Official account mindless basic project, simple operation, daily income of 300


Today I would like to share with you a sideline project of Brain Free Transport on the official account. Why is it called Brain Free Transport? In short, as long as you can type and copy and paste, you can do this project.

Official account mindless basic project, simple operation, daily income of 300

The specific operation process is as follows:

1. Registered official account

Register a official account, we take 60 seconds to understand the world, one minuteZhong understands the world, daily briefing, etc. The avatar can also be similar. There are already peers in the operation. You can search for reference and learn about it. The introduction and other information can be improved normally. For example, the introduction can be written. It takes you to see the world one minute a day, and it takes you to understand the world without going out.

2. Content Push

IAs we have said before, copy and paste the content of our daily articles to major news platforms, find the hot topics updated that day, and use the titles directly. The number of titles does not need to be too much. One article can be about 10, and only the title or one sentence news is needed. After sorting out the content, it can be released. SuggestionIt was tweeted in the early morning. The data shows that people prefer to watch news information in the morning.

3. Adhere to the push of changing documents

It can be said that the difficulty of a project is to stick to it. Some people may fail to see the results for a few days and a week, and almost give up. At the beginning of the official account, there must not be many fansReading volume will not be too high, so we should adhere to the more text push.

Now the official account has a recommendation mechanism. If you are lucky, your article will grow quickly after being recommended by the system, and the probability of this kind of content being forwarded to the circle of friends is higher than that of other content. If every article has readers forwarding to the circle of friends, 1It’s easy to read.

4. Share tweets

We updated the article. If you have time, we suggest you promote it, so that the number will start faster.

Here we also share several methods:

1. Circle of Friends

After updating every day, you can share with your own circle of friends as soon as possible. It can be said that the first group of readers will comeMy own circle of friends.

2. Group chat

Try to add more group chat. We can also share this kind of news in the group. This requires certain skills to prevent being kicked. These experiences will need to be accumulated slowly after actual combat.

3. Multi platform distribution

For example, some short video platforms and news forums can put contentDistribute them to the top, and then leave our official account and introduce fans to official account for accumulation.

4. Flow realization

When your reading volume increases, many advertisers will come to you to put advertisements, generally 0.5$Every time we read, if our reading amount reaches 1000, 500$Once, one month2000 for four advertisements$There is also the reading income of the traffic owner. As long as there is reading, there will be income. This can be opened in the background of the official account, and it can be opened when the number reaches 500 fans.

At present, this project is not difficult to operate. Don’t write articles every day by yourself, just copy and paste every dayIt’s OK to post. It’s OK to spend about ten minutes every day looking for materials. If you can get through the starting stage, then the later earnings will be considerable. This is a project with accumulation. The longer you operate later, the higher your earnings will be.

Official account mindless basic project, simple operation, daily income of 300


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