Official account emotional story moneymaking project, stable income of several hundred per day


Today, I would like to share with you how to play official account, how to play emotional story money making projects, and how to stabilize the income of several hundred per day.

Official account emotional story moneymaking project, stable income of several hundred per day

At present, one ID card can only register one official account, but this is not important.

If you want to get more official account, you can register your business license.

One business license can be registered 3-5 numbers can also make a breakthrough, up to 20 can be registered.

The content of the official account is an original story that moves people every day.

Now, he has written more than 1500 articles about how official account can make steady money, and then how to explain the problems to everyone.

1587 original articles on the above official accountIt has lasted for nearly three or four years.

Each article has a lot of likes and reads, some of which reach 460000.

Generally speaking, the official account is easy to explode as the story field and the emotions contained in the story.

Next, talk about how to make an emotional story project.

1、 Content source

Many people don’t knowWhere to find content.

The content of the official account is usually submitted by users or adapted by themselves.

At the beginning, nothing can be written in the official account, and emotional articles of similar stories can be adapted.

Such as love stories, family stories, character stories, nostalgic stories, etc.

The content can be directly on relevant websitesOrganize, many websites have been organized, and can be used directly.

Content access channels include Today’s Headlines, Quora, etc.

There are many moving stories. You can optimize the content and rewrite it yourself.

The most important point of these emotional stories is that a certain point or detail can resonate with readers。

At the beginning, we just copied and adapted.

For example, the authors of many emotional articles on the headlines did not publish them on the official account.

It can be moved, but it needs to be modified.

For example, each of these pictures comes from a website that has not yet been included.

Some things can be moved directly,But we still need to change the details.

2、 How to obtain benefits

(1) Through flow main

The profit from 10000 readings of traffic is about 100$The average income of 50000 times of reading is about 500$

Although not very accurate, the difference is not significant.

If you encounter a explosive article, hundreds$It’s no problem.

several hundred$JustIt is still good to post some articles.

After all, it doesn’t take much time, and the production ratio is still high.

(2) Can receive commercial advertisements

This account is realized by receiving some commercial advertisements.

For example, in the figure below, there are some advertisements from well-known brands, so you can feed yourself through these advertisements.

(3)Get some soft ads

For example, insert some recommended products in the article.

When you are mature, you can make the whole model into a course for packaging and selling, which can be realized by collecting apprentices.

3、 How to enlarge an item

After understanding the framework and system, there are many ways to realize it.

After all, fan traffic has a significant impact on the InternetIt is very valuable.

When an article is adapted, it is first sent to the official account, and then the article is made into audio or video.

Uploaded to Tiktok, Quora or Himalaya, the content produced every day is distributed regardless of the platform.

To a certain extent, it will definitely attract fans, who can be realized.

quite a lotPeople say, what should we do if only fans can’t cash in?

I think the group of people who will not realize after having fans still do not have the knack.

Some fans can be realized, but the degree of realization is different from the product content.

As long as these methods and techniques are mastered, realization is not a problem.

Compared with Tiktok, we only needProduce high-quality content.

With high-quality content, we don’t have to worry about traffic.

If you want to do it, you must be patient.

Keep posting 5 to 10 articles a day, and your reading will soon increase.

10000 per month if reading reaches 5000 or 10000$There is no problem.

HeaviestWhat is important is that such articles in the field of emotional stories are easy to spread.

Many people like such articles, and many platforms have such accounts.

It can be seen that the market is large.

It’s useless to talk more, but it’s right to start.

Official account emotional story moneymaking project, stable income of several hundred per day


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