For express delivery projects with a monthly income of 20000 dollars, everyone can do [detailed disassembly]


Today, I will take apart the blue ocean information difference project that a friend is working on: express generation project.

For express delivery projects with a monthly income of 20000 dollars, everyone can do [detailed disassembly]

The essence of all profitable projects is to solve the underlying needs.

Project introduction:

Express delivery is everyone’s demand. Where there is demand, there is a market.

So I went to Amazon and searched for the key words on the leisure fish, and the following pictures appeared

Express deliveryFor the team with a large volume of e-commerce shipments, it is natural to directly talk with the express company to win a very low price, two or three dollars.

For ordinary users, the price can only be 8-12 dollars for retail investors.

But there is one between the two:Express delivery platform. Although there is no e-commerceThe price directly discussed is low, but it is much lower than the order placed by ordinary users.

Amazon ranked first in receiving 3000 goods, with a monthly sales volume of 7000 people. More than 3000 people want to be replaced by Second hand goods trading platform. However, compared with China’s population of more than one billion, this amount is a drizzle relative to this market, which shows that there is no developmentHow big is the room. It can be said that it is a true blue ocean project.

What this project earns is the difference between the first weight and the second weight of several dollars.

The first is channel account opening. Many of these platforms open accounts for free, but there are certain requirements for single quantity. Some of them need to pay to open an account. I asked my friends for some on my official accountColumn reply “express delivery” free of charge.

The next step is realization. The main channel is Second hand goods trading platform. Because the threshold of free fish platform is low, the flow is large.

The operation is relatively simple. Refer to the peers, edit the copy, and simply release the goods. Find a friend to help with a few orders, and then there is a steady flow of traffic.

Then everyDay is the process of quoting, ordering, quoting and ordering.

The order is also very simple. Copy the customer’s order address directly to the corresponding platform and paste it

This project has a very high conversion rate of customers on Leisure Fish. One account can convert 1500 customers if it wants 2400 customers a month. Close conversion rate60%。

And the traffic is endless every day. Most importantly, they send SMS messages to their mobile phone numbers in batches through the free fish delivery list, and then transfer them to their business WeChat for secondary cash. In the later period, there is also an extremely high repurchase rate.

The basic addition rate can reach about 80% through SMS channeling to private domainsIf there are other businesses in operation, such as Taoke and film ticket purchase, multiple transformations can be carried out. These are all very accurate users of Bubble Online.

These are customers who have traded and have established a trust foundation. The benefits brought by private domain traffic in the later period will increase exponentially.

The current price of accurate trafficIt is becoming more and more expensive. This project not only makes money by taking orders, but also accumulates accurate express delivery fans. With the accumulation of time, the data in the later period is more terrible.

An old man who made the order early, dozens of messages a minute.

Realization method:

Express delivery

Take Shentong 10kg as an example:

Shentong official: 12 5*9=fifty-seven$

Customer payment: 7 2.5 * 9=twenty-nine point five$

Platform cost: 5.9 9 * 1.9=twenty-two point one$

Profit obtained: 29.5-22.1=seven point four$

Customer savings: 57-29.5=twenty-seven point five$

We earn 7.4 for a 10KG order$At the same timeSave 27.5 for customers$It is equivalent to 50% discount, so it is easy for the consulting customers to clinch a deal. Although the first order does not make money, if the weight is large, the additional weight can make more money. It’s cheaper to send goods in the same city and province.

Besides, the acquisition cost of single powder is 5-10$, even if you don’t earn a penny, you will be a longStable customers, have a great trust foundation for you, and can be transformed into other projects in the future.

2. The realization is not only for express delivery, but also for opening accounts to make money

Because of the large discount of express delivery, it is usually 50% to 80% off. Many people need such platform accounts, and we can provide account opening servicesThe price is set by the customer. Check the traffic and test the price yourself. Generally, it varies from 9 to 99. Anyway, a good account opening is your net profit no matter how much.

What you earn by opening an account is poor information. You know, he doesn’t.

After opening an account, you can also set different agency prices according to the selling price. That’s what they earnIt is not only to earn the money of agent account opening, but also to earn the price difference of agent order.

Quantitative change generates qualitative change. Even if the price difference is very low, the following agents will accumulate more and more. The agency margin generated by each moonlight is considerable.

The number of people entering the project is relatively small, and the market is still relatively large at present.

Speaking of thisThe little partner who knows how to think flexibly must have thought of making CPS model.

Express CPS mode, which is not a prominent case in the industry at present.

Some time ago, except for the official account, the official account delivery CPS was completely blocked. But the first batch of CPS takeout workers have made a lot of money。

The bonus period is very important for the project, but after the bonus, many of the things to do are to take over the money.

Well, today’s project will be shared here. Friends of this project do not provide training and do not bring others. If they want to do something, they will study it by themselves. The project is not difficult, but the implementation is important.

For express delivery projects with a monthly income of 20000 dollars, everyone can do [detailed disassembly]


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