It’s easy to earn 300 dollars a day for simple operation of sideline projects with a monthly income of 10000 dollars


The sideline I shared today is related to the topic selection of WeChat headlines, which really shocked me. It’s the operation of using white wolves with empty hands, which is a masterpiece

It’s easy to earn 300 dollars a day for simple operation of sideline projects with a monthly income of 10000 dollars

I wonder what you found after reading these three pictures?

Yes, that’s right. Just find the question and answer that is on fire on the top, and directly use it to tweet! Just ask youOperation is not noisy.

Recently, I often use WeChat Headlines. I have seen this operation in the content that I have used for several days in a row, and the likes of each page are not low

The initial guess is that the team matrix account operation is used to expand the revenue in batches. All the partners who have seen me share the articles on micro headlines know that they have been partners in micro headlines for a long time, find the content of the best money, and the income is not low

Continuous output. It can earn two or three hundred dollars from the platform every day. The content is extremely popular. It is possible to have thousands of content. And it is still in the platform traffic support stage

We all know that Quora is a knowledge sharing platform. Most people who play Quora have higher culture, so they created veryMany contents are representative and highly recognized

The specific operation of this method is as follows: search to find the best money question and answer and the best money content on Quorashang, and directly capture a long picture. Please refer to the following picture for details

The same popular content has become popular on one platform, but it has a high probability of becoming popular on another platformBecause it is the content that most people have verified and approved, and the human nature is interlinked. Although the population may be different, it will not change generally

In this way of operation, I have tested the operation several times and calculated the time. On average, I can get a piece of material. If it is quick, it will take 2-3 minutes. It is not difficult to spend one or two hours a day to get dozens of materialsFinish batch connection and win by quantity

And it can be done with one mobile phone. In the description part, you don’t need to spend time thinking about it. You can directly copy a wonderful sentence from an article question and answer or find a good comment in the comment area.

I believe that as long as you have hands, you can do it! If you can’t make money, ask yourself firstThe reason is that if others can do well, why can’t you!

In addition to this method, I have also shared before that you can make micro headlines by quoting other people’s videos online. The operation method is very simple. After you click a video on the headlines to enter the video page, click the three black dots in the upper right corner, and then click the quoted video,With dozens of words of your own opinions, you can publish them. By default, they are sent in the form of micro headlines.

These two methods save time. One content can be operated in 2-3 minutes, and the quantity can be removed in batches

Finally, to sum up, one of the things I feel most about making micro headlines is to focus on hot spots, combine the above skills with hot spotsThis will definitely have an effect.

The times have changed. Don’t be obsessed with being tall. If you want to be big, you will be the king

It’s easy to earn 300 dollars a day for simple operation of sideline projects with a monthly income of 10000 dollars


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