The project with a monthly income of 30000 US dollars has no threshold and zero cost, and can be operated by everyone


If you earn 30000 dollars a month$That is, 1000 dollars per day$The project tells you, will you do it?

The project with a monthly income of 30000 US dollars has no threshold and zero cost, and can be operated by everyone

You may answer that you want to do it, but where can I get 1000 dollars a day$You are not a leek cutter, are you?

Then I ask you, I won’t let you pay me. Do you want to do this projectIf you persist, you will make money. The money you earn is your own, and I am not your friend. If you want to give me money, you can’t contact me. How can I cut leeks?

That said, we can directly enter into today’s projects without barriers and costs – WeChat group integration to make money.

It sounds very tall. In fact, it’s aThis is an old project, which is very easy to operate.

There is only one tool to prepare: micro signal (the more the better).

1、 Specific operation process:

Step 1: Keep adding groups and people, expand the number of your friends, establish a startup group, or buy groups directly. After adding the group, prepare the copy for mass distribution, fission.

Step 2: YesDifferent WeChat groups are classified into fishing groups, building groups, housewife groups, financial groups, logistics groups, catering groups, etc. to prepare for the next realization.

Step 3: Make a table, make a group quotation, and then go to various platforms to start advertising to sell WeChat groups, as long as there is traffic, you can sell it, pure chat groupsAbout 7-15$/About 1 for ordinary group$/30 at least. You can also refer to others’ quotations.

Is it very simple, no difficulty, completely zero cost and zero threshold, as long as you can operate your mobile phone.

Where do so many WeChat groups come from?

2、 WeChat group acquisition method

01. Direct searchCable

On Google, WeChat and other search platforms, search for “WeChat group”, “scanning code”, “adding group”, “entering group” and other related keywords, and you can find a lot of groups, just join without thinking.

02. Microblog

There are also many groups in Weibo. When searching, enter: industry scanning code into the group, such as catering scanning code into the groupGroups can be searched out.

03. Bean Paste

Users of Douban are relatively accurate, and directly search for industry groups.

04. QQ group

The QQ level of the added group is better than that of the sun, and it is easy to be kicked if the level is low, so you can search directly.

05. Post Bar

Post bar is also a communication platform, which can directly access relevant postsCheck the posts, find WeChat groups and add them directly. If you meet peers, you can cooperate and learn from each other.

06. official account

Some official account or platforms of the expanded group will update a large number of WeChat groups every day. You can also find these official account by searching, and then you can add a large number of groups.

07. Peers

Can be distributed in the groupThe news of cloth changing groups will lead to people changing groups with you. Or you can directly find peers to buy groups, and then you can find people to change groups, so the number of groups will become more and more.

How can so many WeChat groups be realized?

3、 WeChat group project realization

01. Taoke

You can direct traffic to other platforms or set up your own website for operationIt can realize automatic transaction.

02. Sales group

Build websites for sale; Or make a official account; Other platforms can also sell through other channels.

03. Advertising for promotion

As long as you advertise and say that you have a group in your hands, someone will come to you soon to advertise, and then you can talk about the price with him。

04. Knowledge Payment

If you have your own course to promote, you can send the copy to all your groups for cash. If you don’t know how to write a copy, you can spend money to find someone else to write on behalf of Bubble Online, and then publish the sales copy to all your groups.

05. Selling products

The first is to sell your own products, soThe profit will be considerable. The main factors affecting the sales volume are product drawings, copywriting, user feedback, etc

Another way is to sell other people’s products and make commissions for promotion, but the money will be less. The advantage of this method is that you don’t need to worry too much.

06. We Media

Create a website or official account, update a large number of WeChat groups every day, and then promote. With fans, it will be easy to realize!

be careful:

It is better to use normal WeChat for more than three years to prevent malicious troublemakers

Adhere to the principle of adding more than 5 WeChat groups every day

To prevent being blocked, add it every day’s WeChat friends should not exceed 20

When doing this WeChat group project, the fans will not be so precise, but over the long term, the number of groups will become more and more, which means that there are too many people. Even if it is not precise traffic, it can still make money.

There are many ways to play this project. This article is justIt is also the most basic thing to give a general introduction. I hope you can learn from it and give full play to your wisdom in the process of practical operation, so as to generate more and better projects to make money!

The project with a monthly income of 30000 US dollars has no threshold and zero cost, and can be operated by everyone


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