Google online disk CPS moneymaking project, low threshold, easy monthly entry of 6000


Today, I will tell you how to make money through online disk; There are many online disks, such as Google, Alibaba Cloud, and Caiyun;

Google online disk CPS moneymaking project, low threshold, easy monthly entry of 6000

Among them, the most used is Google online disk. There is no way. Just think about it. Other people pass some information to you, all of which are links to Google online disk. As long as you save, you must use Google online disk.

latelyMore and more people use Alibaba Cloud disks, and even there is a transfer business, which is to help you transfer the data from Google’s online disk to Alibaba Cloud disks.

It’s not a matter of putting it there. It’s also a troublesome thing to turn around. Therefore, most people still use Google online disk, which is still the bearer of the online disk industry。

Many people do not know that there are many opportunities to make money in Google’s online disk. For example, some people sell unlimited downloaders to solve the problem of speed limit for non members of Google’s online disk;

For example, in view of the small storage space of Google’s online disk, some people sell online disk for expansion; For example, for non Google online disk members, multiple cannot be usedThere is a problem with the fast playback function. Some people sell the online flash disk version

It can be said that Google online disk is full of business opportunities, but many people have not found it.

I wonder if you have found it? All the above pain points, in fact, can be solved by opening members, but the problem is that Google online disk members are still very expensiveThe list price is 30/month, 298/year.

This price is difficult to accept for people who don’t use it often, which is also the pain point of many people who use Google online disk; Where there is pain, there is demand, and where there is demand, there is market;

Therefore, some people sell unlimited downloaders, online disk expansion technology, and Google online disk will have a low priceWait a minute, the pot is full of money.

How to make money with unlimited downloaders and online disk expansion technology? In the previous article, we have shared it with you, so we won’t share it again. Here we focus on it,How to make money with low price members of Google online disk.

1、 How to get low-cost members of Google online disk?

hundredLike iQIYI Alliance, Du Online Disk also has its own member distribution platform. As long as you go to the background of Google Online Disk Alliance to open distribution permissions, you can obtain low-cost members;

Take the Year of Bao as an example. The official website sells for 298/year. But in the online disk alliance, new users only need 188/year. Most importantly, if someoneIf you buy a member through your link, you will have a commission, up to 39$/People.

2、 Where is the backstage of the Alliance?

WeChat search“Google Online Disk Alliance”, find and follow the official account of Google Online Disk Alliance, in the menu bar of the account, respectively click: I want to make money – sell cards to make money/share to make money, and then enter the liveMove the page.

3、 How to obtain promotion permission?

On the campaign page,Log in to Google account, click Sign up – Send Link – User Deposit – Receive Red Envelope – Open Member – Earn Commission.

The commission varies from high to low. To be honest, this project needs to be done according to the actual amount. If you have resources, yesMany fans can earn thousands of dollars a day for a little promotion. There is no problem at all. But if they don’t have resources and want to make money, they need to promote themselves.

4、 How to promote and make money?

1. Go to a treasure, leisure fish, PDD to open a shop;

Go to a treasure to search for relevant keywords, and you can see how many people are operating. The competition is still pretty goodIt’s fierce. I suggest you go to Leisure Fish and PDD to try. If you can do it, you can still make a lot of money in a month.

2. Promotion of other platforms;

Go to Tiktok, Quora, Post Bar,Social networking sitesAnd other platforms; You can integrate some video, film and television resources, put them in your own online disk, and then put the promotion of two-dimensional codeYou can even get a copy and pack it together and throw it out.

Take the post bar as an example. It is a Google system with high weight, easy inclusion and high ranking. So, you can go to the post bar, find some posts without a bar owner, and post in batches;

Once a single is included in the ranking, it is almost irrelevant, and there will be a sourceWith constant traffic, as long as someone clicks on the link and saves it, and opens the membership after receiving the red envelope, the commission will be paid, which is basically earned.

This project, just like that, has no highlights. The ubiquitous CPS distribution and interested friends can spend some time to operate it.

That’s all. I hope soYou are inspiring!

Google online disk CPS moneymaking project, low threshold, easy monthly entry of 6000


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