Daily entry of 1000 Tiktok funny picture expression project “detailed disassembly”


Items to be shared today:Tiktok fun picture sharing.

Daily entry of 1000 Tiktok funny picture expression project “detailed disassembly”

This project does not have much technical content, and almost everyone can do it. The playing methods are as follows:

a. Use WeChat conversation to create interesting pictures and share them with Tiktok

b. Guide and add official account to get interesting pictures on the personal homepage

c. And then cashed in by paying to the group

First of all, let’s talk about their revenue. They created a Tiktok account with 160000 fans, channeled the WeChat official account, and charged 9.9 group fees through the automatic group entry system. Get interesting pictures automatically when joining groups.

Because the charges are not high, most of the people who are interested in paying directly have 316 people. A groupIt is worth 5000 dollars and has been realized for 150w.

Out of curiosity, I also joined the group. More than an hour after I joined the group, there were 13 people in the group, one person in eight minutes on average

Calculated by 20 hours per day, we can earn 1485 in one day and 4450 in one month. Not including some official accountAdvertising revenue, as well as the potential value of these private domain traffic.

Next, we will focus on how they do it.

The works published on Tiktok usually last about ten seconds. The first few seconds is a screenshot of a forbidden WeChat conversation, and the next few seconds are when you click on the expression pack to play the expression.

This video production is very simpleAfter two WeChat messages chat with each other, they will be the material of the work, and an original material work can be completed in a few minutes.

We can see from the comment area that there are a lot of map requirements.

The author guides the desired users to click the home page to follow the official account.

The author’s homepage has a official account as the introduction.

useUsers can follow this official account by searching WeChat.

After paying attention, his official account will have a welcome message and a menu of automatically entering the group to get pictures.

Clicking any link is the entrance to pay 9.9 automatically.

The administrator will automatically send the method of how to get the image for the above enterprise WeChat groups after payment.

haveTwo ways:

a. Send Tiktok screenshots, and the administrator manually sends the corresponding emoticon

b. Get emoticons by searching for keywords through their applets

At this point, the whole project process is over, which is very simple, and the cost of running the whole project can be said to be very low.

Paid group purchase used in the whole processThe system was developed directly through the engine, and a treasure was sold for several hundred dollars.

And there are a lot of free interesting map applets. If you want to make them yourself, it’s not expensive. It costs hundreds of dollars.

The following are the processes of their project:

a. Making WeChat dialogue videos for materials through interesting pictures and publishing them to Tiktok

bGuide interested users to see the author’s homepage in the comments area to get emoticons

c. The author guides Tiktok users to follow the official account through the homepage and background introduction

d. Join the paid group of 9.9 through the guidance of official account. In addition to group fees, the group’s map fetching applet and WeChat official account can realize the change of traffic main advertisementspresent

The difficulty of the project lies in the early persistence. From zero fans to more than 100000 fans, we need to persevere in sending works and channeling.

When the account weight is done and the number of fans is measured, this is your automatic cash collection system.

Well, that’s all for today’s sharing.

Daily entry of 1000 Tiktok funny picture expression project “detailed disassembly”


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