Benefit item! Move a few pictures every day, and you can earn 500 oceans a day!



Benefit item! Move a few pictures every day, and you can earn 500 oceans a day!

Moneymaking thinking

Today, I saw a passage, and I feel deeply: no matter what you do, first express what you can do and know, so that people can pay attention to you! It is enough to do your best under your current ability. With more audiences, your value will be recognized naturally!

Ability upgrading must first be realizedIf you don’t have the courage to speak, where will the audience come? How do you know where you are lacking?

Share a paragraph from Emperor Taizong:With copper as the mirror, you can keep your clothes straight; Taking the past as a mirror, we can know the ups and downs; Taking people as mirror, we can know the gain and lossLet’s encourage each other.

Don’t talk too much. Have dinner.


Project introductionShao

Based on the principle of operability, accumulation and profit, the project brought today is a official account project, which is simple and easy to operate and can be handled without thinking.

A few days ago, when I browsed articles on official account on WeChat, I found that one type of official account had an unusually high number of views, averaging tens of millions.

He studied his innerAfter tolerance, a word emerged in my mind: Niu X.

What he sends is actually somethingPicture of little sister, can be used as mobile phone screensaver or computer wallpaper.

Each tweet has seven or eight articles, each of which contains dozens or hundreds of beautiful women’s pictures, which is simply typeset.

Sure enough, the opportunity to make money orXu is right in front of you. It depends on whether you have the eyes to find the information about making money.

These fans are not so-called pornographers who make money online. They are probably more than male fans. After all, everyone has a love of beauty. People like to watch sexy girls, so they can’t say that this person is an old pornographer.

The stickiness of such account fansIt is quite high. When you have nothing to do, you can read after class to make yourself happy. You may see beautiful pictures and share them with good brothers.

In addition, the official account was revised last year, addingContent recommendation mechanism, even if you are a new account with few fans, your content may be seen by more people.

So, catchLive your chance, Tiezhi!


Project Practice

1、 Registered official account

Open the WeChat public platform, register the official account, and fill in the information according to the guidelines.

Note:The account name should preferably contain keywords such as beauty, little sister, wallpaper, pictures, etc., which is conducive to the account being found by search, thus bringingSome natural flow.

2、 Find material

There are many free pictures on the Internet, but they need to be classified. This is probably the most difficult step for this project. After all, the process of looking for and sorting out pictures is still boring, and many people may not be able to persist.

Beauty pictures are directly searched by Google or AmazonBaopinduoduoduo is generally very cheap to buy, you can also look at the figure below to search by yourself!

3、 Material editor

Just sort out the content in the background of the official account, or if you want to look good in the layout, you can also use the 135 editor and Xiumi editor for simple processing.

4、 Content distribution

5、 Way of realization

The main cost of traffic. Just 500 fans can open the advertising traffic, and others will generate revenue when they click the advertisement in the article. With this account, your focus is on drainage, so you don’t have to worry about the click rate.

It’s OK to receive soft text ads and sell accounts. As long as the account can be done, the flow is in your hand, and it’s easy to realize.

Of course, this account is more recommendedMulti account operation, so as to see the benefits more quickly. As long as one or two account numbers are created, they will start more quickly.

6、 Drainage

The drainage is simple and rough,Free pictures in wallpaper barIt should be all right. This method is simple and crude, and it works well! Other platform microblogs, QuoraAnd headlines in the same way. If you cast a net, some fish will catch it!

That’s all for today

Benefit item! Move a few pictures every day, and you can earn 500 oceans a day!


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