Short video calligraphy practice project, no threshold, no camera playing method disassembly


Today, we are disassembling the short video calligraphy project. We believe that many people have the desire to practice good characters. I remember when I was reading, it was very popular to write letters. I was too ugly to write.

Short video calligraphy practice project, no threshold, no camera playing method disassembly

Therefore, it is very important to learn good Chinese characters both before and nowFace saving. Although this project is somewhat unpopular, there are many user groups. Some people have already earned 10W per month. How did they do this? This kind of account content is actually very easy to do. You can search for a benchmarking account and see it.

The content is divided into three parts:

firstContent: It’s easy to understand how to trace words and write. Take a copybook, hold a pen to practice, record the process, and the video will be taken.

Second, BGM: ancient style. The good videos are matched with this kind of music.

Third, realization: trailer guide purchase, some of which should be included in the videoGuided. The copybook can be purchased in a small yellow car. The whole process is not complicated. It doesn’t need real people to leave the country, nor does it need how beautiful the handwriting is. As long as it is written in this way, the content can be easily produced, and there is no need to worry about overlap.

The live broadcast environment makes the literature and art books more angry, and the four treasures of the study are displayedCome on, there will be an atmosphere. During the live broadcast, practice calligraphy and chat with fans, and guide them to buy small yellow cars.

I purposely squatted in the live broadcast room to see how their daily sales were. The cash flow was very strong. The sales of a single product were tens or hundreds of thousands, and the overall sales were hundreds of thousands.

Total sales ItNot all of them are brought out by this account. There must be other accounts, but this account must also have a lot of contributions. There is nothing too deep to dismantle in this project as a whole. It is highly operable and transparent. As long as you know this information, you can find out how to do it by looking for the benchmarking account。

In terms of practical operation, we have refined four secrets

First, group positioning

It can be said that it is the most important part of the project, because it directly affects the content. There are two types of project groups

The first type is children. When children learn to write, their handwriting must not be very standard and beautiful. For parents, they will definitely find ways to let their children writeBetter, so practicing calligraphy is a very good choice.

Looking at the essence from the surface, although it is said that it is aimed at children, in fact, parents are the real group. In the content production, we should grasp the parents’ mentality to plan, and put some parenting values into the video. The video is a copybook,

Some education in pronunciationThe experience of children and the teaching concept of growth are mentioned. When parents brush this video, they think the account is helpful for educating children. They will stay here and buy the account if they think it is good.

The second category is adults. Although they are all typing on computers and mobile phones, for young adults of literary and artistic developmentIf you don’t write well, you will definitely choose to practice your own handwriting skills if you have time to improve your handwriting skills. After all, good handwriting is highly praised no matter where you are.

The second, 5-10 works of Nigeng

It’s just a small detail of the diversion for the live broadcast room. The works released after the live broadcast room starts can be used for the live broadcastThis is why other people’s works are updated so frequently. It promotes the update of live broadcast room traffic and prepares for the next transaction.

Third, only commission

Some small partners see that the sales of calligraphy practice posters are so good that they want to do their own batch of goods when they bring goods. It is recommended that they do not do this in the early stageFirst, we should focus on the transportation of online businesses and traffic. It is better to get commissions directly from the selected alliance trailers, which can save a lot of trouble in the after-sales process. After the later period is stable, we can decide whether to be a non member or a member according to our own situation.

Fourth, the artistic conception of music

Choose music with ancient style or better artistic conception,You can pay attention to the materials when you use videos. Collect the good music and use it directly when you want to use it. In the starting number area, some kids can’t start the number when they are doing it, and the playback is very low,

The reason is that the account tag is not printed, and the number needs some correct methods, not just forThe reason why we focus on group positioning, combine the value of childcare with the display of calligraphy, and present the content is also here.

There are two ways to start the number. One is batch operation. Multiple account operations form a matrix, and multiple numbers and multiple works are used to impact the sales. The other is high-value single account operation, which is also of childcare valueThe content and form of childcare perspective and practice display are combined to create a boutique account.

These two accounts have their own strengths and weaknesses. There is no way to say which is better. Choose the appropriate way according to your own situation. In terms of expansion, we can consider painting, calligraphy and other similar directions. After all, the playing methods aresame.

Short video calligraphy practice project, no threshold, no camera playing method disassembly


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