A super simple sideline project with simple operation of 200 per day


Today, I would like to share a very simple project with you. You can make money by playing small games, and you can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month. There are always people who say that they will play games if they don’t know anything. In the Internet era, there are opportunities everywhere. If you play games well, you can make a lot of money. However, the threshold of these popular online games is not low. If you want to play wellThere are high requirements for players’ hand speed response strategies. If you can’t play such a large game well, you will like to play Xiaoxiaole and find different small games, which can also be used to make money.

A super simple sideline project with simple operation of 200 per day

There are many leisure games on Tiktok, such as Chinese characters, pictures, stars, etc. Don’t underestimate these gamesMany bloggers rely on live broadcast of small games to achieve tens of thousands of income per month. There are many advantages to live broadcast of small games.

First, it is highly interactive,Fans have a high degree of participation. Compared with large online games, they can interact with fans more frequently during live broadcast.

Second, easy to understand,Fans can participate in the interaction as soon as they enter the live room, and the playing time is also very short. There is no need to spare a large period of time, and the broadcast can be started anytime and anywhere.

Third, easy to startCompared with other content, the entertainment and interactivity of the game itself make it easier to start a number and liveNoviceIt can also be very comfortableEasy to do.

There are three main ways to realize this project:

1、 Gifts and rewards. The live broadcast room of small games is generally popular and interactive. The income of sound waves is very high. In combination with some routines played with the blessing bag, the daily income is thousands.

2、 Game promotion refers to the promotion rewards given to you by the game development company or platformIf someone downloads their game through your video or live broadcast, they can get the corresponding commission. Generally, the commission for cooperation with the company can bring 50% to 60%. It can also be directly promoted on the platform. After certain conditions are met, open the promotion permission of the small handle, and hang the game download link on the video or live broadcastAccording to the amount of views or downloads.

3、 For apprenticeship teaching, after making money from the account number, naturally someone wants to learn from you. We can carry out training and directly sell project materials, apprenticeship, materials 399, and apprenticeship 999.

How to operate

1、 Solve the problem of live broadcast,OptionalMobile phones or computers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Computers are easier to operate than mobile phones. If mobile phones are used to broadcast, two mobile phones are needed. One is to play live games, and the other is to watch public screen interaction. Mobile phones can broadcast at any time and anywhere, but computers cannot. When using computers to broadcast live, you can download Tiktok live broadcast partners, obs andSimulator. Open the mini game, open the live broadcast companion, select the mini game window, check the display mouse to return to the live broadcast window, adjust the screen size to fit the live broadcast interface, and click Start Live to enter the live broadcast mode.

During the live broadcast, you can let the fans join in and ask them to answer questions with you. They answered correctlyPraise them, discuss and interact together if they answer incorrectly, and so on to activate the atmosphere of the live broadcast room. The popularity of the live broadcast will become higher and higher. From time to time, you can ask for a small gift to guide you to click on the game link, or guide your fans to learn from you. In the later stage, it can be played for 24 hours in combination with unmanned live broadcastCyclic live broadcast.

2、 Where did the little game come from,The fun and playability of small games are very important. The choice of a live video game directly determines how long you can start a number. Therefore, it is also crucial to find a small game suitable for starting a number.

There are three sources of small games:

1. The official little game on the Tiktok platform can be played atAt the beginning, try to broadcast each game for a long time.

2. Go online to search for free games for live broadcast, such as guessing idioms, stars and different characters by looking at pictures. But because it is free, the quality of the game will not be too high and the effect will not be particularly good, soThis is not recommended.

3. Pay for customized games. After making money to a certain extent, cooperate with the game development company to customize small games for live broadcast, and then guide fans to download them to earn commission income. The quality of such games is generally higher, and it is easier to attract fans and convert them. There are many large video live broadcastsIt is precisely for this reason that the games between can not be found on the Internet.

A super simple sideline project with simple operation of 200 per day


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