A single profit of 200-3000, sharing three inconspicuous profits just needed sidelines



A single profit of 200-3000, sharing three inconspicuous profits just needed sidelines

I don’t know if you have this problem. Move to a new house to remove formaldehyde,

It is believed that this has always been a problem that every family will consider, after all, it is related to the health of a family. Use carbon adsorption, planting green plants, air humidification, formaldehyde removal products, ventilation for two to three months, etc

But in fact, formaldehyde, no matter how well you did in the early stageFormaldehyde has always been found in it, but after a series of prevention and removal work has been completed in the early stage, it should be controlled within a safe range to the greatest extent

I watched a video of my father’s evaluation. After a long period of decoration, it was found that formaldehyde exceeded the standard

Many people, such as those who have just given birth to a baby at home or are seeking peace of mind, still invite professionalsFormaldehyde removal master will handle the problem as a whole

A friend of mine was worried about this when he moved to a new house these two days. He specially invited a formaldehyde remover to deal with it. The charge was based on the square size of the house. It took more than half a day and cost two or three thousand$

My god, it will cost more than 3000 to remove formaldehyde. Is it so profitable? As long as there is a profitable businessAircraft and sideline workers usually don’t fall behind. They have to find a way for you by all means

I searched for this service on Meituan, and the sales volume is really not low. Thousands of thousands of single sales are indeed charged according to the square size. For a 100 square meter house, let’s say two or three thousand returns.

In fact, we ordinary people can earn this money! Why?So what? The first is that the market is large. Think about how many new houses are delivered every year.

The second is that the whole process of formaldehyde removal is not complicated. The first is to detect and determine the concentration of formaldehyde, and the second is to use formaldehyde remover to cooperate with the operation of machinery and equipment. Only through professional trainingYou can take orders on your own to earn money

In order to understand the formaldehyde removal industry, I saw a very powerful case on Tiktok. Through formaldehyde business training and household appliance cleaning training, a real case with an annual income of one million dollars, the matrix number playing method

Mainly through the output of short video valuable on formaldehyde to expand customersAttract customers who want to be in this industry

One person will receive 2998 dollars for skill training$, teach and teach, do not force to buy equipment, only output technical training

Please remember that if you are asked to join, you should be cautious and cautious again. You will understand immediately after looking at the following professional answers. Don’t pay the IQ tax. You may often pay this recentlyIn terms of content, many platforms also give me advertisements from franchisees

It’s not necessary to spend tens of thousands of leeks

If you want to be a friend of this sideline, the core problem is still equipment. I looked at the equipment on a treasure. The price is really high. It is generally more than 3000 dollars. The basic packageIncluding full set of detection and formaldehyde removal equipment and reagents

It is not necessary to buy new equipment. In fact, second-hand equipment is also very fragrant and saves money. When it comes to second-hand, you can visit the second-hand platform more often, which can save a lot of money.

This is a one-time investment that can be used for a lifetime. In the later stage, the cost of consumables and medicines is basically available on a treasureIt’s not expensive. As long as there is a list, you can do it anytime and anywhere

The other is training, that is, mastering this skill. Because it involves professional issues, you can go to professional institutions to learn skills from teachers or if you have a teacher who does this, you can pay a big red envelope to learn

If you pass certain training and practiceIf you have mastered this skill, can you also receive apprenticeship training to earn more money in this field.

In fact, the sideline of formaldehyde removal is really an investment project with continuous benefits, because this demand has always existed.


Combined with formaldehyde removal, household appliances can also be cleaned and pipes can be dredged to make pipesFor example, the income is really high

During the Chinese New Year holiday this year, my family used two or three years to block the sewer pipe. I bought a large bucket of sewer dredger specially. I thought it could be fixed, but it was also blocked.

In the end, I had no choice but to ask for help from the small advertisements posted on the street. I’ve done it twice before and after,The interval is more than 2 months. 150 at a time$

In fact, I used high pressure tools to help me open the sewer for two or three times. This tool is only worth more than 100 dollars. I was forced to pay IQ tax twice.

Because it’s a regular customer, I asked him how much he could earn a month on this, and he told me that at least 5It is only a sideline business above 2000. Customers usually go to the neighborhood to post small advertisements. They can do it when there is a list, and they can do it when there is no list


With the improvement of living standards, household appliances are gradually being upgraded, such as air conditioners, drum washing machines, range hoods, etc., but do you find a problem in cleaning these large piecesIt’s really a trouble for us ordinary people

They don’t know how to disassemble. Washing is easy, and sometimes many people are too lazy to do it. This creates a demand

Google search, a lot of this advertising, someone is willing to pay for advertising, proving that the demand is not small. However, I carefully looked at his main business as investment promotion.

Yes, I didThe cleaning unit price of household appliances on multiple platforms, taking the drum washing machine as an example, is 150-200 dollars per order

To do this sideline work, we really need professional cleaning equipment and professional training. We also got to know their customer service through the above case

But everything has certain information difference, such as the first sidelineFormaldehyde and this sideline household appliance cleaning, on the face of it, need equipment and training$, but it can really solve these problems with less money

We don’t need to mention the second hand equipment. Training is to find peers to learn from or friends who do this business around us, and to apply for jobs in these companies and institutionsSecond, we can not only have a deeper understanding of the industry and equipment, but also learn technology. It can save you at least half of the cost.

The above three sidelines are really a one-time investment and long-term profitable projects. The main reason is that the unit price is not low. Even if only 10 orders are received in a month, a month’s additional income can be calculated by compromiseMore than 5000

And the three projects can be linked. You mean a customer who may not be served. Next time his water pipe has a problem, he also needs to clear the range hood?

First, you can attach yourself to these large platforms and companies, such as Woodpecker, and become a platform maintenance technician. There are single platformsDirectly send orders to you.

The second is the most traditional community stickers. Third, we can cooperate with real estate agents and community property agents, and they will push customers to give you money.

There is also the need to combine online and offline, such as taking short videos to record the whole process of work when working at the customer’s home. More active in the same city group and small area groupBe active, add more friends, let everyone know you are in this field, etc

In fact, there are many ways to receive orders. The most important thing is to implement. Find problems and solve problems in action!

A single profit of 200-3000, sharing three inconspicuous profits just needed sidelines


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