’t, just imitate your peers. Write down what you do in the name of the product. Give others the service of lonely frogs. If you are the first mosquito in summer, write the first mosquito in summer.

It’s a name. It’s someone elseCall our name. If there is no name, others don’t know how to call you or how to find you. This name is a key word, such as lonely frog,

Theoretically, people can directly search our products when searching, but too many people do thisAs a result, our products rank very low after they are released. We need to slide down for a long time to see our products. All platforms will have a ranking mechanism, which is the display page after the search.

Third, profit model

The private domain friend circle and e-commerce friend circle are the main platforms for making lonely frogs. Through these two platformsThere is a steady stream of orders, but what we earn is hard money. How can we easily earn thousands a day,

It can be understood as a brief version of investment promotion and joining. Everyone knows that they have done a good job in catering stores. After others saw it, they thought it was good and wanted to work with you, but they don’t know howIf you don’t do it, you have to join in. You can do what I do.

To be specific, whether you can make money is another question. You can also join in as a lonely frog. There are also people who make money and others who do not. But because the threshold is low, you can definitely make money as long as you do it. Assume that the original external fee is three dollars, when there is aA franchisee,

At the beginning, if there is no customer, you can give him a salary of one dollars. Let him serve the customers he meets. Select the people who are willing to work for you from your customers. After the customer pays you, he will connect the customer to them and let them do the service.

The premise is that there is enough fission flowYes, in the beginning, the fission traffic will be taken away by your employees, and there will be no new traffic in the private domain friends circle. The real joining is that users see you making money, want to follow you, but want to establish their own portal, but do not know how to make traffic,

At this time, a franchise service is launched, andIf you can help him solve the customer’s problems, he needs to pay a franchise fee of 20 dollars. The franchise fee is to buy 50 traffic from you, which means that he can earn 50 dollars, remove the cost of 20 dollars, and the net profit is 30 dollars.

When he wants to continue making money, he needs to continue buying traffic from you, because he doesn’t know howHow to make traffic, how to make fission, so he will constantly buy traffic from you, so you can always earn the so-called franchise fee. There may be some smart users who want to establish their own portal, and also want to learn how to make traffic from you, you can also teach them, just charge some training fees.

The first one in summerMosquitoes, cuckoo birds, etc. are all done according to the template. This kind of project can make money immediately as long as you do it, and it won’t make much money. However, in the early stage of Internet project search, if you want to reduce the chance of being cheated, you must follow the principle that fly legs are meat.

Many people jump in their minds when choosing entrepreneurship projectsWhat comes out is to find good projects that are easy to make money without thinking, but does such projects really exist? Why can people who don’t know anything get this project and can do it well, while those who have been through many wars can’t get this project?

After they get this project, they make money because they have technology and resourcesPeople who have contacts and abilities but you have nothing can do better than them.

It is suggested that you should not be too ambitious at the beginning. You should first focus on a project that can make money after doing it, and then slowly figure out what is the underlying logic of making money on the Internet?

Entrepreneurship and part-time work are finishedTwo completely different things. After you understand this truth, you can feel happy and understand this truth more deeply only when you continue to upgrade, instead of challenging monsters dozens of levels higher than yourself.

From mosquitos to project play: realize by this kind of hot project, and share small ideas for immediate effect


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