Disassemble the WeChat applet projects that charge hundreds to thousands to see if they can earn 1000 per day.


Let’s take a look at the main income map of WeChat applet traffic.

Disassemble the WeChat applet projects that charge hundreds to thousands to see if they can earn 1000 per day.

Many people ask me whether the WeChat applet project can be operated for hundreds to thousands of fees. I don’t make any criticism here. After all, there are people who make money in all industries, and there are also people who cut leeks. Let me analyze the operation process from my perspective.

Just analyzing the operation process, noIf there is any criticism, please forgive me.

The applet is similar to the official account, which can publish its own content. After the traffic is launched, as long as someone uses your applet, it will generate advertising fees. The applet is diversified, and you can build your favorite content. The purpose of external charges is to give youSet it up, and then teach you to stream, so that others can use your applet to generate benefits.

Of course, there is another kind of charging. They say that they have a way to cheat and click. Don’t think about it. Don’t treat Tencent as a fool. It’s strange that they can settle for you. Don’t take the income map seriously. You can do it yourself.

Operation process

Applet registration, like the official account, is free. I won’t go to Google to search the registration process.

After registration, first locate what you need to do. There are many things that an applet can do, which is equivalent to an app. It can do movies, small games, resource sharing, etcIt is a small game. The fastest spreading game is also a small game. You can imitate what others do? There are many small games input in the WeChat search box.

After positioning what you will do, you can start to build it. It is troublesome to build it yourself. You need to find the source code for your own construction. After you find the source code, you need to learn how toBuild? These Google services can be found for free. If you are afraid of trouble, you can spend money to find others to build them. They are all one-stop services, ranging from dozens to hundreds. There are many Pinduoduo and Amazon services. You can talk about the price yourself and ask more.

After building, you can promote your own small programs, find the corresponding platform and group to push your own small programsFor example, you can add more small game groups, posts, and short video platforms to promote your small games.

If you play a small game, such as fighting against landlords, you can set it up after playing the gold coins, share it and get the gold coins, so that you can achieve the fission of members. You can add an advertisement to him when playing, orThose who see advertisements will be rewarded.

If you are sharing resources, you must watch an advertisement if you want to see resources. If you are making movies, you can also watch and add an advertisement, or you can sell VIP, provided that your movie source code is well built.

Advertising revenue

It mainly focuses on incentive advertisements. One advertisement lasts for 30 secondsWe’ve all met that many moneymaking apps need to see advertisements. One advertisement earns more than 0.5 to 1 dollars. If 1000 people use your app, it’s easy to spend hundreds of dollars a day. The advertisement income will be updated every day. The settlement is made twice a month. When you open traffic, you will be asked to bind the collection account,No need to withdraw cash, Tencent will automatically settle.


If you have the ability to promote, you are recommended to do it. First, you must position what you want to do and find a better source code to build. You can set up and watch the ads of small programs by yourself. The premise is that your content must be of high quality, otherwise there will be a lot of customer loss.

a key

There are many ways to play applets, which do not necessarily depend on the traffic. First, we need to promote the applets to more people. When we accumulate a certain amount of traffic, there are many channels for cashing in.

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Disassemble the WeChat applet projects that charge hundreds to thousands to see if they can earn 1000 per day.


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