The group promotion project earns 10000+a day, and each order actually sells for 2880 USD?


This project is super simple, but someone changed the playing method and simply packaged it. The fee for selling this project is 2880$, earning more than 10000 a day$It all depends on one computer and three mobile phones.

The group promotion project earns 10000+a day, and each order actually sells for 2880 USD?

How does he operate it? Listen to me slowly:

Many friends in the circle have used WeChat powder tools, justWith simple settings, the software will run on its own, and it can achieve the following functions: batch pull people into groups, automatic group entry, group advertising, automatic passing of friends, and automatic adding group members as friends.

There are many similar software in the market, with similar functions. It just depends on whose safety factor is high. After all, it is more difficult to unseal nowIt’s not good to have a permanent ban. It’s really not worth the loss.

The friend who saw the title coming in may have a big question in his heart. With such a simple operation, he easily does more than 10000 every day. Is there really an exclusive secret recipe?

I don’t think so. If you have used similar software, friends who have some resources in their hands will be finishedThose who can engage in this project:

01. Where did the group come from

02. Design of group tweeting

03. Design of passive powder feeding bait

04. Establishment of project investment promotion system

05. Development of fans’ closed-loop mode

06. Greatest, stronger and more brilliant

01. Where did the group come from

Now, even if you don’t have a group in your hand, it’s OK to see friendsSomeone in the Friendly Circle sends a QR code and quickly scans it to add it, so that the first batch of original group resources are available.

When you have 10 groups in your hand, you can exchange with others. 10 groups become 20 groups, 20 groups become 40 groups, and so on. As long as you have many WeChat groups in your hand, you will soon have hundreds of WeChat groups like a snowball.

02. Design of group tweeting

Having group resources in hand is just the first step, and it has the capital to make money. What type of people do you want to attract, you can enter the industry group in a targeted way. Such fans are the most accurate.

Take the online innovation industry as an example. When you have hundreds of WeChat groups in your hands, you should doIt is to design a paragraph to let others actively add your WeChat friends.

Two main points:

A. Project introduction

B. Personal advantages

For example, Tiktok folktales can be operated by one mobile phone, and it is easy to add 10000 fans every day,NoviceCan also start. Workrooms, office workers, individuals and other sideline groups are suitable for operationProject, the daily income of single account is 400$+And the profit from amplification is more considerable.

Our team has been focusing on various small projects of Tiktok for two years, and has developed more than 20 projects exclusively, which are popular throughout the network. We are serious about doing projects, and other industries can change their templates, mainly highlighting: professional.

03. Passive powder feedingDecoy design

The project is good and the team is awesome, which is not attractive enough, because the purpose is to let people add WeChat, and you must add a sentence or two to supplement it, giving the group a reason to add your WeChat friends. For example: Now click on the business card below to get a free white paper on the practice of Tiktok’s unmanned live broadcast in 2022。

04. Establishment of project investment promotion system

A group of hundreds of people, according to the above template, assume that five people add up, that is, five potential customers. As long as your product system is perfectly designed (the principle of mutual benefit and win-win), 200 people are added every day, and the transaction rate is 2%.

Added powderSilk is concerned about how to do this project? Can I make money? How much can I earn?

As I mentioned in the title, this person is the one who sells this project, and has made a simple package of this project to create a rich alliance. He charges 2880 dollars to become a partner. He teaches you how to use this software and gives you 5 free gifts0 groups let you do the same thing as him. Push ads to the group every day to attract group friends to add friends.

If they have their own products, they will attract people interested in their own products and sell their own products; If there is no product, just push his name card, recycle the powder, and settle the fee according to the number of fans added every day, 20 for each fan$

05. Development of fans’ closed-loop mode

After seeing the ads in the group, they will add them to the group, send a profile to the group as soon as they get through friends, and then conduct marketing through the circle of friends. Many people who want to do sidelines will be very excited after reading it. After all, there is no one who can’t make money.

Being a partner is nothingInsurance commitment, according to 20$One powder is recycled, and the cost will be recovered after 144 additions are completed. Later, it will be all profits, and reasonable people can understand this account.

This reduces the psychological burden of many people, reduces the risk of project cost recovery, and virtually improves the transaction rate.

06. Greatest, stronger and more brilliant

Suppose you comeTo do this project, first position your product well, define the selling points, and design a set of win-win cooperation mode. The added fans can understand how to earn money at a glance by looking at your project introduction.

Such a model means that both parties make profits. The more partners receive, the more people will help them promote their business cardsIt accumulates more private domain traffic. Quantitative change causes qualitative change. Someone will pay for it. Besides, the model is perfectly designed and the transaction rate is not bad.

One partner pushed 144 people, and he paid back his capital. For yourself, you can say that Bubble Online has increased 144 private domain traffic for free. Later, when others continue to push, do you continue to collect fans, orAccording to a powder 20$After all, the price of a single fan is dozens$This is more cost-effective than supporting employees to do traffic.

There are 30 partners who join in, and then collect the partner’s money to get 4320 private domain traffic for free, and 4320 fans can still make deals, which has been circulating all the timeGo, nice!!

Many industries can use this model for reference, find industry groups, design corresponding mode playing methods, and attract more than a dozen people who want to do sideline projects to join in the promotion. They must pay a fee to join, so that they can filter and screen a group of people. The people who pay are also energetic enough, without talking about the conditions.

When youWith more and more fans in the industry, are you worried about the products?

This is a real case that the group promotion project earns more than 10000 dollars every day. It is a sharing and a revelation.

The above is my personal summary and reflection. Let’s encourage you!

The group promotion project earns 10000+a day, and each order actually sells for 2880 USD?


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