Blue Ocean project with YouTube of 5k+transacted on a single day, nanny level tutorial


In recent years, short video has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. All offline businesses can do it again in the field of short video.

Blue Ocean project with YouTube of 5k+transacted on a single day, nanny level tutorial

While Tiktok Kwai, the top player, accounts for most of the country, the Penguin Empire, which holds the top position in the national social field, must not compromise.

The Penguin Empire has also been vigorously laid in the past two yearsOur business layout in the field of short video, so a large amount of traffic support, naturally, brings great benefits to our small partners who want to do.

Therefore, it is a very big dividend period to carry goods by YouTube.

All the categories that have been popular in Tiktok can also be popular again in the YouTube.

I have friends I know, andRelying on the YouTube to carry goods, we have achieved a single day turnover of 5k at this track, with a profit of about 50%.

Let’s talk about how ordinary people play YouTube to bring goods.

Where is the opportunity for us ordinary people to be on the YouTube?

1. The reality of YouTube delivery is that many categories are not availableRequested status.

Most of the head delivery companies are deeply involved in the Tiktok track, so some of the Tiktok products are too popular. We searched for keywords on the YouTube and found that there is no accurate video

So at this stage, we will directly transport the videos of popular platforms carrying goods, and release them to the YouTube after corresponding processing,Probably the rate will also be popular

2. In the YouTube selection center, some categories do not even have suitable products to choose from, or the price and commission are inappropriate

Based on the above, we have the opportunity to operate the YouTube personally:Daren play method: send the video of goods with the YouTube to meet the needs of the platform to display goods to users.

Specific operation process:

Selection: find the blue sea products on the YouTube

The selection needs to have two directions:

First: This product should be sold on other short video platforms. (The products that have passed the fire will still be on fire, and it is convenient for us to have enough materials to carry)

Second: The video of this product is less competitive on the YouTube platform. (Few people do it,Only when we enter the game can we win)

For example, the number of Chinese medicine books for the middle-aged and elderly market.

Why can such a Chinese medicine book number be made? Because women love beauty, men are lustful, and old people are afraid of si. This is a new market, and YouTubes are still relatively few.

The similar methods to find the number of TCM books are:

throughThrough the post method, find the video field where the YouTube is popular.
Find the corresponding people in this field. The analysis of the content of this group shows that there are a large number of people in this field on the platform. Then we will find some products that can meet the needs of this crowd. And thisThe product should conform to the two product selection directions mentioned above.

2. Other platforms find the popular video of this blue ocean product

This is the simplest and most effective way to play.

This was done in the early days of any platform, as was the case with YouTubes, because many commodity categories are now too scarce, and YouTube dividendsDuring the period, you will directly carry the explosive funds from other platforms and release them on the YouTube platform through secondary editing, which is very likely to explode.

How to find the best money:

a. Search the product name we need directly on Tiktok

b. Find products from third-party data platforms (Shacha, Zen Mom, Archaeology Plus) to find the corresponding popVideo

However, you may not be the only one doing this now. In order to prevent being recognized by the system as original and thus being limited, you must do secondary editing.

I have compiled a tool and method for the second editing method tutorial, and send you the private WeChat if necessary.

3. Products on shelves

Official TutorialIt is the most authoritative. This is not difficult. Find (YouTube – creator center – goods center – introduction – function introduction) directly, and go to learn for yourself.

There are two main ways to put them on shelves:

Get in touch with the merchants in advance, and let the manager of the Tiktok small store give you the promotion permission of the YouTube, because its small storeThe number of people who can set promotion permission is limited, so most categories can only be opened to you with a certain amount.
Creator Center – Shopping Center – Window Management – Add Goods – Selection Center. This is the most popular way to make YouTube goods. That is, directly selectingProduct center selection. The advantage of this operation is that there is no need to contact with the merchant, as long as the order is issued, there will be a commission, which is simple and direct. But the general commission is relatively low.

4. Set up the account realization path

At present, there are three main ways to bring goods with YouTube:

a. Use short video as traffic, and then guide it to the live broadcast roomWindow order

b. Use short videos as traffic and place orders directly in the homepage window

c. Use short videos as traffic, then hang up fake cars, and actually guide the official account article to place an order

Most of the games are played in two ways: a and b. Because the conversion rate of the third method is too low, unless that method wants to retain customers, so as to convert high customersFor single price goods, it will first make money online to guide the official account, and then slowly rely on the accumulation of time to transform.

a. How to guide the video traffic to the live show window to place an order

In fact, when the video burst, the live broadcast was started.

Then add the products you want in the live show window.

Note here: all shortThe video platform is strict in checking the unmanned live broadcast.

So don’t probe the bottom line of the platform, but the feasible method is:

Real person appearance+green screen live broadcast, and then use video materials to show the product.

If some people do not want to appear on the screen, they should explain it in the way of direct live shooting products+live voice interaction.

reallyBrother Dao has already sorted out the specific implementation method of “people appearing on camera+green screen live broadcast” and put it on my knowledge planet. Let’s just take it ourselves.

5. Start issuing works and strive for miracles

To do this kind of video project, we must publish as many works as possible.

Matrix play can make a video project the bestresult.

When you prepare enough accounts, you can make enough videos.

Each of us can have five real name WeChat signals, which means that each of us can have five YouTubes. Each YouTube releases 10 videos with goods every day. Five YouTubes can release 50 videos every day.

Compared with other short video platforms, the YouTube has the advantage of supporting traffic, and there is no limited traffic for new numbers, so it is extremely friendly to new people.

50 works a day for one month, you will definitely come back to thank me.

Well, that’s all for today’s project sharing. I hope some people with executive powerCompanion can seize the dividend of the YouTube.

Blue Ocean project with YouTube of 5k+transacted on a single day, nanny level tutorial


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