Disassemble the Tiktok Poison File Number, and realize 2000 items a day, suitable for beginners!


Can you believe it? A picture played for 7 seconds, liked more than 210000 people, played millions of people, and a video turned into more than 20000 people. This is how Tiktok recently became popular.

Disassemble the Tiktok Poison File Number, and realize 2000 items a day, suitable for beginners!

That’s it. A picture with a copywriter and then a background music of bgm will be completeThere is a fire.

Today, I will give you a detailed disassembly of this script reading method, which can be said to be a nanny level tutorial. Remember to collect it, because it may be deleted at any time.

Next, let’s go straight to valuable. This kind of video is very suitable for novices to do, because its production is very simple, that is, a picture and then aReading copy can be done with hands and feet, but the liquidity is not low.

Today, I will start from the operation of such numbers. Where can I find his picture materials? Where can I get the poison copy? How should the video be made? And how does his back end realize? Detailed disassembly

What should he do with such numbers.

FirstIt is the source of the material. This video is actually a picture, but this picture is actually composed of three parts. One is the background picture with this halo effect, the other is the cartoon characters on the picture, and the third part is the poison copy of the text.

So this background picture, weThere are several ways to get it. The first is that we can go to a certain degree to directly search the kraft paper background, or search the background image. Such keywords can be found. Many background images with good effects can be found.

What about the cartoon characters in the pictures? We can directly search for sad cartoon illustrationsBut to be honest, these materials are used by many people and may be repeated. So here I recommend an illustration tool. You can directly search for some keywords to find many such meaningful illustrations. For example, we can search in the tool:Drink drinks. You can see many cartoon characters related to drinking drinks in my screenshot.

Or we can go to a red book and directly search for illustrations. We can also find many such material backgrounds and characters.

The third is where does the copywriting come from? Very simple, our poison copyFrom peers, we can directly use the poison copy used by peers, because the background and characters in our pictures are different from the original materials, and our bgm is also different, so it does not involve the issue of originality.

What should we do when referring to our peers? We can do TiktokSearch inside: patterns, you can find many works of the same kind, and brush them for two hours every day. When you brush them, you can finish broadcasting and praise them. In fact, it is very simple to finish broadcasting. Generally, this kind of work lasts 7 or 8 seconds. After 3 or 5 days of brushing, you can open your shakeYour recommendation page will be full of such videos.

So you won’t worry about the source of this poisonous copy in the future. After finishing the three materials, we will start the video production. First, we open the clip, and then import the halo dye background image we foundThe first step is to add text, and then input the poison copy we found. In this place, you need to select a more sensible font style, such as the wind drum body.

Then we have to deal with the cartoon image we found. Generally, after we find it, it is with a background imageYes, we need to extract this character from him, so we need to use a cutout tool, which I will share at the end of the video. After importing the picture into the cutout tool, he has a one click cutout option, which will directly extract people and things for you, and then we can click SaveNext, we will use a tool for image fusion, that is, the background image we just made in the clip and the image of the poisoned copy. We will save the screenshot for him. This image and the background of our buttoned characters will be imported into the image fusion tool synchronously, and then we will adjust the animatorThe size of his picture, put it in the right place.

Next, we need to set the parameters of this picture. The main function we use is the function of the particle. We need to add this sense of particle to it. We need to set the particle to handle it twice, each time to the fullThen the picture will feel very integrated and have a feeling of oil painting

It’s like the feeling we draw.

After processing, we can export this picture to it. After exporting, we import this molded picture into the clip image, and then add bgm, which will make money onlineIt’s background music. We can use some background music from our peers, or we can find some more sensible background music that matches our current poison copy.

Then we will add special effects to this picture. Generally, we will use three special effectsGenerally, a special effect will be added to the entrance in 3 seconds, called the opening of the line, and then a special effect will be added to the exit of the spark in 4 seconds. At the end, a ripple effect will be superimposed, a total of these three special effects.

In this way, I can make the same feeling as the video I just released. Everybody cares about thisHow did he realize the seed poison document number?

In fact, if you look at the peers who are doing well now, you will know that his realization mode is actually very simple, that is, he takes pictures to see advertisements. Generally, the author will leave this way of taking pictures in his comment area. Generally, this kind of guidance will also appear in the author’s profile,He will guide you how to get the picture in his video.

Then if you search the name of the applet in Tiktok according to his operation, enter the applet, and then search the author’s exclusive code, usually a line of numbers, you can see all the pictures that the author can provideYes, select one of them, and then you can download it in the upper right corner. But after you click the download button, an advertisement will pop up. After reading it, you can download the image directly.

So the audience can watch the advertisement once, and the author’s benefits vary from a few cents to a few cents, but because his broadcast volume is large enough,So for many popular videos, a single video has a benefit of more than 10000 dollars. Then there is a small partner in our circle who made a drug document number last week and directly realized more than 20000 dollars.

So it can be seen that this kind of number is still popular, because this kind of aggressive copywritingIn fact, many of them fit in with the current psychology of everyone, so many people are willing to stay on this video, and the video itself is only 7 seconds long, and the video will be broadcast inadvertently, so his completion rate is particularly high. When the completion rate is high, the platform will vigorously push you, so this kind of video is very easyBurst.

Well, if we want to operate the poison copy number, you need to dock the applet and get your own private code, and you need to use two toolkits, namely, the matting tool I just mentioned and the image fusion tool. I have all these things ready for you.

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Disassemble the Tiktok Poison File Number, and realize 2000 items a day, suitable for beginners!


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